My Husband Turned 17 A Day Before Our Wedding!


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I possessed the soon-to-be disgraced noble, Herina Obelia, and succeeded to entice the empire’s one and only Duke Hubinont.

It was every transmigrator’s dream to have a hot husband while drowning in riches and glory.

However, it felt like all my hopes were trampled upon when my husband turned 17 again just a day before our wedding.

Not only he couldn’t remember me, but he suspected me of being the culprit.

“Let me be honest, milady is not my type. I don’t think the 24-year-old me will think any differently.”

His crude way of speaking and indifferent expression was exactly how the duke looked before I seduced him!

“P-Please grow up!!”

Dear lord, I want my 24-year-old mighty duke who loves me to return.

When did I ever say that I need love?

All I needed was enormous wealth and honor!

No, this might be my opportunity.

Shall I make this boy my puppet and take over the duchy?

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결혼 전날 남편이 17세가 되었다
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