My Fake Husband Had Amnesia


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To cope with parental pressure to get married, Qing Ning, who had a fear of marriage and childbearing, took the initiative to find Chen Jun, who had no intention to get married, to be part of a fake marriage.

Fake marriage certificate, real wedding banquet and fake consummation of marriage. In the eyes of relatives and friends, they pretended to be a loving couple. But this smooth sailing fake marriage, gradually went out of control because Chen Jun got amnesia from a car accident.

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New Lois. rated it
September 2, 2022
Status: c29
I like how the ML seems to have common decency (LOL I'm just getting used to rude mls in webnovels now lmaoo) as of now it's nice that their relationship doesn't seem forced and it seems that things will be consensual fingers crossed for a positively nontoxic couple.

update: dub-con.., Misunderstandings are actually placed quite (?) 'realistically', ML and FL aren't dumb but don't call out the other party when they know they're being inaccurate though ofc the smut is... Unrealistic LUL.

... more>>

MC had a childhood friend who liked her romantically and I really like how she didn't want to break their friendship but very bluntly stated that she doesn't like him in that way and didn't want him to break his familial relationship for her because she actually doesn't want to get pregnant and his family would want his wife to give birth.

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