Maid Will Go on Through Thick and Thin!


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Even though there was the usual development of being thrown into another world with swords and magic with the whole school, my job was [maid].

My weapon is a feather duster! My skill is [cleaning]! This is a story of a maid with zero combat ability trying her best.

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Maid wa Susumuyo Dokomademo!
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Eisensturm rated it
July 11, 2018
Status: c60
This is less of a review and more of a Notice/Warning for current and future readers:

It was going great; having a mostly self-sufficient and upbeat meido who can clean her way out of most trouble, but the translator ended up dropping it.

Will she and her school mates ever find their way back home? Will she become the ultimate meido? Will her sense of normalcy be warped to the point she appears as the real last boss? We will never know.

It was good while it lasted, and a very... more>> enjoyable isekai novel at that. No real BS world-ending cheat powers, no whiny, spineless MC, and best of all, the MC wasn't even a hero. Just a literal support class who often ends up cleaning up the mess of others in the most hilarious sort of ways. <<less
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LivingCorpse rated it
May 23, 2018
Status: c53
From the synopsis, you might think that this is just gonna be another typical shoujo novel reverse harem story with fantasy setting. But you're wrong, terribly wrong. This is an Isekai adventure story at its finest. And a very good one at that.

A slice of life-ish isekai story about the struggle of a maid trying to help her "masters" despite being useless in combat. A story about those who left behind and supporting those who fight in the front line. About those who are a burden yet also the pillar... more>> of comfort for the whole team.

This isn't a story about strong Mary Sue heroine taking down tyrants and saving the world.

This is a story about a humble maid going through Thick and Thin together with her "Masters". <<less
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jkmessah rated it
January 27, 2018
Status: c8
Another Isekai novel, but more of the female MC mofu mofu style. It's not bad, and if you just want some mindless fun, almost slice of life-like then this fits the bill.

From what we have seen so far, our MC is rather resourceful and in fact I think she is rather pivotal to the whole team of swordsmen and magicians because they can attack and defend, but she can fill their bellies with edible food. She also keeps everyone clean with some cheat cleaning skill that would totally be useful... more>> IRL.

Character development wise... I would be inclined to say it is non-existent at this time, it is more like them trying to survive and the MC trying to cook more, weave more and just basically be self-sufficient. The ultimate support maid!

It's just a fun read and I look forward to more chapters so while it may not deserve a 5 for me at this time, the enjoyment I get from it gives it a 4 star rating from me! <<less
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Chaku rated it
January 20, 2018
Status: --
Not sure why this is getting such low ratings, it doesnt deserve that, this story seems to be one of survival, mysteriously summoned to another world high school kids in a chem lab from the chemistry club are transformed into fantasy like characters, mage, warrior etc, while our female MC is a maid, only a few chapters at the moment, so I cant really comment on this story till more are released, but I was looking at the rating and felt it was very unfair at least explain why.

Characters... more>> seem compelling I want to learn more about them and what they do. The MC is intelligent, useful and not a burden, her title as maid might be a bit misleading, she is your typical "Do something" to help kind of character. I hate useless people, and so far shes proving her worth.

The story is still very much a mystery, so there is lot to uncover and reveal, so hopefully we get a story that is more fleshed out, either way Im looking forward to journeying with these characters. <<less
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Fluffums rated it
January 21, 2018
Status: c14
(as of c7) We're not very far in but I doubt it's going to change, so I'll write what I see.

And what I see is a light-hearted story of a maid (lol) and her goshujin-samas (lol) being tossed into another world and doing their best. Exactly as the description and title suggest. The characters are all likeable and realistic, the setting is intriguing, and the story is moving along fast enough without forgetting to develop the characters and setting. It's a bit funny, a bit heart-warming, and a bit... more>> mysterious. If I have any complaints, it's that the chapters are a bit short and/or there's not enough of them translated yet, and I figure that will fix itself eventually.

In short, I can't see a reason not to read it unless you're allergic to maids. Or fun.

(as of c14) I was wrong; it got even fluffier. I would have increased my rating if NU let me go over 5 stars... <<less
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solangelo rated it
August 2, 2021
Status: c85
I think this story was unfortunately dropped by the translator, and usually I only write reviews when I complete a novel but I'm not sure if this novel will get picked up again so I might as well make a review for it in the meantime.

