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An unknown parcel arrives to Yoshio, a 30-years old NEET. The content is a game disk titled “The Village of Fate.” A beautiful CG game with real-life images gets started.

All of the villagers in the game are high-performing AIs, who strangely behaved like human beings. In that game, Yoshio is the god of destiny and will be in a position to guide the villagers. But what can be done in the game is only to give a message, a prophecy, once every day. The villagers will execute the instruction, and their gratitude becomes the power of miracles, that the god of destiny can use.

Yoshio is worshiped as God but in reality he lives like a shut-in. Thanks to villagers he will again learn the joy of life and thanks to him the villagers will be saved.

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I Can't Help But to Think the NPCs in This Town-building Game are Human Beings
Murazukuri Game no NPC ga Namami no Ningen toshika Omoenai
The NPCs in this Village Sim Game Must Be Real! (LN)
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midnight reader
midnight reader rated it
June 26, 2019
Status: c69
After reading the first two translates chapter, I decided to pass to the raw because I couldn't wait.
... more>>

Description (taken form the raw and edited) (no spoiler)


Yoshio, a self-secluded 30-years old man, received an unknown package. The content is a game disk titled "the village of fate". A beautiful CG game with real-life images gets started.

All of the villagers in the game are high-performance AI, who strangely behave like human beings. In that game, Yoshio is the god of destiny and will be in a position to guide the villagers. But what can be done in the game is only to give a message, an oracle, once every day. The villagers will execute the instruction and their gratitude becomes the power of miracles, that the god of destinity can use.

Yoshio is worshiped as God but in reality he lives like an emarginated. Thanks to villagers he will learn again the joy of life, and thanks to him the villagers will be saved.


The truth about the game:


The village of fortune is not a simple game, because it was created by the god of that world. While the God has the humans working as her underling gods, the evil god use other humans to govern the monster and attack the villages. The monsters will attack in waves once every month.

So there are two games. One for the villagers and another for the monsters.

The humans can use part of their powers in reality when they get to level 2. The Gods have different powers both in game and in reality. At level 2 they can also create thread in forums and speaks with other gods.


Yoshio starts the game casually, and gets engrossed in it. After seeing the villagers work, he decide to also start working again and to use the money to help the villagers, by converting it in power of miracles.
He feels that the villagers are important and wish to help them.

The cause of his depression and how he heals, with spoiler about his future:


Yoshio is a normal man who lives with his family. The family consist of: his father, his mother, and his sister. All three of them work, but Yoshio doesn't. When he was younger, after just finishing university he tried to look for a job. He followed the advice of his father, but the times had changed and finding a good paying job wasn't so easy anymore. Yoshio slowly fell in depression and stopped looking for a job. He closed himself in his room feeling guilty of his uselessness. After getting the village of fate he starts to wish to work again. And slowly his relation with the rest of the family improved, he got a job and met an old friend (love interest).


The novel has actually 3 volume (69 chapters) and a 4th that should come out.

There is no spoiler thread so I'll just leave some spoilers here.

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hawlol rated it
December 16, 2019
Status: c13
NEET shamming, the novel.

As usual I see a bunch of five star reviews, get into the novel thinking it's great only to come out of it a few chapters later thinking what were these ppl smoking. Let's sumarize it.

MC who was defeated at life after not finding a job for years, became a NEET and suffers from it. He got a 'game' that lets him act as a god to a fantasy world and help the survival of runaways, while using the lessons from that to... improve himself? Don't know... more>> if he needed self improvement or just help in the first place, but I think that's what the author was going for.

This is more drama than fantasy, so anyone expecting a large scale world building novel with wars and such, be warned, it's about the MC overcoming the 'utter shame' of being a NEET while connecting with the villagers. I got Hallmark christmas specials vibes from this.

Anyways, his effect as god is limited to one message per day and or miracles performed by a faith points he gets from villagers. And while the premise sounded fun, the execution was lacking. First, he got too into the 'game' too fast, going as far as selling all his belonguings at day 2 because the 'game' has a pay to win feature while not even being sure the ppl inside the game were real. And second, his realization that he's human tr*sh and must and wants to change came as soon as chapter 5-7 where nothing meaningful had happened yet with the villagers. It's like meeting a stranger at the street and overcoming all your previous 25+ years beliefs/doubts/insecurities after just seeing said person.

