Magical Queen Taming the Beast


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She was a top agent in her last life, being betrayed by her beloved, she found herself was reborn in a different time and space. She is now in a world where hatching beasts is of the greatest importance, she somehow secures an egg that won’t be hatched for a thousand years.
Black hair and black pupil were symbol of Magic Race. She becomes a black hair and black pupil beauty right after she takes off her ring, does she belong to Magic Race? But the Bright Wizard told her she is the only inheritor of Bright Goddess! So who exactly is she?

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08/06/19 Flying Lines c2
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Sam7 rated it
June 12, 2019
Status: c12
✅ 21st century assassin transmigrated

✅ Reborn into waste noble young missus body

Ok, 12 chapters in and cliches abound.

FL saves a young blind man in forest, we find out he's a prince. 90% chance that this is ML. He's also suffering from an illness that only FL can cure. Huh, sounds familiar.🤔


Predictable, you can see whats going to happen a 100 miles away, I don't know why I expected this story to be any different. Nothing new here. The same story recycled over and over. Yeah, I think I'll pass on this one. Theres nothing wrong with recycling stories but damnnn at least make it different, do it better than it once was, change it up, add depth or something to make it stand out! Well only 12 chapters I read so far, maybe there will be changes from these predictable cliches? Who knows???
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