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A prestigious senior mechanical engineer in the industry, Xu Yi was sent to a world dominated by magic.

In a world with an almost non-existent industrial system, how can Xu Yi display his value?

When magic collides with modern technology, when magic merges with machinery, that is the beginning of this story.

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New Oddwaffle rated it
May 24, 2020
Status: v2c108
This novel had great potential but the author failed at working out a decent world building, working out proper finance and doing enough research.

At first one would think there is a plot but after a while people will notice that pretty much everything outside of a few characters exist to glorify the MC. The author would never explore more about the society and just write whatever to fit the MC path.

At some point, any reader will realize that the amount of money the MC earn is not comparable to what... more>> he spend and the author keeps inventing stuff to fudge over this point.

Lastly, the author just failed at economics but still trying to make up stuff. It really hard to explain but the author assume the economy is infinite and somehow just works like magic even when the MC is causing major chaos in it. At the least, the economy would experiencing liquidity shortage of the MC keeps making and throwing money randomly. <<less
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New FleetingCloud rated it
May 16, 2020
Status: --
The translator site (Veratales) does a decent job at adapting it English, with some minor mistakes, but nothing that will cause your head to hurt.I highly recommend this novel to someone that looks for a smart protagonist that uses his modern knowledge to his advantage.
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tipotato rated it
October 20, 2019
Status: c4
I specially made an NU account just to review here and express my utter disappointment.

Reading the summary, especially "When magic collides with modern technology, when magic merges with machinery, that is the beginning of this story.", I expected to find a gem but instead I found shit.

The premise is great but the execution is so bad I decided to stop by chapter 4.

So basically, the MC has a masters in Mechanical Engineering and he transmigrated in another world. I expected he will use his Engineering knowledge to have an advantage.... more>> But upon chapter 2, you will discover that the MC has no knowledge to speak of.

So see here, in the 2nd chapter, our MC faces his first challenge. The office where he worked at is hot, because making and maintaining a magical Air-con is so expensive. So our MC has this aha moment where he decided to build an electric fan.

And this is where things started to go downhill.

I quote from Chapter 2

"The structure of an electric fan was very simple to a high level mechanical engineer like him and replacing the power source with a Magic Array also wasn’t hard for him. Xu Yi spent less than an hour and he had already finished the Magic Array.

This Magic Array was a primary grade Wind Magic Array, it could simulate low level wind magic and create rotating wind.

Xu Yi now just needed to combine this Magic Array and the structure of the electric fan together to create an electric fan.

Of course, Xu Yi still had many problems to solve.

For example, how fast would the wind of the Magic Array have to be to actually move the electric fan’s blades, replacing electricity in activating the fan?"

See what the problem here.

If you have a magic array that creates rotating wind why need the blades.

Its like the MC doesnt know how electric fan works.

You don't need to be an Electrical Engineer to know that the rotating motor is the cause of the wind. And the rotation is caused by the magnets and the coils inside.

Does the MC think that the wind is the one responsible for the rotation of the blades.

Its like those free energy devices. The wind rotates the fan and the fan produce the winds. [email protected] useless.

If you expect a culmination of magic and technology, you'll be surely disappointed.

If the author continue to put BS in the story at least make it a believable Bs. <<less
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madmanthan21 rated it
October 20, 2019
Status: --
Ive skimmed until chapter 10, and I agree with tipotato 's review, if he has a wind array, why not just get the wind array to blow air through a controller, which he is already using to slow down the wind so that it passes through some blades.

I would like to state this this could be a translation thing, but that seems quite unlikely.

This fan is literally wasting energy.

Also, there are multiple times in the subsequent chapters, where the MC mentions these guys not being... more>> able to understand modern technology......... in reference to a desk fan...

There is nothing modern technology about a desk fan, this has no electrical components, it's not even explained properly how it actually works, but it's using magic, what modern components did he use to make this magical fan?

There is no masters in engineering here, even a child should know that the motor turns the blades and the blades move the air, but in this case he is using a wind magic array, to move the blades, to move the wind... WHAT? <<less
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Felix3D rated it
November 25, 2019
Status: Completed
Don't sleep on this series. It's actually really fun and rewarding. It probably would be best to read the first 130-ish chapters all at once to get a good picture of where the story is going and what the setting is though.

It's a fun, well written story fusing magic, engineering, and CAPITALISM HO! that has nice characters and relatable motivations. It's one of the best chinese webnovels I've come across, reminding me of Cultural Invasion of Another World and Release That Witch. In fact, I'd say it takes the approach... more>> and MC "Flavor" of of Cultural Invasion and merges that with something like the starting Setting/Map of Release That Witch. If you like either of those, you'll probably love this story.

