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A man suffering from terminal illness, gets a second chance at life in another world. But wait, there is a catch?

[Main Quest occurs!] [Save the world.] [Reward: A healthy body.] [Death on failure!] The suspicious system demanded.

Will the protagonist be able to survive in this unreliable world ruled by gatcha?

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내 소환수는 특별하다
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Goblinslate rated it
August 31, 2023
Status: Completed
Hello, the translator here!

First of all, I would like to apologize for the very low quality of the previous first 13 chapter releases. Their quality could only be described as tr*sh and I feel extremely ashamed that I put them on the site.

If I had to give a reason, I was in terrible mental condition at that time. The other readers already know the reason why. Anyways, long story short, I needed to earn more, so I added three more projects on my schedule.

Things went quite well of the other... more>> two, but I couldn't deliver the same quality for this one.

I am a person who values integrity, and I always want to deliver my best in everything I do. Unfortunately, I failed to do so for this project.

Anyways, I have already edited the previous chapters, so they should be good now. And, I hope to keep it that way for the future chapters as well.

Now, for the novel itself.

I have already read the novel complety, and honestly, it's a very well written novel, with a decent plot. The writing style is a lot like a Japanese webnovel, except the protagonist is not a dense stone, or a beta.

I mean, it managed to keep me entertained till the end, so I would say that it's one of the better novels out there. The characters are not one dimensional, and they all have unique personalities. You can feel the author's writing develop through the entirety of the novel. He focuses quite a bit on world building and character development. So that's a plus point on my book.

The protagonist acts his actual age, and yes he is not perfect all the time, but that just adds to his character.

There's drama, there's action, and there's a decent amout of romance.

So overall, it's a good read. <<less
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MonsieurLimes rated it
March 25, 2023
Status: c144
It’s mediocre kind of. Take my review for a grain of salt because I read the MTL, and hell I could’ve just hallucinated what I read because mtls are always unclear. But from what I managed to comprehend, it’s too underdeveloped in all places.

Characters kinda show up and disappear, characters whom you’d think would join the harem just kinda end up being there and serve no purpose until the author suddenly goes “oh crap! I wrote about that guy!” And decides to use them in a way that finishes them... more>> off so he can have a good reason to ignore them. Author introduces characters that are used like once, there’s nothing wrong with that but they’re used for like 5 chapters before something major happens and completely ignored forever. WHY DID YOU INTRODUCE THEM THEN??? YOU COULD’VE JUST HAD A SLICE OF LIFE EPISODE INSTEAD!!

Then the world building and summons are just kinda brushed past.

to start: there are 1-5 tiers of summons. 1-2* suck, and 3-5* are good. So a 3* or above earns you a noble title, like marquis or Duke and a 1-2* gets you a title like baron or count... and that’s like huh? That would mean hundreds of barons and new nobles every year, wouldn’t that be super annoying to manage? I know the baron title is just a elevated village chief title but like dude just give them a honorable status or something. Then the summons, it’s kinda like most gacha games in that you can summon historical figures and beast of legends. I don’t have a problem with it but I wish it could’ve been used more, seriously he uses it like 4 times in the entire story.


Story: it’s decent and bearable until the end. The end is where I have a problem.

MC suddenly decides to beat the demon king after no prior training or reasoning other than one of his friends became a demon... huh?? You’re not even ready yet, the past emperors needed a 5* to keep the DK at bay and you got two 3* and two (three actually) 4* summons, you’re not going to beat him even if you upgrade your summons, oh yeah did I mention that the summons don’t even evolve? They just kinda stay the same but get a slight power up, Sheesh I wanted to see Anna turn into 5* “Goddess Anna the right hand of God” but Anna at lvl 10 while still being a 3* works. Then there’s also no demon land journey, it takes like 2 chapters to get to the demon kings palace


I could go on and on about the flaws of this novel but despite my rambling on it’s various problems, I kinda enjoyed it. It’s bad but there was never any point where I went “YOU COULD JUST DO THID YOU IDIOT!!1!1!”

TL;DR: it’s mid <<less
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November 18, 2023
Status: Completed
Overall novel was good, but I do have several complaints towards the end.


Ian didn't really power up his summons like I thought he would. Also his childhood friend had to become a demon because he wouldn't accept any relationships because he assumed he would just return to earth when he was never told that. Plus his original body was bed ridden why would he even want to return? Also the teacher Catherine as a wife was abandoned I thought she would be among his choices when selecting wives.

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