My Cute Childhood Friend Can’t Sleep Peacefully Unless She’s Holding Onto My ‘Thing’… ~Could My ‘Thing’ Be Her Secret Comfort for Peaceful Sleep!?~


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“You’ve been such a good boy lately, so as a reward, I’ll give you a good ♡squeeze♡!!”

On a fall night, I, Takuya Akaboshi, was stirred awake by an unsettling feeling in my body. I was lying in my loft bed in a dimly lit room.

Someone was gripping my ‘thing’! In a panic, I tore off the covers, only to find my childhood friend, the stunning beauty Manami Ninomiya.

Why was she, a sheltered and refined young lady, holding onto me so steadfastly?

The reason was more extraordinary than anything I could have expected.

“Holding onto this part of you, Takuya-kun, helps me sleep soundly…”

So, my fate was quite literally in her hands.

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