This is definitely one of those hyper-optimistic "Good Capitalism" stories. Basically the story that's told in Colleges about Startups. "Change the world", "Make the cake bigger for everyone", ect. But the author really tries to bring gravity and some social commentary (such as discrimination/racism, s*avery, poverty, education, Gospel of Wealth, ect) into the story in a narratively interesting way. Author is basically trying to make the MC a chinese magical elon musk that doesn't actually feel very chinese at all, if all y'all ABC's like me can get :P.

If you are one of those people that don't believe in the capability of the engineering, don't forget he's literally leading a team of hundreds of craftsmen and basically is an engineer with a good understanding of blueprints. As an engineer myself, and one that worked in startups, I don't think it's unrealistic at all, especially with the timeframes and what is demonstrated (hint: most of the work is done by the magical circles! So complex tasks that may require programming/fine tools can be bypassed with that). Furthermore, don't come into this with modern biases. Harvesters and other "complex" tools were made in the 1800's. Furthermore, we have "simplified harvesters" which could have been replicated with 1600's technology and craftsmanship that were designed later. A lot of mechanical processes and tools we see today all could have appeared centuries earlier if the prerequisite tech was understood... which the MC does understand. In fact, the tech curve is... too flat... imho in this story. It could have been ramped up much quicker. The MC doesn't go into detail of the engineering, and the starting chapters have... optimistic timeframes... but it's clear that things are happening in *months* and *seasons*, not mere days when it comes to development. Yes its optimistic, but don't fall into the "Modernity fallacy" thinking that our predecessors were all idiots. Watch some videos from Townsends and other historical re-enactments and look up historical machines (Check out Clickspring on youtube!). There were amazing solutions in our history when schooling, information, and time were scarce.


Are you someone that wishes Miracle Throne had an MC that was less insufferably smug and that didn't always win? That was learning about the world like the reader was instead of being a timetraveler in the same world but with a supercomputer and everything laid out before him? This is basically that story. It's literally Miracle Throne's setup but with "don't think ancient people were idiots, they were plenty smart they just weren't given the tools" as the premise instead of "One timetraveler that's an insufferably smug xuanhuan protagonist wins everything."

Also, if you frequent AH or other "uplift" discussing forums, you'll know that it's a pretty common belief that you can basically uplift a society to 1930's-1950's technology in a short amount of time, like a few years to a decade, given enough basic resource availability. Mechanical precision and mechanical items are not the hard thing to recreate/uplift, rather it's the opto-lithography needed for electronics and microprocessors (things that need clean rooms) that's the main "Wall".


I get the complaints of a "Smart MC", but I don't see him as a "Smart MC" at all. In fact, he is probably average intelligence at best, and he's definitely not the smartest researcher in the story. He's basically the guy who came with science and engineering textbooks into the middle ages. He is /NOT/ the smartest guy in the room (he gets outwitted many times throughout the story). He is just standing on the shoulders of giants. Basically it's like going into a class of Lit Majors and teaching them about basic calculus. Or, like from my personal experience, going into a room of Salespeople and teaching them the specifics on how our newly developed product worked. I'm not smarter than the salespeople or lit majors, I just know things they don't. And they know more than I do on a lot of other things.

I mean, we already see two sides of this: people saying he's dumb for not being efficient enough/good enough at design, and people saying that he's too good. Just take it as a story with a tech tree. The MC is more of an engineer-CEO rather than a design genius/design firm. This story isn't a blueprint on how to make your own company and how to uplift a magical world, rather it's the story of one character's attempts at bringing about an industrial revolution and *inspiring others* as well as how his personal biases and modern thinking needs to adapt (The MC technically has a major character arc! He doesn't stay the same guy throughout the story becauses He, his business, and his thinking all needs to grow and change!). You'll begin to see the aspects you expect (i.e. how his designs are bad, how much effort needs to go into design, how little or much the MC actually is doing, how the MC is using his knowledge) soon. It's just too early! (That's all in later book one and book two... which brings me to:)

The story is split into books based on different "life stages" of the company. IMHO, the first book and second book are the strongest (expansion in/around Banta city and so on), while it gets less focused narratively as the books go on. But this sorta makes sense, and it's tempered by the fact that as the books go on, the story becomes darker and more politically intriguing. It has the common problem of the MC not really "struggling" hard to earn things, but at the same time when you reframe things to MC's "Actual goal" (I.e. it's not to be a rich dude) then you could argue he suffers great setbacks because of his own shortcomings being a bit socially blind and not the nat-20-in-charisma MC a lot of other stories have, as well as his "Modern" mindset.