And this was the main problem of the novel. Not focusing on fantasy was fine, drama is okay too, but being overdramatic and unrealistic about it was bad, specially when the MC's backstory told us he was defeated by not finding jobs for years of looking, and not just going into the bas**ent to watch anime and jerk off all day.

There's a whole gamma of angles to deal with his 'recovery', but the author chose to act like it's all his fault and he should only WANT to change to be able to do so. Wanna find a job? Just go outside!It's not like companies want 3-6 years experience for entrance level jobs. Wanna find a girlfriend? Just ask a girl to go out with you! Ugly people don't exist! It's that kind of bullsh*t advice we would expect from a boomer in a first world country about jobs, or a professional model giving advice about dating.

So, if you you think you'll like a melodramatic story about a 'recovering' NEET while being patronized that all you have to do to change is to try, and only married workers deserve respect in society, this is for you. The fantasy part is just the vehicle for his 'evolution' into a 'model' citizen. (And his family doesn't even need money.)

That's what I got from this novel about halfway of the released chapters. Make sure to read a review with a higher chapter count to see if his 'recovery' ends and it gets better, but a drama talking specifically about NEETs in such a dumb way doesn't get the same pass as isekais just glossing around the subject and making a little fun of it. <<less
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cencourang rated it
December 18, 2019
Status: 90
Sorry for my broken English. First time I know this novel, when I encounter the manga at raw site. So I search it, and finally found the novel. Premised of the story is pretty good. About the game itself, I can give you an example of Clash of Clans with The Sims feature. If you ever play those two game, you will understand why I make an example of that. For Clash of Clans aspect, its the story about building a village, make it strong, so if raid happen, we as a player can defend ourself. The miracle MC use are the gameplay that we use in Clash of Clans, where we build this and that, and harvest this and that, incase of this game, the gameplay are more supportive rather than direct interaction with the game. There are 2 kind of currency in this game, in game currency and real money currency (in Clash of clans it called gems), where you can choose to play with in game currency or using "Gem" as real money currency. The only different is, if you lose this story, it will game over. For The Sims aspect, its have the feature where we can manage the villager life, but not directly. The MC only can use miracle to guide them and help them, but MC can look at villager situation, daily life, needs, though, etc. The different from the sims, like I said, MC can't control them directly. The stories are good so far (until latest chapter that got TL), we even got a little twist. Regarding characters, all of them pretty likable. I just don't understand the people who give low rate for this novel

keep b*tching to something that seems "Okay". No jokes here. I will try to explain what I mean.
    • They b*tching about MC life who in the beginning is a NEET, change his life too fast to became normal man. I just don't understand, if they can really read or something like that, even I have mediocre English, can pretty understand MC situation by read the story. "MC isn't that type of Edgy, Emo, Attention who*e or anything like japanese high school NEET trope you usually find". He became NEET because he can't get a job for almost 10 years. Before he became NEET, he is a normies. He have lovely family, he have a good school life (no bullies shit), he active and tryhard collage student. But when he graduate, he try to look for job, and "KEEP" failing. He tried hard and "KEEP" failing. Until one day, he got argument with his father, and his father said a word that hurt him so much, even later the father acknowledge that and even compare himself to MC when they still a collage student (yes, his father literally that kind of laid back collage student, meanwhile MC is hardworking collage student and more active). You still said that not believable background stories for MC? Sure. Whoever said this is not believable, have you ever tried to apply a job? Applying a job not only need to graduated and gave a good GPA, but also you need "LUCK". Even myself as a mediocre student and have mediocre GPA, got a job after 2 month. Meanwhile my friend who have high GPA almost struggle a year for looking a Job. His relationship with his mother and sister also good to begin with. Back to MC relationship with his family, With his mother, MC just feeling ashamed to her, for his sister he feel inferior. Thats why he distant himself to his family. Later on we got introduced to MC love interest, and almost the same as how he feel to his sister, he feel inferior to her.
    • For people who keep b*tching about game mechanics, I already tried to explain above, the close example of the game that exist in RL
    • At least for me, MC emotional connection with the NPC in the game quite relatable. Lets see what kind of NPC exist in the game. A parents that have daughter, siblings (brother and sister), and the guy who didn't believe with god and later on his village gone. If you see that, didn't feel familiar to you? If you compare with MC family situation and this NPC? Seeing that, MC slowly feel he want to became better, just like this NPC, "work hard". And when MC tried to became better, he got supported by the item that being send by the NPC, that made him interact more with his family. Not only that, because the game need Real Money to get more access to the game, he tried to get a job.
Because the Translator release per day with part, I can't wait anymore and tried to read the MTL, this is where the struggle begin, especially the 2nd arc. What you read below is contain heavy spoiler.

