Musket Girls


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The world I reincarnated in is a relatively modern era where wars are fought with line infantry.

As a Commoner Second Lieutenant, I’m labelled as a ‘Death God’ and ostracized, and posted to the all women Sixth Special Brigade to serve as a Strategist.

The Brigade Commander with hidden intentions, and the clueless Sergeants are all women. Naturally, the troopers are all girls.

If this goes on, everyone will die in battle. I need to do something… But what exactly?!

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Date Group Release
04/23/22 Skythewood c27-30
04/09/22 Skythewood c22-26
04/02/22 Skythewood c17-21
03/26/22 Skythewood c12-16
03/19/22 Skythewood c7-11
03/12/22 Skythewood c1-6
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Apr 23, 2022
Status: c27-30
This is a fantastic novel, I went in with low expectations thinking it'd be another generic Japanese harem isekai, but its surprisingly grounded and well thought out. A lot of small details are explained and explored and it feels very accurate to the time period. Battlefield tactics are explored in depth and you really get a feel of what it must have been like to fight in 17th century warfare.

The author spends their time to build the background of the circumstances of the MC and the world, as well as... more>> go into detail about how things work so that the readers suspension of disbelief doesn't need to work very hard. Initially I was a bit skeptical about this "special" brigade of only women but it was written well into the story that it made a lot of sense in context.

Overall its a lot less harem and a lot more military/war. It actually feels a lot like Youjo Senki although not as detailed. The translation is great as well. <<less
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