What is that goal you may ask? Well...

Dogecoin. That's your first hint.

Ducktales. That's your second.


The chapters/books do go by pretty fast, and it does feel like there is a lack of development sometimes while there's too much dwelling on others, but it's not cringey and the women are written well (which makes me happy as a girl myself). In fact, even the villains become 3 dimensional as we begin to understand them more, and some allies become villains and vice versa - all in a way that makes sense in terms of the geopolitical climate and personal motivations that the prior books spent developing with each character. Nobody, not even the MC, is 100% correct, something the last book handles well with.... well "the inheritors" touching on this subject in their discussions/reflections. The Geopolitical stuff is honestly boring for me, but I know ppl who like darker stuff and intrigue will appreciate it.

The only really bad part is the ending. Literally the Author ran out of steam. No literally he wrote that on the last chapter. He didn't know how to escalate so you have this ending that is more of an "ok...?" sorta like how Cultural Invasion of Another World ends... except with no epilogue.

In fact, it's probably best to stop before reading the last book as I think that's a better endpoint in terms of story arcs/personal arcs.

Like I said, it's a very "optimistic" story and so can come off as naivete, but overall it's quite enjoyable. If this was serious literature, I'd probably give this a 3/5 stars, but this is novelupdates, and using my grading scale based on what I gave other webnovels, this is a 4.5/5, rounded up to 5/5 for a number of good female characters and far less sexism and "precocious perversion" that pervades chinese webnovels currently. <<less
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Edge rated it
November 8, 2019
Status: --
You know when arguing on Reddit or the Internet in general and one dickhead pulls a "I have a degree in engineering" or shits like that to make them look smarter but they're actually just full of shit? Well, this novel is like that. MC is just like one of those dickheads, always acts like he's smarter than others even though his knowledge is less than a middleschooler. It seems like lots of authors have this delusion in their head that they can create a character with intelligence greater than... more>> theirs. Side characters? Sure, as long as the dialogues are paid careful consideration and well-planned ahead. But bluffing the readers over a smart main character when you're s*upid only makes you look dumber. <<less
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GnomeStyle rated it
October 20, 2019
Status: c44
There is nothing interesting in this novel, it is just the main character having everything go exactly like he wanted. There is no suspense in this story and 40+ chapters is only about fans, like for f*cksake... The author doesn't seem to hold much knowledge in this area at all ''wow look we make a screw in 1 minute'', that is how we make the fan! The world is incredibly boring and nothing interesting so far, the fact that magic levels have been mentioned and not even touched is very... more>> disappointing. The characters are alright, much better than arrogant young masters every 2 chapters.

Go read Release That Witch if you want something that exactly what this novel does, but a thousand times better. <<less
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sahs228 rated it
January 19, 2020
Status: c78
well, the concept is novel but very idiotic. Don't read if wanna try the novel.

first of all, industry in a land of magic? Pffft hilarious.

second, there is no knowledge of the world and its state, as the story goes on, by the convenience of the author the world is being explained, which does not makes sense at all.

By the way, IRL, the first achievement of the industrialization of the world was two world wars. But now here, we don't know anything about the political situation of the world. we hear... more>> about a magicians killing people or something but, nothing so far. Very peaceful world which is not something that happens in real situations.

Also, what is the peoples' jobs, which they can pay for these machines? When there is no industries, only farming is present for peasants, what else?

It is not logical, he lives in this world but did not help anyone, but as soon as he was a little hot, he decides to make magic fan? What about that two years that he was living in this world, Every basic needs was not bad but a little heat made him to make stuff.

Basic needs like:

water : how do people get water? Well, creek, lake or magic? Because the first thing that you will want to make is a more convenient way to get water not a fan.

food : in c 40 or so he makes a rice cooker but later says that the people around there does not grow rice. First of all rice cooker is more of an electric appliance than a mechanical one, second of all, he could make a magic oven rather than a rice cooker, very s*upid decision.

health : what is the condition of living of people? How healthy are they? Is there any sickness? Well according, nothing is mentioned so far other than a "hospital" that was there conveniently at c20s or 30s. How is the women's health, because women had poor health situation in olden days, they are more susceptible to disease than men.

wealth: I explained a little. How can a farmer make money when they don't own any land, only nobles have land.

these are some illogical concepts that got to me so far. If you don't think about these stuff it could be entertaining, but then, he came to another world, and still he wants to make another china there. Funny. <<less
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TheBingeReader rated it
February 19, 2020
Status: --
see tipotato's review for what is as accurate as you can get, the MC says he is 1 thing but must be as thick as a plank of wood for all the things he does which makes little sense. The idea behind this is not bad but it is executed terribly, also suffers from copy/paste tropes/syndrome from other novels.