So, like what we got in couple chapter ago, we got information that its look like this game not only MC that play it. We got information that MC coworker had played the game. So, it became interesting right? But, it actually no.

Why you ask? Because at this moment, the author "VERY VERY HARD" to try to made MC dumb. I'm not joking here. Later, MC coworker will talk more about the game that he play, he even told MC that this game can't be explain more because its against the rule. For f*ck sake, if you have normal brain, you literally know that you play the same game. Later on, there is a feature where you can connect to the game from the phone. So player can check and use miracle from the phone. What did MC do? He literally play the game near his coworker. And then maybe some electricity in his brain suddenly spark, and finally he guess that his coworker is the evil god. In one night, where the event evil god attacking begin, his coworker came to his home, threatening MC to stop defending the village. Because his coworker already fail so many time to raid and if he fail this time, it will be game over. MC got help by the Lizard, the coworker game over, and if it game over it will wipe the player memory regarding the game. And MC villager are all dead. Because MC AFK (encounter with his coworker).
This is the story became more and more hard to read. I just don't understand why almost every author (not only japan, chinese and korean) that have a good premised story, ruined their own story. In this novel, author "try hard to make the game look complicated and make MC more dumb". Thanks to make story complicated, the story have hole here and there.
So when MC check the PC (before the screen turn black), MC saw all the NPC dead. But one person is missing. The girl Carol. Its turn out, when evil god attack, her mother drugged her, and put her in the altar. So the girl came to MC house. So we got a little cute stories about Carol life in Japan, and the context that I said "Complicated story" and "Dumb MC" start here. When MC, his love interest and Carol went to new year celebration, MC met with other player. That have power to charm people. It turn out, its him that make his coworker attacked him. How did they met to begin with? Oh, when Carol came to Japan, she bring the bible, so MC hold the bible. And with the "dumb brain", MC open up the bible in the public (yes, literally in public, remember, they went to new year festival). So this person want MC bible. MC got a little information about the game (more complicated), MC being saved again thanks to the lizard that Carol bought. And MC abandon the man game from his phone (quite game).
Thanks for that MC finally can access the game forum. So he can gather info and ask admin about Carol situation. And we got a more rule regarding the game (it turn out, there is level in this game, MC lv 1, so it still tutorial), and thanks to this rule, it added more hole to the stories, made it more irrelevant, and more hard to read. And what make it worse, again author make MC more dumb. He literally post his situation in open forum, not directly contact the admin. He even told everyone he have the bible. Oh man, I really try hard to read this novel at this point.
MC finally contacted the admin, and MC went to the hokkaido, the place where the sender of his packaging item from. Yes, he met again with other god, and they fight in the ship (MC using ship to hokkaido). Remember the rule I talk about? One of the rule said, God can't harm each other. But, it looks like they can. LUL.
MC will met again with that person, but god save by the high level god (level 5), god of luck according to MTL. Again more rule and information that made all the story more irrelevant. We got info too, (MC have a dream), the villager are not dead.
MC passed out (I forgot the situation), and he suddenly in different world. Yes, he is in the village. He live in the village until evil god event ended. When he in that village, he got contacted by the main god, and got explanation about the true story about the game, and the god ask MC if he want to back to his world or stay in that world. MC choose to back to his world, but not until the event end. Remember Carol stay with MC? Its almost a month they are together, and they are so close. Its kinda weird when MC disappear (back to his world), no interaction or sad interaction between these two. Even after the arc ended, its just like nothing happen.

