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UWAHHHHHHHHHH!!! It’s a monster!!!

The one screaming is me!!!

The rollercoaster survival story of Kim Geun-chul, a lower-ranked student at the academy!

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구라 안치고 진짜 엑스트라
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cowboy man
New cowboy man rated it
March 25, 2024
Status: --
I mean, if you go by the other guys review of the main charactor beaing "wimpy" then I guess every main charactor has to be copy pasted to be a know it all "i know the plot" "must follow the plot " type of guy I suppose. The main charactor has a very intresting charactor and his narration if u pay attantion to it a bit has some inconsistencies which sets up a kind of "unreliable narrator" type of mystery super well. And the other charactors intraction actually feel human... more>> not like some intractions where u would make some one a women and make the intractions equvelent to talking to a wet rock. Give it a try. Actual hidden gem. <<less
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Gelnn rated it
November 24, 2023
Status: c380
For all the complaints that people have of the MC being cowardly and unreliable, that is basically the author's preference. All his works upto this point have been about main characters who are isekai'ed and are cowardly and not used to violence at the beginning like a normal modern person and gradually adapting to the new environment. I would say that at about 100 chaps in he has caught up to his average classmate which have years of head start and by chap 250 he is firmly at named character... more>> level in the game. It may seem slow but the author likes to play the long game in his novels so this is pretty fast by his standard. And for people who don't like mc's quirky personality I would say just stop reading. The Author is basically a Gag novel writer and all the major character have at least one quirky trait which breaks their character. If you can look past all that, you can enjoy a relatively low stakes adventure in a genre where everything a MC does has high stake and casually enjoy the mc's gradual growth and surprisingly complex state of mind once you get under his skin. The author is a master at gradually raising the stakes according to the mc's growth so it never feels either underwhelming or overwhelming. All of the mc's problems are things that someone of his strength and experience should be able to deal with. So much that at times MC sometime feels like just a major character in the novel rather then center of the world like your typical MC, which is refreshing <<less
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Blackrabbit0634 rated it
August 23, 2023
Status: c6
Really hard to stomach if you don't like cowardly MC. I know its supposed to be funny but not really laughing. I haven't really read enough to connect with the MC so everything so far is annoying. Couldn't get it in me go past chapter 6 as it is almost pure torture to read.
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MrCents_04 rated it
August 18, 2023
Status: --
The first 5 chapters is a bit disappointing.

Why did I say that? That's because of the pathetic and weakling attitude of the main protagonist.

The MC is unrelatable, unreliable and good for nothing.

... more>> The execution of the story is undeniably poor, and you will drop it immediately because of the unfunny moments.

Maybe I am a little bit tired of this shameless, weak-minded and pretentious chad that I dare to rate it below the average.

You know what I am upset about the Mc? MC is a reserved officer who was trained by the Korean Military, and he is already 24 years old at that time. However, he acts like a child in the fantasy world.

Is that an officer of the reserved military personnel should act? He should be more mature, and he should act like an adult when he faces a lot of challenges.

In addition to my claim that this series is unrewarding, the story has no moral lesson to acclaim. I don't feel anything in this series.

Heroines are cute. But the MC is pathetic.

I dont like to recommend this to readers who love to see a relatable chad MC with overpowered power or possessing a likable attitude despite being weak in his party. <<less
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Sketlord rated it
February 23, 2024
Status: c40
Very enjoyable. Honestly it was pretty hard getting through the first ten chapters but the characters are really enjoyable to read about. The MC is actually someone who knows how to make friends and is very social, plus hes hardworking. If you're sick of your bogstandard Money grubbing, benefit stealing Korean MCs, Geun-Cheul is a breath of fresh air. StoneScape is doing an excellent job with both translation quality and speed, though I doubt this speed will be maintained for very long, but I reccomend it.
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shugooo rated it
August 19, 2023
Status: c9
Man this series is fun, MC is very funny making this series quite nice read.

At least he is not generic MC atm. And he got that sense of humor. Plus his character felt very human and not just like "hero personality syndrome" or some shit. But idk maybe future chapter he will developed that? But I wish he dont cause his current personality is very fun.

Although he scaredy-cat atm but it is totally justifiable. I mean he suddenly dying on chair and then woke up in different places with different... more>> logic. I mean if you suddenly encounter monster so freaking big despite believing it doesnt exist you definitely gonna sh*t ur pants too lol. <<less
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Qumair rasool
Qumair rasool rated it
October 1, 2023
Status: c12
One of the good novels one this site, the MC is relatable and funny. You can't just except a guy from earth gets reincarnated and start slashing everyone who doesn't have a opinion and in ch 11 there is a hint (?) /foreshadowing that he will start training seriously.

Now about the novel MC is an 24 year old who was discharged from korean military recently and he was browsing internet when he saw a game going viral so he thought to try it then baaam he gets s**ked into the... more>> monitor. The only thing this novel lacks is chapters but still it is a short and enjoyable read gonna add this to my reading list <<less
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yousufahmed12 rated it
March 11, 2024
Status: c79
The issue is I don't see a lot of readers actually continue reading to get to the good part of the story which is like 50 or something. Since you need to get the humor to sludge through a very irritable MC that has two main traits which are being a coward and weak.

It does get better later on, however it doesn't change the fact that the MC isn't likable early on, and if you don't have a sense of humor you won't like it.

I would recommend reading this if... more>> you have nothing else to read <<less
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