Me, the Heroine? And a Saint? No Way, I’m Just an All-Works Maid (Heh)!


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“I’ll become the greatest maid in the world!”

With her black-and-white skirt fluttering in the wind, a girl declares her vow. Her name is Melody.

The girl, a reincarnator of Japanese origin, inherited the dream of her past life and began working as the maid of a ruined count household in the Kingdom of Theolas

She can transform cheap black tea into a top-shelf drink as easily as she can quickly upgrade a ruined estate into a newly-finished mansion.

From household cleaning to serving meals, hunting game to DIY construction, just leave everything to me! Anything’s possibile with the help of all-powerful magic!

Truthfully, this is actually the world of an otome game, and the superpowered, omnipotent Melody is actually the Saint… except she hasn’t realized it yet.

“Falling in love? Fighting the Demon Lord? More importantly, I’ve got chores to do!”

What will happen to a world whose savior has put her all into being a maid? How does the world cope when its grand script is discarded in favor of menial labor?

Welcome to a fantasy where a single job has upended the cogs of destiny!

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All-Works Maid
Heroine? Saint? No, I’m an All-Works Maid (And Proud of It)!
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FoxgloveFarmer rated it
July 18, 2022
Status: c23
Main character is an eccentric genius who wants to be a maid. There are a lot of butterfly effects from the original story mainly because of the MC's actions. The characters are cute, and the story is over all light hearted. Although MC is dense she is not a typical dense MC who thinks she is 100% ordinary and no men will like her. So far there is no romance.
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cavler rated it
July 24, 2022
Status: c112
The story itself starts decent, as the summary says: the supposed heroine becomes a maid.

Because of her choices and the choices of others, the original story changes a lot, but still tries to follow the original narative.

However, the story relies a lot on coincidences and conveniences to keep things going. This happens to the point where it becomes annoying. Hopefully the next volume is better.

Overall the story is light hearted with some heavy moments when the original story shines through.
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What The Fck rated it
April 22, 2023
Status: v2 afterword
I rarely read something like this, mainly because they're not that good, but this one was just amazing. I don't even have words to describe how hooked I became while reading this. Unfortunately, there are only 2 volumes translated as of now, and I'm not interested in switching to the web novel as things tend to change.

I am hoping that some minor grammar changes are made, I don't think it's the translators' fault as it was consistent in the same areas.
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