My main disappointment for this novel, Author just try hard to make the game and story too complicated. Like I said there is a level in here. In 1st and 2nd (the beginning till mid 2nd arc) arc, MC still level 1. Level one its just like tutorial, many restriction. It would be good if the author just focus more about the feature and characters that already exist, make it more understandable and relatable to the story. Rather than rush everything, adding more complicated thing that made more irrelevant to the story, and plot hole everywhere. Especially the Rule part.

Just like I said at the end of the spoiler of 2nd arc, where MC transfer again to his world (from the game world), since the beginning of the story, it look like MC got attach to his NPCs, later on when Carol came to Japan, his relationship with her became better, and when he got transfer to the village, his relationship with the villager are pretty good too. But guess what, no interaction or emotional moment between MC and the NPC. The funny part and more you read, the more ret*rd it looks, the one who got emotional where MC back to his world is the Lizard. Yes, he bring the Lizard to the village, but when transfer back, he only back alone. The lizard cried, MC feels sad. And suddenly, next story it turn out the Lizard can be transfer again to MC world via Altar. No joke here. So, whats the point they cried and sad? Meanwhile MC and the NPC didn't give a f*ck about MC back to his world. Even tho after all this time, they have deep connection (especially with Carol). LUL. And funny part, Even after God said, they can't send living thing again via village to MC world, but turn out, it can.


Thats my Opinion regarding this novel. I think maybe I will read more review later, but I think, all I write, already told you guys, what kind of novel this is. :D

Why I give 3 stars even tho I b*tching and ranting in the spoilers? The reason is, there is a chance author fix it in the light novel. Because when I read the Manga raw, there is the different (the pace) between manga and WN. And you know right? Manga are made base on LN. So there is a chance author fix the pace in the LN, so the story not all over the place.
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Asada24 rated it
November 5, 2019
Status: c50
As the translator my reviews might be biased. So be careful.

I decided to translate this novel because I really like its unique story. There arent many new ideas around here, most of the stuff is just getting repeated over and over again but this novel is one of its kind.

Its about a 30-year old main who received a game called Village of Fate from some mysterious gaming company. The game is a type of village building game and the player is God of Destiny in it. The player cannot directly... more>> interact but he can send an oracle once a day stating his wishes. The AIs in this game are really smart which makes the game look like reality.

He gets addicted to this game and helps the villagers and in turn he is motivated by the game to improve his relations with his family and abandon his neet nature as well as look for a job.

Some scenes are really emotional and they force you to support the MC. It also depicts the family love as well as a determined romantic love later in the story.

I would say its worth a try. <<less
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bloggbigg rated it
September 26, 2020
Status: c58
An elaborate vehicle to grind an axe about NEETs (as mentioned by hawlol). Eventually becomes interesting (but klunky) story development.


    • Writing is pretty solid. Translation is good.
    • Interesting overall idea. Some creative effort does make for some interesting development and twists.
The BAD:

    • Even though it starts out otherwise- this just becomes something different over time

      a slight variation of the standard 'my phone game gave me super-powers' story- with some different naming and background. A bit disappointing, but I guess it still works.

    • Clinical depression is a real disease. Don't belittle it with 'I just need to stop taking advantage of my parents' nonsense. Some people do seem to just 'pick themselves up'. Some people do actually kill themselves. Japan has the highest rate of su*cide among kids and teens in the world. Writing stories which essentially blame them for suffering from/not wanting to deal with an oppressive society is ridiculous. Some things authors absolutely should do research on before reinforcing misunderstandings.
    • Anybody just decides to do a sudden, dumb thing

      sell all the stuff they owned (which was valuable to them literally a day before)

      - you should probably wonder what bully they've met that is taking advantage of their weakness.
    • The MCs 'convenient' & inaccurate appraisal of his own situations (bordering on self-loathing) is nonsense and pure author bias- even in the light of 'media showing people working hard' (in a completely different context). To go this route WITHOUT making the MC seem like an inconsiderate leech- and instead make him an intelligent, considerate person ashamed of his own situation is to further show the author's bias.

