My Lao Gong Has Split Personality


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Qin Yuanxi found himself transmigrated into the puppet little emperor in the book, and the Prince Regent was an ambitious and far from peaceful ruler. People like him probably wouldn’t survive even three chapters in the book. Qin Yuanxi, being a resourceful person, planned to escape on the night of the transmigration.

Instead of slipping away unnoticed, Qin Yuanxi unexpectedly gained a general, a character not mentioned in the book. This general was not only handsome and skilled but also fiercely loyal to him. He claimed to be capable of eliminating traitors and reviving the court whenever needed. With such a powerful ally, Qin Yuanxi happily returned to the court, took his seat on the dragon chair, and gazed down before fainting.

Who would tell him if there was a bug in this book? Why did his loyal general bear an uncanny resemblance to the wolfish and ambitious regent who coldly observed him in court, as if ready to rebel at any moment? But once Qin Yuanxi went to court and changed his armor, the regent transformed into his loyal general, ready to rid the court of traitors.

Qin Yuanxi: ……Why don’t you two discuss it?

The most troublesome issue for Qin Yuanxi was his gradually expanding stomach… There were too many bugs in this book. But now the real question was whether Xiao Bai, his child, accepts the Prince Regent as his father, who has a promising future, or the General as his father, who is loyal?

General: My child, it must be my child!

Regent: Hmph, evil seed, take it away!

Qin Yuanxi: When will my husband’s mental score recover? This constant role-playing is wearing me out ⊙﹏⊙ |||

T/N: The Lao Gong (老攻) in the title literally translates to old attack/seme but it is homonymous with the endearment for referring to one’s husband (老公), equivalent to the English ‘hubby.’

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TheAutisticDumpling rated it
September 12, 2023
Status: c31
I have been a long time lurker in NU and have been reading novels since I was a wee young dumpling and this is the first ever review I have ever made! This novel is an absolute treasure so much so that I took the trouble into making an account to leave this review and provide kofi to the translator to read ahead. Definitely worth it! Keep up the great work translator!! Also check out the other novels also! They are great!
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Ouryane00 rated it
February 24, 2024
Status: c54.1
The plot’s quite thrilling!

Especially around 40+ chaps in

... more>>

There’s something weird about Zhao Tou and that’s the issue that will be handled in the next chaps. Like is he really innocent as he looks or is he scheming something?


What I dislike about this story though is - MC’s personality. First, he wasn’t scared or worried when he transmigrated (he just accepted it). Then, he wholeheartedly trusted Zhao Tou instantly. And even when there were signs of being schemes, he neglected those signs.

I wished MC had a smarter personality

Summary of half the story:


MC suddenly woke up in the novel he was reading.

He realized he transmigrated into the puppet emperor so the very first hour of transmigration, he decided that he wanted to escape from the palance

In doing so, he meets ML (Zhao Tou), a general at the gate.

The general offered to take him at the Lantern Festival and so on. There, MC tries to escape but ZT catches him.

At this part of the story, it’s portrayed that ZT is extremely loyal to the MC and he hates the prince regent (ML’s first personality)

MC convinces ZT that he wants to gain more experience and to explore nearby towns.

They encounter a group of bandits, ZT defeats them but MC ended up being kidnapped later on.

ZT rescues him but MC got drugged (aphrodisiac) and they ended up sleeping together.

They returned to the palace.

The next day, at morning court, MC is very surprised to see that ZT is actually the Regent.

He figure out that it’s split personality.

Story goes on with the Regent trying to figure out what really happened between ZT and MC when they were away (the regent is aware of his second personality but he cannot remember anything that happens when ZT is the active)

Regent also suspects MC not being the real emperor because of several signs (his attitude, his writing etc)

Eventually, it gets discovered that MC is pregnant and there are several times that the regent tries to kill him and stuff and trying to make him admit that he is not the real emperor

After some time, the regent starts kinda caring for MC. Afterall, MC is technically pregnant with his child and we see that the regent is getting kinder and maybe even developing affection towards MC

At around chapter 40-50, there’s something very fishy about ZT whenever he appears.

Like, sometimes we get the feeling that the ML is actually ZT but ZT is pretending to be the regent (although MC dismisses this thought)

ML’s physician also advises MC several times not to trust ZT too much because the ML actually got the nickname “demon king or something” not because of the regent but because of ZT. Turns out that during the war, the regent already accepted the enemies surrender but the next day, ZT ordered them to all be killed.

In this portion of the story, we see how soft hearted the regent is becoming. It seems that he genuinely cares about MC and the baby. He also says that he doesn’t plan on ever taking the throne. He was just managing the court before because the previous king was incompetent but since MC is capable, the regent starts to really teach him to be an emperor.

We also get some foreshadowing here of the regent knowing that ZT is up to something and he is slowly taking over the body. The regent says “I want to teach you what I can while I still can” something like that

They also discussed how MC will give birth and how the baby will be announced.

The regent suggested that MC takes on a concubine and say that the baby is from the concubine or palace maid (which MC strongly opposes). And I really dislike how MC argues with the regent about this issue like the regent is just thinking for you and suggesting while you’re acting like a volcano getting angry at him

I understand MC’s point but anyway I dislike MC’s personality. Plus, MC wants to give birth outside the palace which the regent opposes (because if he gives birth outside, the court and the common people will doubt the authenticity of the baby’s royal blood)

But MC doesn’t listen and when ZT is the one active in the body, he convinces ZT to take him away from the palace

and here stops chapter 53

From chapter 54-76, I just chose random chaps to skim and I think what happened is...

Turns out ZT is really scheming something.

The regent doesn’t want to rebel, it’s only ZT and it seems like ZT never really loved the MC - he just pretended so he can become the emperor.

So yeah, he planned a rebellion which eventually failed because of MC/regent/prime minster’s cooperation.

However, it seems that by chapter 70 - ZT has fully taken over ML’s body.

He is under house arrest (as MC still wants to be with him and wants to cure him)

He doesn’t seem to plan to rebel anymore and we see him babysitting the baby around chap 70-76

Onwards, I haven’t read yet haha so if you’re reading this summary and you plan on finishing this story - please post a summary of chap 76 onwards when you’ve finished this story haha thank you!

3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Crayonchii rated it
January 10, 2024
Status: Completed
Should change the comedy tag to thriller instead. Because while reading this though there is a funny moment a little bit here n there most of the time just make me on edge. Both ML personalities is problematic n like MC said he's just sick. ML is lucky he met someone with the big heart personalities like our MC, who goes all out for the person he love, and who's willing to forgive n be there for him.

... more>>

bcause honestly if me the first personalities always wanna kill him n even to the point choking him already, while the second one deceived his love and screaming wanna kill MC WHILE HE GIVE BIRTH. Just ugh~ yeah me traumatised.


If me personally this is not comedy at all. Very intense n keep u on edge. Good story though. Good writing by author n great translation! <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
DojutsuMoon rated it
November 24, 2023
Status: c47
This novel is incredibly good!!! I always have a tab open to the novelupdates page and I check for updates often~! It's a really interesting novel that has well layered characters that are enjoyable to observe. The translation is solid too! I can understand if some readers were to find the MC irritating due to preference, but I quite like the MC. If a reader likes imperial court intrigue and a MC having to figure out why reality is different from fiction I reallt reccomend picking this up.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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