My Husband Has Changed


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The husband, presumed dead, miraculously came back to life at the funeral home.

Moreover, he returned with no memory of the past, forgetting everything from customs and language to swordsmanship!

In this state of forgetfulness, the only person he responds to and obsesses over is his wife, Adeleheid.

People say that one changes after coming back to life, but this was a change too drastic.

“Why… Why are you treating me so well?”

“My wife.”

“…You’ll regret embracing me like this later.”

The person who used to grimace as if just seeing her face was dreadful seems to have disappeared, and now he’s busy lifting her into his arms.

“By pulling my clothes like this, Duke, you’re violating the etiquette…”

“Then teach me.”


“What violates the etiquette and what doesn’t. Please teach me, my lady.”

At that moment, Adeleheid thought.

My husband has changed.

And it’s a very serious change.

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내 남편이 달라졌다
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