Now Come and Regret


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In a world where power dictates fate, Princess Ines of a fallen kingdom is ensnared by Ryan, a captivating yet ambitious captor. Despite his efforts to dominate her spirit, Ines resists, challenging his every move with a fiery defiance that slowly transforms disdain into obsession. As their tumultuous dynamic unfolds, a brush with death shifts everything. Ryan, confronted by the depth of his feelings, faces a choice that could redefine them both.

Their story of power, resistance, and the unforeseen force of love questions whether hearts hardened by ambition can truly change.

Will Ines’ near escape bring them closer, or will it be the catalyst that tears their world apart?

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Come and Regret
이제 와 후회해 봤자
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Kajoli Akter
Jan 31, 2023
Status: Completed
I'm hella disappointed. Like SUPER DUPER disappointed. I thought I finally found a novel that would be different from your typical Korean angst novels. But alas, I was severely, ruthlessly disappointed. Do not believe the description or the title. This is just a marketing strategy to attract readers. The novel with angst are all the same in the inside anyway.

The novel had your typical Korean angst novels start. The ML was cold towards FL, wanting to seduce her for his personal gains and whatnot. The first 50 to 80 chapters... more>> felt like the mixture of 'Cry, even better if you beg' and 'My lover's personality is a little bit strange'. The next chapters were where the real story started.

I was very happy when the FL was almost about to be engaged with the 2nd ml. I was glad that I finally found something where the FL isn't a masochist and wouldn't accept the ML no matter what. But the author ah, killed my hope.

The 2nd ML was the one on whom the FL had a crush on (almost) so imagining their future together wasn't difficult. But I was surprised when the author made the FL turn a 180 and made her fall in love again with the scumbag ml. It was clearly seen how desperately the author tried to get the FL and ML together, even though they weren't supposed to be.

And the child ah, I don't know what should I say about it. The author, like any other Korean author played his/her part well and forced the FL to come to ML through the child.

The most pitiful one in the whole novel was Celia. The poor girl didn't even do anything and got caught up in the main protagonists ' mess. Played her extra part well, though.

Anyway, this novel is nothing new. Your typical scumbag ML regretting his wrongdoings after his wife dies/escapes and the masochist FL accepting him as if he's the last person in the world. You should better read, 'My lover's personality is a little bit strange' where the ML isn't as scumbag as this one. And 'The devil who breaks my neck' (Warning! This novel is super duper angsty. Don't read if you have high blood pressure!)

Note for the author: If you are reading this, come out. I promise I won't hack you to death. 🙂 <<less
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Jan 27, 2022
Status: c7
It sounded so interesting since I love angst and the first chapter is riveting! I was so excited to know what happens next, until I realized that the next chapters would be a flashback (can I call it that since you already know what's going to happen).

I love angst, but I want to get to the story already! It's such agony to read the past in a non-fast forward way when you know it's going to be painful anyway (like the Remarried Empress-like we know she's going to remarry but... more>> then it happens at like chapter 90 in the manhua) <<less
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