Make a Fortune and Become Well-off [90]


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Reborn back to 1995, Jiang Ning, who had just graduated from junior high school, was asked to drop out and work in the factory.
Working was not an option; Jiang Ning simply wanted to continue her education. To do so, she needed to earn enough money for high school tuition.
Looking at the crayfish crawling everywhere in the field ditch, Jiang Ning carried a cage: “Let’s start getting rich by selling crayfish!”

*Wucheng had two prestigious high schools, side by side, and they had been fierce local rivals for many years. Wucheng No. 1 Middle  School had consistently outperformed Wucheng Senior High School.

Song Peifeng, as the top scorer in the Wucheng entrance exam, handsome and tall, became an unforgettable figure in the memories of numerous female students at Wucheng Senior High School.

Jiang Ning’s performance in the entrance exam was not good. She barely made it into Wucheng No. 1 Middle School with the minimum admission score. However, during the first citywide joint exam, she directly surpassed the top scorer from the rival school, and from then on, in major and minor exams, as well as academic achievements, Song Peifeng couldn’t overturn Jiang Ning’s dominance.

Many years later, during a reunion of Wucheng Senior High School and Wucheng No. 1 Middle School alumni, they discussed the outstanding alumni of their respective schools.
Wucheng Senior High School alumni proudly mentioned their school’s entrance exam top scorer, Song Peifeng. On the other hand, Wucheng No. 1 Middle School alumni highlighted their school’s competition-admitted student, Jiang Ning, and recounted the achievements the two had accomplished over the years.

The alumni of the two schools, separated by a hotel screen, raised their voices to outdo each other, each vying to prove the superiority of their alma mater.
Suddenly, someone weakly raised their hand, pointing towards the entrance: “The outstanding alumni you’re talking about, aren’t those two holding hands at the entrance?”
#A Love Story of Equals#

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Making a Fortune to Live Comfortably (90s)
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Txtlover rated it
May 4, 2024
Status: c30
I'm really enjoying this, I really can't understand the person who rated this 1 star.

This is so well writtened, with complex characters and it shows how much the environment really impacts a person.

The translation is good enough, with small mistakes here and there but it's still readable and the mistakes while annoying sometimes aren't unbearable.

Can't wait for more
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