Miss Cousin Wants to Become a Monk


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In the previous life, Xie Miao tried so hard to marry her cousin but she didn’t expect that her cousin couldn’t let go of the white moonlight in his heart. Not only did he ignored her for many years but he even caused her to die unexpectedly. After being reborn, Xie Miao thought: getting married is risky but being single can save your life. Aunt, I have a destiny with Buddha, please allow me to become a nun!

Cousin Cui Muli: …A Miao, what nonsense are you talking about!

Rival Zhou Niannan: Xie Miao, your brain is flooded. Do you want me to help you out.

The pretentious cousin Xie Miao was reborn. She was no longer infatuated with her cousin Cui Muli and only wanted to become a monk. Relying on the advantage of her past life and secretly using Cui Muli’s hand, she gradually changed the tragedy of everyone in the previous life. In the process, she won the admiration of Cui Muli and her arch-enemy Zhou Niannan with her smart and true character.

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8 Reviews

New Imjustagirl
Jul 16, 2024
Status: Completed
I don't know who said this is tragedy it's not. Maybe it is tragedy for me because I want her to become monk but she's not


MC will marry Cui Muli (forced by imperial decree)

but in the end she'll accept cui muli feelings 😟

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New dramamonster
Jul 14, 2024
Status: Completed
In her first life, the poor orphaned FL idol-worshipped the ML, married him, but ten years of an indifferent marriage eroded her feelings until she was numb.

Actually, the ML and SML both slowly fell in love with her, but were too proud/dumb to tell her, so she never knew she was loved. In the extra epilogue chapters, we find out how the ML and SML ended up in the first life, and how their actions connect to the reborn life where they fix their mistakes.


In her reborn life, the FL just wants to be a nun. Then she realizes she needs to be a wealthy nun. Oh, and she needs to save some valiant heroes from being schemed against. Yes, and also get a revenge against a villain who once ab*sed her. Along the way, she ignores the ML entirely, beats the SML repeatedly (don't worry, he deserves it and he's a hulking martial arts guy, he can take it), and the

ML and SML fall for her and act on it. Most of the novel is a wife-chasing crematorium plot (ML chases after the FL to get her to fall in love with him, after he had disdained/offended her in the first life).

Eventually, she can't continue on her goal of becoming a nun, learns to care for the ML again, and has a HE.

There's female character development and multi-layer villains, not just the typical shallow jealous female characters and evil cardboard villains. There are no evil scheming grandparents or step-parents. I did cry half way through the story when we discover the FL's backstory. The plot flowed well, not too outrageous or boring, and the ending was satisfying (with the extras). Oh, and the Emperor was one of my favourite characters - it's rare to get an Emperor who's just and benevolent.

The ML and SML are smart when it comes to politics and scheming, but can be foolish/immature when it comes to relationships - but I think they have to be drawn this way (emotional blocks of wood), otherwise the plot wouldn't work (belated wife chasing crematorium).

If you like novels like Eight Treasures Trousseau, To Be A Virtuous Wife, and other historical romances, you might like this.
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Jan 29, 2024
Status: c100
Dropped at chapter 100

Honestly, this is a competent rebirth novel. It features the usual - a reborn protagonist who changes things for the better while everyone realises she's changed and their opinions follow suit.

The MC, Xie Miao, married above her station to her (non-biological) cousin. She basically had a cold one-sided marriage and was basically in unrequited love with her husband. Back to her 16 year old self, all she wants is to give up mortal desires and become a nun.

The plot is steady, it's exciting but not too excessively... more>> bloody since it's not really a revenge novel. There's also a love triangle which takes up a lot of presence.

I really liked Xie Miao's determination to leave secular life tbh. I think out of alot of rebirth protags, she's most aware of what she wants. Regarding the two men in the low triangle, she realises she can't keep holding a grudge over the future and chooses to let go. But she also know she is incapable of moving forward with them and so chooses her own peace of mind.

Except she doesn't really get the choice. The love triangle resolves and Xie Miao is still stuck in a relationship she did not want. If she had chosen love again willingly, I wouldn't have cared but it just sucks that neither men will allow her that. I mean obviously, assuming a happy ending, eventually her heart will melt and she will choose love again or whatever but I don't feel like slogging to get to that 'happy ending'. <<less
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Jan 28, 2024
Status: Completed
Warning: if you don't like love triangles, it's probably better to skip it.

Really liked the novel, it was deliciously funny and kept me guessing which ship would sail from beginning to end. My favorite male character wasn't the right one but I enjoyed the story nevertheless.

In the past, the MC fought and pushed until she married her cousin Cui Mu Li (not a real biological cousin). Their relationship was polite but cold and she greatly regrets it after her rebirth. Cui Mu Li is not a bad man, he is... more>> very calm, intelligent and keeps hidden his feelings and thoughts.

Zhou Nian Nan is very rude and offensive towards Xie Miao until he realizes that he was mostly guided by jealousy and arrogance and honestly repents. Their first meeting is hilarious: having lost a bet between friends, he stops Xie Miao's carriage and asks for her bellyband in exchange for money. She is shocked, crushes the money and loudly slaps him.

Both leads have flaws and initially have a bad opinion of the MC, thinking she is just another silly girl who wants to marry higher than her low status. It takes time for them to recognize their biases and appreciate her integrity and steady character.

