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The only mistake I’ve made so far was to support a game-streaming broadcast with zero viewers.

But giving me such an ordeal just because of that is too harsh!

“There’s no time to procrastinate!”

“Oh, wait a minute! You’re buying armor!

I fell in.

That is, into the streaming broadcast that I was watching.


Choi Ji-hyeok glared at the wish coupon, which came out as an S-class dungeon reward. It was an item obtained by stealing from the hunters who came in together.

It didn’t matter that this item could prevent the destruction of the world, it didn’t matter if it was an item that was earned at the risk of his own life.

He thought that even if he died, he would have to see the face of the damn Constellation that abandoned him miserably.

But who would have known that Constellation would be a girl who was barely in her early twenties?

“Chae Yoo-ra.”

He felt sorry for her, who has lived normally and peacefully all her life, but unfortunately, he never intended to let go of his Constellation.

“Tell me that I am the most important to you.”

At least, until he sees the end of the world.


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남주가 내 후원을 좋아해!
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Panda93 rated it
February 17, 2022
Status: c10
I think the translation is great, but the novel itself was kinda meh.

I went to the Naver website to read the extra chapters but I wasn't really impressed with what I found. The author seems to be from the school of thought where her female characters have to struggle through the dirt with a (!realistically!) incapable male lead, whereas I like where the male lead is allowed to keep the female lead up on a pedestal.

Maybe the narrative changes further on into the story because I was only able to... more>> read the unlocked chapters, but where I left off left a bad taste in my mouth.

I love badass heroines, weak to strong heroines, two faced-scheming morally grey heroines, cold and ruthless heroines, but if their world is a romance type setting, then her male lead has to at LEAST be capable you know?🙄

I love the trope of "being a sugar mommy to a pitiable male lead" as much as the next person. Its great! But the male lead in this was introduced as eating up the mc's time, resources, and then facilitating her egress into his world where he's unable to protect himself much less her, because he took her support for granted and entered a dungeon way above his level. 😫🙄 And don't think I don't have any 🔥 for the MC either, because I can't sympathize with sharing my time and money on a live-streamer who time and time again refuses to listen to his (constellation) patron, that's just not what I find good escapist fantasy.

But what turned me off of this novel the most, was the male lead. Because how does he have the guts to feel resentful towards her for "abandoning" him, when he's been pushing the limits of the MC for so long? The first chapter w/his POV acknowledges that he's a nobody, and that her gifts are usually relegated to the high leveled individuals. So he just decides to ride on the waves of her good graces for so long, disregards her obviously well meaning cautionary refusals, and then resents her when she finally (seemingly) follows through with her threat to "unsubscribe" from him?

And then the fact that when they do reunite, he's in such dire straits (and his inherent incompetence) that even the mc's frantic flailing floundering was able to make a difference in their survival? He's so very unlikeable🙄🙄

But you all should go and read for yourselves what's available. Maybe the male lead's realistic incompetence and fallacies will be endearing to you as it is to the MC. <<less
13 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ceirhi rated it
September 5, 2022
Status: Completed
I mtled the whole novel and enjoyed it a lot and I found the dynamic between the MC and ML to be refreshing. The MC is caring and has a good head on her shoulders whereas the ML is usually described as a thug or ganster. So different from your typical cold and perfect mls lol. The ML doesn't have the omnipotence that the MC has with her phone, but he's still protective of her and wants the best for her.

Overall I feel that the story is well thought out... more>> and the ending + side stories are satisfactory.


I'm still confused how moving the ml's world's solar system helped stop the destruction of his world but that might just be bad mtl

4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
foreverlily rated it
January 12, 2023
Status: Completed
Translator here. Liked the story, mtled the entire thing. It's a simple, sweet novel following our FL Yoora being hit by a truck and then falling into the ML Jihyeok's world. Basically an isekai.

Yoora and Jihyeok's romantic relationship, to me, felt fluffy. I felt single during their cute moments, and my heart broke during the angst moments. Jihyeok, especially during the latter half of the story, can be described as pitiful. He's kind of a loser, actually. The man simps, cries, and grovels for his girlfriend, and the ending ... more>>

makes me realize how dependent he is on Yoora and how much he literally CANNOT function with her around but Yoora also couldn't bare living in a world without Jihyeok that she summons him into her world so it balances out

But I like my mls pathetic. Yoora is a sweet person and her perspective is fun to watch. I like her ideas during the dungeons and how she has a bit of a mean streak. I wouldn't say she's equally as crazy about Jihyeok as he is about her, but she enables his behavior and likes how weird her man is. There were a few side characters that show up and I felt they were fine. They weren't as developed as Jihyeok or Yoora, but they had their backstories explored and we see most of them grow throughout the story and be allowed to be more than just a haha funny character and have their serious moments. Also, no characters looking to destroy the main ship which is always nice.

The ending felt a bit rushed but I've seen worse. I wasn't critically reading every chapter or going back to fact-check every time someone said something, and I have been numbed to mediocre series due to the sheer amount of BAD I've consumed, but I honestly felt it was a fine ending. The side stories were a nice "then what" to the story.

It talks about after Jihyeok comes to Yoora's world. We have him meeting the parents, having to go to the military, deciding to get a job, etc. We get to know what happens back in Jihyeok's world too. Yoora and Jihyeok end up with two kids and are still happily bantering years after their marriage. Jihyeok really calms down and becomes a normal dude, so maybe it really was the apocalypse behind his nasty attitude

2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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