      Especially since it seems the mother just scolds him, the sister is actively hostile towards him, and no one seems to care (or help) - making his situation (and depression) worse.

    • Actually- the MC 'forces situation' a lot by telling you what things should be solved and why, and what things should be problems- despite the actual context. Very 'explain away' or 'embellish the normal' beyond the simple exchanges shown.
    • The author really oversells situations in an attempt to build drama. Wild speculations of pros & cons... Ideas that won't work and regret... Ideas that could work if things were different... Ugh. Just tell this story now.
    • The game depicted is pay-to win tr*sh (even if magic). It sounds like a huge time-sink, potentially set up to be unwinnable without investing in expensive micro-transactions (at least- that's what the MC seems to think). I don't care how great the technology is- if all it wants is to get you invested, then suck all your cash- it's not a good game. 'Fantasy Oregon Trail' is not worth liquidating your assets.

      Although the author is hazy what his money went towards (or not) he eventually states plainly that summoning and operating the golem (for a few minutes) cost about $100. It's also obvious 'no way in hell' would his worshipers survive without his cash shop outlay

    • The author using idiot logic to try to have the MC 'explain away' game features is ridiculous.

      Postage is not cheap. Shipping a man-sized log to someone alone invalidates their profit potential- not to mention meat in Japan isn't cheap. We won't even challenge his 'Game AI' s*upidity. It's more logical to think these are scripted events

The Different:

    • Writers with a bias/agenda are not 'different'- but making a victim a 'villain' (even if a repentant one) doesn't happen too often.
All that said, if you can keep in mind that the author is an idiot about his bias against NEETs, and has no clue about the issues and real consequences of depression- then you can put that repeating theme aside and try to enjoy his cult-like, slavish interaction with the game...

Ugh. still sounds problematic, huh?

Well, whatever. It's not horrible, and does get better over time- but although it's a got highs and lows, I don't know that I'd push this unedited on others.

The worst point is 'What 'god' decides to have other random idiots 'protect' their actual, real citizens by giving them powers with no instruction?'.


Building a world with adversity and 'rules' is fine- but how can 'this team can build armies and raze cities to the ground for profit- and cheat to collaborate (and even dox opposing users) ' go against 'if you figure out you have to spend your own money and care enough to do so and somehow survive (despite 'poison pill' miracles that can easily backfire over time) - 'good luck' getting useful info. I'm surprised anyone survives level one (or can afford to) compared to the bad guys who need to be idiots & outspent- but are better motivated due to 'rewards'.

It's like the 'good guys' WANT to lose. The 'good gods' WANT their people to die. It doesn't add up. It's dumb.

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LukeLukeru rated it
January 8, 2020
Status: c64
There are too many annoying moments when you want to scream at the MC, he often starts thinking about something VERY important, and then he simply drops it off by saying "I'll think about this later" and he NEVER thinks about it ever. A lot of things that could have been avoided end up happening because of this lame and reckless thought process, it seems the MC simply doesn't have the ability to plan things out. He doesn't even explore the game mechanics and it is mostly vague when not... more>> simply ignored.

Another thing that bothers me a lot about this story is the laziness of the author, there is a kind of "currency" in the game and it is really important but the author doesn't specify the amount the MC has in his wallet, the most that is done is things like "few" and "a lot" the readers have to keep guessing how much the MC has, often times the MC spends a lot when he should have only a little left. <<less
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phreakinsane rated it
March 16, 2021
Status: c59
After having caught up with the translated portion of the novel, I can say it's a really great read. Unique, with a few twists I did not anticipate.

I believe there are two main reasons why someone may not like this story.

1. Expectations. This is basically a slice of life depicting a MC who has been emotionally/ mentally damaged and has taken 10 years of stagnant NEETdom before a video game slowly starts to change his life.

If reading about someone with issues who is struggling to overcome them doesn't sound interesting... more>> to you then it's probably not for you.

