Non Zero Sum


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“I thought we liked each other.”

*This work contains a significant amount of elements related to sexual, physical, and psychological abuse by multiple people. Please be cautious when reading.

The only light in Yoon Haewon’s life, who has no money, family, or future, is Seo Haeyoung.

Haewon, who has been hovering around Haeyoung for a long time, can’t hide his feelings and gets caught by his friend Ko Taegyeom.

With Taegyeom demanding a relationship with Haewon using that as an excuse and the addition of another friend, Ju Hyunwoo, who coveted Haewon,

Haeyoung’s suspicions arise…

The three people who watch and condone the violence and abuse towards Haewon.

There is no one to help him.

The broken relationship between the four people,

And the memories of the past that have now faded.

Who will be the winner in this irreversible game?

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3 Reviews

New ririrei._
May 27, 2024
Status: Completed
Phew... where do I start? This was one of if not my most disturbing and disgusting reads out there but it left a deep impression on me thus the rating.

To start off, if you’re looking for some sweet and cute plotted novel LEAVE this novel has one of the most traumatising contents I’ve ever read. PLEASE READ THE TWs I’m pretty damn sure the TWs can easily fill in 2 pages.

It depicts abuse (done by 2 or more people) and trauma vividly, the ending for this novel can be disappointing... more>> for a-lot of readers (including me) because seriously. The MC doesn’t deserve to even be with the ML after the sh*t he’s put him through, there are no redeemable traits about the ML only until the end.

Although the disturbing plot at the end of the novel, it all links back to the title itself, whereby no-one wins and no-one loses. I read a lot of psychological manhwa and novels but I think this one did a decent job at linking it back to the title.

Overall a really heavy novel to stomach, but I can appreciate the author’s ability to deliver how a toxic relationship is established and how stockholm syndrome can be very bad into someone’s decision making.

So I give this a 2.7/5 <<less
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Mar 21, 2024
Status: v1
I hate this story, I’ve only read the manhwa and I was rooting so hard for the friend (even though deep down I knew he wasn’t better either) this sh*t is astronomically ridiculous, scary, and traumatizing (and I say ridiculous cause of the ending, and honestly how bad MC’s life is) The childhood friend is a f*cking freak, his brother is an evil a**hole, their friend is a sly bastard and they’re all rapists.. Not surprising.. Anyway I’ll be reading the novel and updating my review, don’t think it’ll change... more>> but I’ve been so curious about everything in this novel for about a month and a half. <<less
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Feb 26, 2024
Status: Completed
The story is actually semi decent almost till the end, it shows the complexity of people with trauma and their willingness to stay in abusive relationships, but the ending was just straight up dissapointing. I think even the author acknowledges that its not realy a happy ending when YH and SH end up together. So a 3.8 is the best I can give this
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