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What should I do if I meet a high school class teacher on a blind date in women’s clothes, urgent!

Pretending to be a woman and a Zuojing* Shou x gentle and tolerant older man

Lian Yin is young and handsome, has a slender figure, proficient in makeup, and can fake his voice. In women’s clothing, he is flawless.

Substituting a Jiejie on her blind date, the opposite was an overconfident older man with an old-fashioned personality.

Before meeting, the older man sent a message——

Old man: I have to have a hot meal every day I come home after marriage.

Lian Yin: I won’t do it!

Old man: In the photos of your memories, you’re dressed too cold, your skirt must be past your knees.

Lian Yin: It’s none of your business.

Old man: I will give you living expenses every month and I will control the rest of the income.

Lian Yin: Claw!

After meeting-

The older man was graceful and elegant: Hello, my name is Lang Zhuoyu.

Lian Yin suddenly picked up his bag and covered his face, shouting in his heart: Why does this guy have the same name as my high school classroom teacher? He even looks similar too?

Following that, Lang Zhuoyu said lightly: I used to be a teacher, you look like my former student. Lian Yin: …Is it too late for me to live on another planet now?

The older man said that on purpose.

* person who is very pretentious and loves to torment the people around him

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Rubyspecs rated it
April 3, 2022
Status: c49
Loved it. Simple, nice plot and chemistry between the leads. It's lovely and warm to see how the leads meet eachother in an awkward situation and deal with their emotions, and progress with their relationship. It is not purely fluff, there is tension, misunderstanding, confusion, anger, dilemma, distress...... but not too much to make it cringy or frustrating to read.
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someonewithemptyhands rated it
May 19, 2022
Status: c35
I wanted to write a comp review but cuz I really couldnt bear to read it until the end I give up on that but I read more than half of the novel and I think its ok for me to write this

First I should alarm u that this novel is really cliche with little dogs food material that u can see among of angsty content. And all of the angst is becuz of miscommunication. So if u want to see a healthy relationship from the start that both... more>> of ML and MC communication correctly without misunderstooding dont read it.

Second im sure this authur copied her novel from another straight manhwa that is really famous " blind office data" smth like this. I really liked that manhwa and I think this novel is just a lawquality copy of it. So if u like the subject or like this novel read that manhwa too.

Third lets start with nagging ab story:

As u can see too the story is explain to summary completly. U shouldnt except to read anything more than that. and for this kind of short novel that only has 50 ch I didnt except that for the 30ish ch of the novel the first problem ab their relationship that start from the ch 1 didnt resolve. To be honest after I read revs I expected to see less angsty and more dogs food but rather than seeing less angsty and shitty miscommunication, all of the dogs food moments are with annoying stress that when Mc's lie would be discover.


THE THING THAT I hated the most is Mc's personality... let me tell u that instead of author thinking that he was cute little child I think he is a selfish brat that only care ab himself and it doesnt matter for him that his behavior how much hurts other...

Lets start with his age: he is 20 years old!!! 20 f*cking years olddd! Not a highschool boy not a kid!! He was f*cking 20 years old!! The legal age in many countrey is 18... it mean ur brain growed enough to decide for ur life but author instead showed that MC is young and ML is muture all of the Mc' deed was for his little brain that hadnt grown enough and ML should be more gentle for that.

In the passage after this part I spoiled many scene until ch 30 so be aware of it!!!!

The second problem is ab his behavior with ppl. Let me start ab his ex. Yes he is a crazy playboy man but for 30 chs all the ppl and MC keep blaming him and nobody even think that MC is guilty... why he is? Let me tell u. He fooled his ex for being girl and let a straight man chasing him and fall in love with him and no it wasnt enough for his shitty selfish personality... he even accept his request and become his boyfriend (cat eat ur tonuge little boy?? Couldnt say that u are a boy?) but ofc it want enough for him... suddenly he naked himself completly and face with his bf... that if u love me u should accept me like that!!! Bro wtfck going on in ur minddd..... and for the whole story he was thinking that it was his bf fault for not accepting him and curse him. Tbh If it was me I would slap him hard and kick his ass. Imgaine that u are dating someone and love him then after 3 month he tell u that his gendre wasnt this and he fooled u... yes his ex was a playboy and really didnt love him but so what??? What if he was a simple kind person??? What harm does this damn lie do to him then??? It doesnt change that his doing was really shitty

Let go of his ex lets talk ab Ml...

ML is a kind and logical man that just dont want to date with someone that his parent decided for him. And he even said straight to Mc's face that he didnt love him. I dont problem with Mc's doing that come instead of tang tang and prented to be his blind date partner I heve problem with his shitty personality.. (and u should know that everyone saying thats too him, his boss, tang tang... all of them said wtfck are u doing ?? End this relationship, MC meanwhile__nooooo I can resolve this matter myself dont worry__ in the end*sh*t everywhere*) he could just let everything complete easily without doing something that let ML falls in love with him.. but what do u except of this dumb brat??? He cooked for ML saied everytime that he loved him and act cute... how could ML didnt fall in love with him??? In all the 30 chs I was excpecting MC to confess to ML or act less like this.. but he shamlessly continue his doing.. he Feel guilty all the time but instead of cutting his relationship with ML so he doesnt suffer from his trick accept Ml's kindness!! If this person isnt shamless then what he is???? As u can see in all these chs MC was thinking oh my god if ML findout he would hate me then at the same time.. oh my god nobody behave like this to me until now...🐷

So I read until ch 30 and for now ML find his shitty lie and MC shamlessly didnt confess just broke up with ML (at first he was thinking ML didnt find out ab his lie) but after he understand that ML know ab everything he decided to going after Ml's ass to say Apology!! Yes he unlocked another level of how to become more shameless.... really if I was MC I would just send my apology from text ran away from that city or didnt apper in front of ML anymore... but he continue to call ML and ask him when he could see him...