This isn't an action thriller. It's slow, steady and heartwarming.

2. The lack of a proper editor can be annoying if you're a spelling and grammar nazi.

I love this story! More than any other story at this moment, I wish for it to be fully translated. <<less
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enkiros rated it
December 28, 2019
Status: c15
Get this. This novel has actual characters that feel like real people. We've had only a handful of characters introduced so far, but the way the author explores little by little the background and personalities of both, the protagonist and his family, and the villagers.

Usually, most fantasy/isekai novels only use the power-fantasy and cheap ecchi scenes tropes to make them interesting, so the characters are almost always unidimensional and reduced to a single stereotype to make them easier to understand. On the other hand, I feel like at least these... more>> characters are more complex and full of life.

Interesting read that makes you invested really fast. <<less
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madghost rated it
May 12, 2020
Status: --
As many other reviewers said. This novel does many things wrong.

But is it good?

Yes it is. It's a must read for anyone.

... more>> Some people are confused becomes they are disappointed by the over dramatic results. And lack of focus in fantasy.

But they seem to misunderstood the novel. Just cause theres fantasy doesn't mean they can't be any other genre. The synopsis was clear about this being a work of self reflection. Choose what you read don't start ditching because you chose something you don't like. It's your fault and accept it.

The story focuses on more of characters than the world building or fantasy. It may be a boring and over dramatic for most readers.

My suggestion is not to read this if you are starting to read novels and not a avid reader for sometimes now.

If you have come to that point of life where you feel frustration and depression you will have a good time understanding what the MC is thinking.

It's a good novel, don't expect fantasy too much expect drama a lot.

A must read. <<less
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Alextherude rated it
September 27, 2021
Status: c120
The story is a breath of fresh air. The MC isn't OP, the characters are. MC is basically the world's strongest backseat driver who can take the wheel at certain points to keep the passengers alive long enough to get to their destination.

Every other story you read about fantasy nowadays pretty much just gives the MC a generic backstory of being a high school student or loner given cheat abilities and curbstomping everything after experiencing some slight setbacks. Is this novel any different? No, but at least the approach is... more>> unique.

The novel certainly has some overdramatic moments such as certain events always circling around the MC, but that's pretty much par for the course as the dude is a

servant of a literal god of friggin FATE.


One annoying gripe about the story is the the first translator cant decide on whether or not they want to decide on a character's gender at certain points, and translation in some areas reads like an MTL. Example: He lifted the sword and swung, but she felt like her blow didn't connect. That type of gender confusion. The second translator does a far better job of proofreading and editing, but some minor translation errors still exist, but it's far more manageable.

I don't know why some people think that the author is explicitly biased towards NEETs. I'm practically a shut-in that shares quite a bit of the MC's problems involving job opportunities and self-loathing.

The author provides a realistic scenario involving one type of lifestyle a shut-in could have, and I'd be inclined to believe that some parts of the author's description may or may not be part of their personal experiences.

This is certainly a novel worth a read. It isn't the greatest novel of all time, but it isn't exactly the run-of-the-mill tr*sh you usually see in OP MC garbage tropes. <<less
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SassyCanoeWizard rated it
December 3, 2019
Status: c21
He was a prodigy. Strong, smart and cool. So after graduating (or almost graduating) university he became a shut-in. The new game he started playing was unusually realistic (magical. Kingdom[initially it's village] building. There's a sacrifical stone in the village. Whatever is sacrificed will be delivered to his house by post agency)

But it was pay-to-win and so protagonist found himself in front of CHOICE

Option one: become a renowned superhero. Just do 100 Push-Ups, 100 Sit-Ups, 100 Squats, 10KM Running
Verdict: rejected. Protagonist treasures his hair too much

... more>>

Option two: find 11 friends you haven't seen for years (he became a shut-in. He didn't see anyone besides his family members for years so pretty much anyone will do) and plan a heist
Verdict: rejected. Too much risk involved. Protagonist must play or his villagers will be doomed