Unlike most JP isekai where you usually see a bunch of tropes thrown around and there not being a single original idea, this novel feels fresh. It's more focused on surviving the isekai world and watching the MC and her classmates level up and gain... more>> new skills. There's no romance so far, but that isn't a bad thing because the story holds up fine without there being any romance.

The story feels very solid, and the transition from surviving in the wilderness of the world to going to the areas that are populated by humans feels natural. There are no cheat powers as well, and the MC doesn't become the strongest through her maid job because she finds a way to utilize it or some other BS you'll usually find in isekai stories. She has the maid job and she sticks to it, and is unable to do much in combat but it's still interesting reading.

Even though this novel is dropped, I still recommend reading it. It's a light read and is actually pretty good for an isekai story. You don't have to deal with the usual headaches when reading JP isekai stories like MC has a cheat power which removes all tension in the story or MC has a reverse harem and all the characters have one dimensional personalities.

EDIT: Looks like a group just picked up the novel. Hopefully this story will be able to be finished to completion so I can write a full review. <<less
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Harvester rated it
March 27, 2021
Status: c67
It's a fluffy isekai about a bunch of high schoolers trying to not get killed and find their way back home, with the hook in this one being the main character is a girl laden to the gills with only support skills. It's unabashed about what it is, and does it nicely. What elevates this series is the occasional glimpses into other characters and the fraying of nerves (and their transition into an overpowered fantasy world mindset) is shown... as well as our heroine's ability to restore 'normalcy' to the... more>> situation, acting a lynchpin in their small society.

There is one glaringly large caveat though: I'm usually not too fussed about societal tropes and not what, but this one was so heavy-handed about 'girls are delicate and must be protected' early on that I couldn't help but raise an eyebrow at it. While it's partially excusable that it's because she's entirely a support class, they focus more on the 'boys need to protect girls' side of it, rather than 'she mechanically doesn't have the capacity to defend herself'. Thankfully, this only weighs in heavily for a brief period.

(And to clarify a point, the previous translator was requested to drop the project by the author [for, frankly, a fairly bad reason, but that's neither here nor there].) <<less
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Sherrynity rated it
January 7, 2018
Status: c25
It's a mofumofu isekai story about a group of highschoolers that got stranded to another world. There's that abominable oh-so-generic Status Window, but the point of this story is about the daily life of isekai maid.

Giving a 4 for its mofumofu atmosphere.
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erynalu rated it
June 21, 2021
Status: c85
This is such a good read I am surprised there are not more people reading it.

The story follows Maito our female protagonist who at a glance doesn't seem strong as when isekai-ed, she got a maid as her profession. But lucky her, she is a group with the other Chemistry club students and together they tried to go back to their original world.

I think this story is really unique because there are multiple people reincarnated and we are following their journey in the other world. And the most unique part... more>> about this story is that we are viewing the story through Maito's perspective who is a support character, so we may not see the fighting or exploring that her friends did.
Even though Maito was thought to be weak, she is a mentally strong character that you can admire. Because of her role and inability to do combat, she took upon the task of supporting the team from the backstage and did a really good job with it.

Although the writing is somewhat flawed (could be the translation, could be the character perspective style), and there are small plot holes here and there, but I think this is a solid read that has elements of world building, camaraderie, and also adventure.
I really like the mood of their group, it's just no drama, no forced romance (though I have a ship, I think it will not sail T_T), they work well together, and they use their brain in situations.

Hopefully this will get translated in full (thank you translator!), and it's a shame there is no manga adaptation for this. <<less
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dawna_aiko rated it
October 19, 2022
Status: c70
Very slice of life and quite comedic. There's LOADS and LOADS of side characters because the plot has to deal with an entire school of students (not sure if teachers will be added).

Honestly glad there isn't some reverse harem going on, and the author wrote them as normal high schoolers etc cause it's really no necessary.

The only thing that's regretful is that it hasn't been updated in a year. Someone PLEASE pick this up, it's really a f*cking gem and I seriously wanna know the ending. It's even worse that... more>> there's no MTL of this novel online :" <<less
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