So Sorry but I really couldnt read more... cuz I almost know whats going happen for the rest of the novel... after some shitty stalking behavior and some other thing they will going back and I think I couldnt bear MC more than this!!!

In the end I should say that its me that couldnt bear this but if u think like author or MC personality didnt annoy u like me read it and enjoy it!

My suggestion is to read 10 chs and if u think its good u probably would enjoy the rest of the novel

Btw 2 star is just for translation. Tnk u translator sama!! <<less
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dusticc rated it
May 17, 2022
Status: Completed
I love this so much!!!

I read it all in one day, I was obsessed... Simple plot, nice characters with a well paced narrative, if you want a quick read to warm your heart, go for it!!

I say it warmed my heart but not in the I'm-only-looking-at-dog-food fashion, no, not every chapter is filled with fluff and a kissy kissy couple. It was like a dorama, y'know? It had funny scenes at the beginning and they evolved and got more emotional as we got to know the characters better, their backstories... more>> and why they reacted to the world around as they did. They felt very dimensional and I enjoyed the subtle writing style of the author, I found myself analyzing MC more than once and, yes, MC does have a tragic background. Which MC doesn't, at this point? His story, though, is very well paced and keeps you dying to know more and see how the couple will overcome them together. It gets you emotional, it gets you to laugh, it did its jobs without being too much — angst can get really cringy if done the wrong way but! They did it right here! It filled me with warmth, each small interaction and progress in their relationship!

Also, I really loved the MC... I love crossdressers but there's few stories were I truly enjoy them as most their only trait is crossdressing uwu being cute. MC was fun to read about and not every thing about him was about him liking to dress up. Ot was treated as a hobby and not all he was, I enjoyed it. I also love daddy issues, so that was a plus. And age gap. Yes, I talk about that with my psychiatrist enough, thank you.

ML was very doting, also enjoyed him very much~ Older caring lover, overprotective without being overbearing?? Yes, love it spare one for me pls!

Anyways, I hope you who reads this review gives it a chance. It's short anyways so it won't hurt to pass some time ❤ <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Vansiee rated it
June 18, 2022
Status: Completed
gave this a 5 to balance out bad rating, but I would rate this a SOLID 4.4

Don't let the other comments deter you from reading this and here's why...

1. Translation is pretty good, and the writing is fantastic, I think the author really knows how to write dialogue and characters. The MC is witty and cheeky grounded in his experiences and views.

2. MC is a proud crossdresser who like to crossdress so don't think he is being forced. He confidently enjoys his hobbies with his friends. He is not a... more>> weak shou.

3. ML is unique, at first impression u may be deterred but don't be disieved and read on. Also he has respectful mature vibes

4. It's not really a bad spoiler but


the situation of discieving ML only occurs in first half, the other half is aftermath. It tells a refreshing story that seriously doesn't have that many tropes that I thought it did


5. I dunno like it genually has it's hilarious moments that made me grin, very sad moments which made me cry, and some cringe moments that made me eeeeek. It's a full package 60 chapter novel that tells the unlikely story of a student meeting his old teacher again in the most strangest of circumstances.

Also if you find the teacher X student thing strange, don't. I usually stray away from these stories but this is not the same. Their relationship was purely platonic at that time and were not really close at all so don't worry about that.

Hope u give this a chance and change it's rating to what it deserve. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
minamishiho rated it
October 24, 2022
Status: c60
i'll write my review because I can't believe this good story with good translation got a very low ratings. And I can probably guess those who gave low rating are either those who automatically gave it to all bl novels in nu without reading them, or those who likes sweet stories and not reading tags properly or not taking them seriously then feel "wow this is too heavy for me, 1 stars"

the characterizations are solid, the pace of the story isn't too hurry or fast. Typical angst with happy ending,... more>> don't expect some kind of new major things or something.

anyway, just because you don't like this kind of story, doesn't mean it isn't good. Storywise and translation-wise, this is a good story for you who likes a bit of "dogblooded angst between some sweet moments plot" in your day. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Tuzi rated it
May 4, 2022
Status: Completed
Didn't expect it to be so emotional. I mean only the initial chapters were comedy.

... more>>

didn't expect that the author would stretch mc's school life mystery for so long. Also for some reason I did not like the ML from the start.

It might be because how ML consider himself as mature person and tries to manipulate MC unconsciously, does author knows that's manipulating tho? And after trying to keep MC away from himself, he runs away to stalk MC....🙄 That's how you show that you are mature?


It's all just my personal opinion. The overall novel is okay. For Me there's nothing much on plot. MC is sensitive yet strong yet crys in front of ML only. Kinda cliché but if you haven't read much novels it's a good read.

If you have read too many novels, you'll find that same old plot 🙄 with slight twist and turns.

Once again, I don't like this ml. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Cocole rated it
January 19, 2023
Status: Completed
The translation is very good and I enjoyed the story. There were sad moments and happy moments. I got annoyed that it dragged on a bit in the beginning but it smooth out later on.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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