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A person from the real world crossed the boundary unto the world of One Punch Man and became King. Facing this new world, he proclaimed: I will become a hero of luck and the strongest man in this world…

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Pranta20141 rated it
May 7, 2022
Status: c100
A very funny novel with its own storyline. It's very rare in fanfiction. The protagonist is based on king's unparalleled lucky (!) encounters which are parallel to the main storyline.

The author tried to portray king as he has grown in our fiction, unprecedented luck with over-the-top misunderstanding. And for closing the loose ends there is a system, at least there was supposed to be, which has grown into a plot armor. Well king himself is a Plot Fortress so that's ok I guess.

The writer tried not to repeat... more>> the routine actions but it didn't go so well. Plus added some Chinese supremacy (tai chi and the like), as needed for passing cn editor's review (!).

The interactions between characters are on par even sometimes better than the original.


The system is a huuuuge troll.

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soeisa rated it
August 6, 2022
Status: c123
I just don't like the way the system is behaving, at first it was like the system was pretty much not "complete"

... more>>

and when King was decided to hatch the Vaccine man egg, that was really unexpected to me, like, why would king who is a coward suddenly made a choice like that, it was completely unexpected and out of character. Whether the author want to introduce the pet function of the system after or not it really caught me off guard


I mean I get it if you want to have King have a different storyline and determined to become a real strong man, but the author still want to keep the original King attitude after all that, it's just for me his personality is kinda mixed and have no fixed personality.

Dunno, maybe that's because I just have different view as the result of me reading lots of novel here already.

Anyway, I'll still keep reading this, and for other readers, you can have your opinion after you read it. <<less
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