Option three: find a temporary work and slowly rehabilitate.
Verdict: approved. Sounds like a great plan
Basically novel is about neet slowly coming back into society overcoming his past. It's supposed to be motivating. <<less
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Inway rated it
February 1, 2020
Status: c35
The novel is really different than most that I have read. The MC is helping a village while learning or getting inspiration from it. The villagers' actions helped the MC to have more courage in the real world. It is very relaxing to read. Please update soon. Thank you to all the translators..
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nubialsheep rated it
May 24, 2022
Status: c119
A really lovely and heartwarming novel series, a great read for anyone who wants something wholesome with a unique blend of modern day and fantasy settings that isn't focused on romance. This novel holds a special nostalgia factor for me as someone who's played a lot of Black & White and other city-builder god/hero games.

Definitely worth reading the manga if you end up liking this, as the artist does a great job capturing the characters and scenes of the novel and the quality is really good.
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BronzeCat6265 rated it
January 1, 2020
Status: c32 part1
A great new slice of life jp novel. Finally after what feels like a long time for me. The charm of this story is in its heartwarming moments. It has its gritty undertone but it has the subtle yet firm light hearted moments that has so far mellowed down what could be a dark novel if done wrong. So kudos to the author for this balanced story.
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odrain rated it
December 12, 2019
Status: c25 part 2
A different kind of Novel, the main premise is interesting enough and the history development is completely unexpected, so anything can happen.

But the best aspect its definitely the MC grow over the time as result of its interaction whit the Game NPCs, it feels really heartfelt and uplifting.

I´m very interested in what this work has to offer. I fully recommended to those looking for something different to read
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noobslayer69 rated it
December 1, 2019
Status: c19 part2
MC is a God on a computer trying to keep the NPCs of a fantasy game alive.

High on drama, and character development.


MC starts out as a deadbeat and with the help of the game to gain back his confidence and respect after seeing the NPCs work hard.


Both perspectives of his real life and of the NPCs are entertaining and pacing is nicely balanced.

Writing and translation are good, updates are 3chaps/week
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HyuninAfrica rated it
November 13, 2019
Status: c15p2
Really interesting read.

Not isekai but isekai.

Obtaining items in real life given as tributes by his people within a game.

Through witnessing hardworking NPCs in his game, almost life like, he decides to change his life to be more useful instead of being a NEET.

Story about his family is heartwarming as well.

Really looking forward to reading more!
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Ichigoeater rated it
November 10, 2019
Status: c15
The other reviews are pretty explanatory, but just to enforce the point, I really quite like this novel. The plot is unique for once. Though another world is involved, this is neither transmigration nor isekai. It's about a NEET shut-in who, due to an event in his past that led him to believe his work and value as a person was low, has isolated himself from his parents and sister by his own cowardice and paranoia. He constantly feels like everyone's judging him for his incompetence and given up on... more>> him, and does nothing to improve the situation since a part of him thinks they're correct.

When he gets the 'game', he grows attached to the 'characters' who are working so hard and relying on him as 'god of fate'. He begins to feel ashamed of himself. With the game's influence, he begins to pick himself up. I'm not placing a spoil tag because this much is obvious from the synopsis, but I am wondering where it's going to go from here. I'm only on chapter 15, and he already has a part time job (which his family is thrilled by) and the understanding of his parents. His sister's also already warming up to him again. I see that there's at least 69 (lol, nice) chapters out with it still ongoing, so I'm quite curious what the next focal point in his life will be. I doubt it'll be the isekai or transmigration route, since the primary point of the story is for the MC to regain control of his life. Regardless, I'm looking forward to it.


Woot! I found a physical copy of this novel in the manga section at Barnes & Noble! The official title is "The NPCs in this Village Sim Game Must Be Real". I'm happy because I've got quite a few novels on here that I love enough to purchase and support the author, but have no opportunity to do so (looking at you, tr*sh of the Count's Family. I was checking Amazon RELIGIOUSLY until I realized that official translation was never gonna happen).

