My Omega is Little Hot


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Qin Zhaoci accidentally traveled from the apocalypse to the future interstellar world, and became a rich second-generation Alpha Qin Zhaoci, and by the way, she got a beautiful Omega as her wife.

Qin Zhaoci, a self-proclaimed straight woman, said that she only likes men and is ready to be happy with Ye Lianyin as good sisters.

But who knows that this sister is getting worse and worse. Seeing that the gentle-looking Omega’s character is getting closer and closer to being aggressive, she was also getting more and more out of order.

Seeing that the time agreed upon by the two when they got married has passed, and under her indulgence, Omega has become even more aggressive.

Qin Zhaoci finally looked at her imprisoned hands then at the Omega with reddened eyes infront of her, and willingly accepted her fate.

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3 Reviews

Sep 19, 2023
Status: Completed
MTLed to completion a while ago. Some vague plot spoilers.

A relatively simple read. No whiplash or shocking turnabouts. Some tropes and other silliness, but nothing egregious. Yes, the food situation is a bit absurd and on first read MC's parents' opening actions are really hecking irresponsible...

The story is mostly about the main couple's day-to-day lives and getting closer to each other. The people aren't always perfect, but I think the story stays relatively positive.

Particularly as a CN novel where I often drop for toxic/immoral behaviors, I liked:

    • How MC and FL's best friends break up, because from the start their relationship is really messed up. And then, how they eventually try to restart from scratch, addressing the problems and mistakes and reflecting on themselves.
    • How FL's mom leaves the Jerk A parent at the end, instead of staying "because". Jerk does not get redemption, and FL and her A sister both support their mom leaving. Basically, there's no magical 'tada! It's fixed because it's fiction!'
3 couples, nominally. The main couple (sweet), best friends couple (must read the extra side stories, seriously), and secret lovers (basically only mentioned lol).

Both leads were likable.

    • FL: Determined but disregarded and repressed for the fault of being the wrong gender. A "hot pepper" like in the title... because the MC allows her to be. The gentle and dependable MC allows FL to finally find room to breathe, spoiling her and respecting her boundaries. MC is like affirmation that she (FL) can live freely without her gender being a shackle, her dreams don't have to stay dreams, and that societal repression is wrong and can be fought.
    • (Alternatively... gentle and dependable MC forces FL to be a "hot pepper" lol. Respecting the boundaries respecting the boundaries ah sh*t she's wondering why I'm not making a move on her!)
    • MC: was a bit perfect. But I think it's in the realm of acceptable, because after living on apocalypse hard-mode, civil society high roller is a huge jump in quality of life. After life-and-death, many problems must seem small.
    • MC sees the inequality of her new world and wishes her wife could have a proper place in it. The place FL desires. And then, she helps make it a reality.
ABO is important to the plot, but the way it is utilized it's almost more like a tool to talk about gender inequality. If you were expecting immediate estrus smuttiness, this is not that book. The story adheres to ABO tropes, but also has some "outs (circumventions) " like: synthetic scents, and the plot leads to technology to remove marks, as part of addressing gender inequality.

There's technically some politics but the nitty gritty is pretty much glossed over. Again, relatively light and easy read.

There are eventual kids, and side story chapters.
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Aug 23, 2023
Status: c9
I love this story already!

So far, I like the the MC and FL's character and they absolutely have chemistry. I hope there are more AplhaxOmega story like this.

Looking forward for more updates! Thank you for translating <3
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Nov 19, 2023
Status: c50
It's a decent Yuri, the writing is good the story is good.

The MC is likeable from the onset, while the FL takes time to warm up which is fine considering the context I got as a progressed through the story.

There's not much serious drama or actions, instead the tension comes from the characters circumstances and the civilisation they live in.

Is it a "Read it?", yea I think so. Atleast give it 30-50 chapters before making a decision.
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