Every Day I Sleep, My Soul Goes Out of My Body


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After a car accident, Mi Li found that she had mutated and gained the weird ability to be able to possess various strange objects. So, she became that man’s doorbell / wall lamp / cigarette / necktie / underwear / emoji…

Until one day, she became that man’s girlfriend.

Male lead: My woman is ever-changing, my woman is everywhere.

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2 Reviews

The Sliveren
New The Sliveren
Sep 16, 2021
Status: Completed
I'll be damned seeing this on latest series 😂.

Ok, ok. This novel is so light heartened and this pair gives me fuah-fuah (fluff-fluff, you get my point). ML have a poisonous tongue, but he's so caring to MC. While MC is beaming with positivity even though she appears as a light switch, vine, etc. She's no a pushover.

I love their chemistry. And MC really takes advantage both of the worlds huh. If I were on her place, I would do too.

Anyways, 5 stars!!
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New GoldenTiger0
Sep 15, 2021
Status: Completed
This novel is mainly a fun, light rom-com read and quite short as per usual length of CN novels. The ML though a straight man is indeed caring but with a poisonous tongue. The MC is very open, adaptive and smart. It's nice how they are from parallel worlds yet caring and falling in love with each other gradually. Most of the antics emerge from the MC due to the various items she possess as a soul ranging from non-living to living (not human).

A lovely thanks to the translator for... more>> picking this up~

Edit: 5-star review (that one 1-star review is an accident)

Edit2: Wonderful translating~ When I MTLed, I literally pieced together the jumbled sentences... how satisfying it feels now.. reading the translation... ah~

Again, thanks for translating~~ <<less
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