Anyway, volume one of the novel goes through until the third arc, "Working Hard, Fighting Hard", plus the village interlude and the epilogue. In all, around 25 chapters? Just thought I should add that to my review, in case anyone wanted a physical copy. You don't want to be like me, with numerous Microsoft Works documents just in case my dearest lord, EatApplePies, has to shut down their TotCF translation like Wuxiaworld did... <<less
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WhyWritingWhy rated it
October 14, 2023
Status: c70
Eh, it's definitely readable, no issues with the translation or anything.

I read the reviews first and was confused, some love it, some hate it especially. Then I of course realised it, the bad reviews are probably from "NEETS" or people who never leave the house themselves so it hits a bit too close to home for them.

Books a decent waste of time. Like most others. Not amazing by any standards but it's a lot more readable than some of the other books on here.

Accidentally cl**ked 4 stars, I meant 3.5.
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demongordon rated it
July 16, 2020
Status: c49
The Short Version of this Review is:

Is a good story, with an interesting and refreshing idea that is worth reading in a sea of Wuxias, Isekais and Otomes games. A man tasked to help a fantasy village in a GodSim type of game grow, where the characters are likable and can offer entertainment with their interaction, while slowly shedding away his NEET lifestyle, even if the pace is so slow that you start to get frustrated with the lack of development. But of course, there is more to it than... more>> meet the eye, sadly I don't think the author known how to handle it, as it felt very out of place with the rest of the tone of the story. Lastly, I had some small problems with the translation/editing and if could I would have taken just half star.

Long Version of this Review (beware of the spoiler the further you go).

Why 3 stars? Well if I could give I would given 3.5.

  • While I appreciate the work that the Translation Team is doing, I need to point out there is many parts with weird writing that make me feel like I was reading an MTL version, where I have to skip whole phrases and that take some immersion away, that why I took 0.5.
  • The fact that the story development stray away from what brought me in and the direction it has gone isn't well handled by the author.
Well this novel is hard to review because in one hand it gives what it promises, seen to stray from the point.

If you read this novel you probably come here wanting a relaxing city building game, something without much stakes like A Certain Middle-aged Man’s VRMMO Activity Log, so we can follow along as the MC learn more about the game and maybe get better as a human being. In fact, both share the fact they are middle age and are spending a lot of their time in a very realistic game, the difference is that one is VRMMORPG, with a good mix between action and others activities, while this is a SimsGod game with limited interaction because the power of miracle, with most of the actions being ditacted by the will of the people with the god, provide some guidance and miracle support.

And in a way the story delivery on that, but I can't help but fell that is too much, what the MC can do is extremely limited and the game events are few and far in between each other, in fact the most common thing the MC do is keep starring at the MC working and talking, waiting for things to happen and his Miracles points to build up.

There is so little in fact that the author has time to develop outside the game life, how he get out of his NEET life, that I'm sure his original readers might find compelling but for me is just another very slow development while we wait for the event on the game world.

The problem is that the game world is extremely limiting, with his job as a god he can do is already limited interactions with them, but with only 5 or so people on a dangerous surrounding his modern world knowledge was also of no use at this moment. He used his powers to summon people (the game make up a lore reason for it) and keep watching their interaction, they are where most of the entertainment of the game come from. For most part even with the painful slow pace is fine to read about it, they fight, overcome problems and grow.

However, things start to get out of hand when the game world start to seep into reality, as the offers to god become real things. This normally is the red flag on a VRMMO novel where the skills of the game are translated perfectly to the real world and we have to follow a less interesting arcs on the real world. If this was another novel this is where either the MC manege to make use of the offering to acellerate his growth somehow, expand on it, but the MC just find neat and thought to maybe sell it, but just didn't bother himself with. Become a gimick for a while. But that is fine as the tone of the novel didn't shifted.

Then the author start to go a little too deep into how to make a game (unrealistic game) that makes you a god in a fantasy world parallel-reality and then strayed from what I was looking for, maybe he should have started with this idea like Dimensional Sovereign did or maybe some Korean novel where the MC can send stuff from the fantasy world. The Real World is now filled with players (gods), with faction, that attack each other in RL because money that you can make from it and them they even start using their game power (miracles) on normal people. All very convoluted and get worse because the MC seen to be holding the idiot ball from time to time, while his victories is all deus-ex-machima with his lizard. <<less
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