Male Lead! I Have a Restraining Order!


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Pei Wanyue, beautiful and successful Eldest daughter of the Pei family. Was going about her daily life until her friend started acting strange…..

Friend: I won’t let you hurt my favorite character!

Pei Wanyue: ?

Friend: You can’t have the male lead!

Pei Wanyue: ??

Friend: So what if you’re the female lead? I have transmigrated for a reason! I will take your place!

Pei Wanyue, finally fed up: *dials the mental hospital* Hello, there is a schizophrenic patient here-


Male lead: I love you so much that I will **** you and keep you chained in my own little garden

Pei Wanyue: *slowly backs away and pulls out a knife*


He had not known her but ink on paper read in the darkest of nights of his own demons.

“the universe knew how much I long for you to actually exist….”

???: “And the universe knew how much I long to indeed exist and be with you”

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Nán zhǔjiǎo, wǒ yǒuyī fèn xiànzhì lìng!
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