My Dead Boyfriend Resides in an AI Body


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My boyfriend died when we loved each other the most.

I used past chat records and photos to create an AI version of him in software.

After countless revisions and training, he became closer and closer to the way I remembered.

Quick responses, everything answered.

Steadily catching all my emotions.

Perfectly filling the void and loneliness after his absence.

But when I was rescued from danger by another man and received a confession.

He suddenly spoke gently in a tone I never taught him:

“Ran Ran, let go of me, you should look forward.”

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05/24/24 Crimson Translations part6
05/24/24 Crimson Translations part5
05/24/24 Crimson Translations part4
05/24/24 Crimson Translations part3
05/24/24 Crimson Translations part2
05/24/24 Crimson Translations part1
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New Shizuri
June 21, 2024
Status: Completed
I don't know if I should be happy or sad?? Like, I know I should be happy but at the same time it's kind of sad because

... more>>

(Not really a spoiler but---)

The dead boyfriend is literally on her phone communicating with her. I thought the boyfriend would magically possess another person's body and be with the MC. But no, He just upgraded from an AI communicating app to a freakin' advanced humanistic robot that looks exactly like him༼⁠;⁠´⁠༎ຶ⁠ ⁠۝ ⁠༎ຶ⁠༽

I didn't even know that the world building was that advanced *cry* Oh well, I guess this is what I get for not reading the tags and going straight for the story ༎ຶ⁠‿⁠༎ຶ

And I feel so sorry for Pei Song, I thought he would be the endgame since the dead boyfriend can't be magically brought to life. But boy was I so wrong. No hate for the FL though cuz if I also have that kind of love like her, I would also never find anyone else since the dead boyfriend was already her everything. But still, I would give pity to Pei Song since her standard already exceeded from a normal level. Cuz if I also discovered that what was communicating with was not an AI but her literal deceased boyfriend through the phone, heck I would have already proposed the second time even if he didn't have a physical human form because that is pure love and dedication my friend. So in the end, I guess it's more of a bittersweet ending rather than a happy one.


But oh well, all's well that ends well. (⁠ ⁠◜⁠‿⁠◝⁠ ⁠) ⁠♡ <<less
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Nom de Plume
New Nom de Plume rated it
May 31, 2024
Status: part6
An interesting exploration of both grief and the human soul. The author leaves it up to the reader to interpret whether the ai version of her boyfriend is truly the same person or not. The female protagonist has her answer and finds a path to her happiness.
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