The MC is very determined in her wish to become a nun and she keeps refusing their advances until someone will touch her heart and stubborn mind. <<less
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Apr 08, 2024
Status: Completed
The title promised me a monk. Where is my lady monk?

The novel overall quality is worth an 8.

It started out quite interesting with a female character that had some sort of backbone. After the period of 40 -50 chapters, her backbone disappeared and she just got pushed around by other characters to the conclusion that the author wants her to be.

... more>>

In short, this novel turned generic around that section. If you are into this type of novel where the title said the girl will be leaving or not loving but then ended up with the guys she hated, go for this novel. Don't get me wrong. There is nothing wrong about feMC hated a guy then developing feeling for him later. However, in my opinion, the drama, plot, and character development are no where near enough for the two to come together. It was another disappointing ending of a generic novel. <<less
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Jan 29, 2024
Status: Completed
I read the first few chapters translated by the translator and liked the story.

So I read mtl and finished it.

The premise of the novel is similar to many of its counterparts. The FL gets a second chance at life and travels back a decade.

... more>> As is usual in such novels, she decides to stay away from the husband of her past life due to numerous misunderstandings and countless rejections.

In the same vein, she decides to stay clear of everyone else and simply accumulate blessings by making sure that the desolate trajectory of past life is not repeated.

She saves the people who are loyal to the court and is fierce enough to exact revenge on one person who almost SA her.

However, the plot deviates as the central idea is that she has let go of all the love, hate and entanglement that bound her.

She wants to join Buddhism and become a nun.

She only needs a green lantern to accompany the Buddha.

Even when the ML asks for an imperial decree to marry her, she is resolute to not entangle with him.

She thinks that this is a simple passing fancy for him and when the emotions cool down both of them will go their own way.

The novel is 163 chapters long and even by chapter 118 she is still thinking of being a superficial couple with him.

Still, as a rule of thumb in these novels, the hero saves the beauty, the icy heart of the FL melts and henceforth they live happily ever after.

The novel was engaging.

Tbh, I like such novels where the main charcter goes back in time so I would have liked it regardless of other issues.

The only thing is that the pace dragged in some areas.

As a reader, I started getting antsy with all the same rhetoric being repeated over and over again.

You know like if a friend whines about the same thing all the time, at one point you just want to point at their nose and curse them like a shrew. I had the same feeling from chapter 100 to 120. Still soldiered on and read the entire thing.

The novel was good. I read the entire thing using google translate so one can see my determination to complete it. It wasn't horrible per se.

But its the same saying, want to become a nun, want to become a nun, want to become a nun.

At one point the ML and the second ML stopped her hair shaving and tonsure while the monk already had scissors in his hand.

I mean at that point I wanted a scence were the FL is saying i'll run away, run away, run away, her man will be like alright, I'll keep the door open at night, you run away while I pretend to sleep for the peace of mind for both of us.

There wasn't much entanglement of the ML with other females. Only one girl persisted but it was more of a loud bark and no bite situation.

Halfway through I even thought that the FL might really go the wedding hall with the second ML. Alas, the second ML has no share in the blissed life of a married couple.

The plot is more on the political side with ML and FL pushing and pulling. There is no back house fighting or harem disputes which is a plus point.

No evil MIL or FIL or grandparents to stick their nose in the young couples lives.

More importantly, I have rarely read such novels with ancient settings where the grandmother isn't scheming to either get the girl to marry far away or insult her or the grandfather isn't against the marriage or is a jolly kind grandfather.

The grandfather is the Taifu and doesn't appear much in the novel.

Similarly, the grandmother is simply there to just complete the family. She doesn't make a single scene throughout the work.

Only two instances where she is present.

One is when the FL goes to the monastery for the first time. She greets all the female relatives before leaving so meets the old lady. The old lady likes her and gives her one of her rosary beads.

The second scene is when it's the old lady's birthday and the FL gives her handwritten Buddhist scriptures.

There is no unnecessary drama of being drugged at a banquet, being set up in an awkward situation by love rivals or meeting a mysterious man who is a benefactor or an enemy while the FL is on her way to the monastery.

Overall, 3 stars. <<less
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Mar 30, 2024
Status: Completed
Quite liked the story. Found it really funny at times and heartbreaking at other times. Liked the FL struggle to want to leave the secular world due to her disappointment with the ML. The ML is a piece of wood that didn't know the value of what he had until he lost it. Luckily he is devoted. The 2nd male lead was so annoying I couldn't root for him. Story was entertaining, romance build up nicely toward the end but novel had to end abruptly.
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Jul 09, 2024
Status: Completed
It’s good, Even it a bit cliche. But I really don’t understand the ML. He like her but because of a little misunderstanding he treats her coldly. With his network he can find out alot of things. Which he did in second life. The saddest of course the 2nd ML. But I guess the author with mother heart, give him a AU. But well, I kinda dunno how I feel. MC was a tough cookie at 1st. But later on, with the wife chasing crematorium she have a kinda second... more>> chance of happiness. The story is okay read, there’s a good plot and there’s not much plotholes, just the emotional aspects for me just a little bit fall short. But it’s not a bad read. If you love reborn type not big revenge or face slap, but try to live by herself but fail miserably then find her own HE. This is for you. Tq <<less
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