MC is a genious surrounded by morons (but is actually s*upid imho) - Check

Has a s*ave that just loves being the MC's bestest s*ave ever - Check

Soon devolves into a copy/paste of... more>> "Bringing Farm Into Another World" regarding pleasantries/titles/honorifics slapped all over the damned place - (Think nothing of it, please sir after you, no I must insist after you good sir, of course master/sir/chairman/lord/whatever, rest assured this and that) - Check

Has china is the best solutions to everything, such as the almighty rice that just happens to exist, a magic rice cooker (made of iron the MC noted rusts to bits on his fans when wet) - Check

Again as tipotato mentions, the magic is pretty much the solution to all these devices the MC makes, there is almost nothing mechanical about them, if anything they are just dumb frames that carry magic which does all the work for them, his fan doesnt even need blades, it has a formation that already blows wind, its literally wind, blowing a fan blade to blow wind???? His farming plough has poles that hold earth magic which directly parts the land, no or little mechanical stuff even required, the mechanical side is a near redundant gimmick.

Early on you see the MC sit down and think of new ways to use magic and how he meticulously invents new mechanical gadgets (even tho they are pointless placebo), however quite quickly in later chapters the MC abandons all that becuase thats too hard to write, instead he just conveniently whips out a premade earth-like engineering blueprint that fantasy dwarves/etc just happen to be able to follow to build his new stuff. Same applies for magic, the MC does pretty much nothing of worth and has his army of chinese imitation worker drones do all the work for him.

Had the author actually sat down and ran his ideas past a 9 year old first to vet the dumb parts it might have ended up ok, instead he has plot armor and convenience all over the place, this is literally a mash up of Bringing the farm to another world, release that witch and mechanical god emperor, all of which suck bigtime and need 200% suspension of disbelief, a shame really.

If you like a story where the you get to see the MC invent/make new stuff, this isnt for you because he only does that for 1-2 items at the start then never again, same applies to magic, its near never used, he rarely if ever uses it, but because of MC/protagonist reasons, hes just the bestest most powerful ever when required. Basically any progress in magic and machine is done behind the scenes, blueprints and magic formula are just whipped out as solutions every time, it has zero entertainment value. <<less
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Shtirliz rated it
November 11, 2019
Status: v1c59
Lets be frank. Author doesn't know much about machinery, politics or business. MC is very good guy, who think about everyone and do only good deeds. Everyone aroung are good and friendly and even "not so good" people doing their "not so good" deeds only at kids level.

Just think about it - MC first created production of table fans and then just in another month he created production of harvesters. Interesting, did author even once see schematics of harverster?

I cannot read this anymore, novel is simply too s*upid and naive.
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berdanka rated it
December 21, 2019
Status: v1c15
"Magic VS modern technology" stories can be roughly divided into two groups. The first one is where magic is constrained by something so it doesn't generate substantial benefits in terms of industrial advancement while the constraint is still in place (this is the main reason why modern knowledge can play a big role in a technologically outdated world of RTW for example). The second case is where magic can be freely used to circumvent the laws of physics and nothing restricts it, but people keep ignoring it for no reason... more>> until the genius MC arrives.

Sadly, this story is a second case. The author tried to make some weak reason to it that can be summarized to "mages are only interested in destruction and pure magic, so they hate the idea of anything that is not a pure magic appliance." This is the same as to say "people who study electricity despise applying electrical circuits in mechanical engineering just because the only right way to use electricity is to strike your enemy with a bolt of glorious lightning."

I've tried to force my way through the chapters despite how weak the premise is, but the last straw for me was when MC invented the Magic Fan, and mages around were like "wow, very fine control, such a novel way of magic arrays inscribing...", MC changed their minds with a little mechanical trinket and slightly refined magic array just like that. But wait, maybe the real last straw was when MC failed to realize that engineering knowledge gives him an edge over the conventional magicians. It was almost a lucky coincidence that summer's heat sparked MC's engineering journey. How lame an engineer you should be to not even be able to understand the huge perspectives of your own specialization? Did I mention that the author's engineering knowledge is also subpar?

There are other problems, like MC's naivety, immature writing, two-dimensional characters, and so on.

I'm not sure it worth reading. <<less
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GingerMessiah rated it
February 24, 2020
Status: Completed
I would give this novel 2.5 but wavering towards a 3 due to this being his first novel.


  • Business theme in a fantasy world
  • Sensible Male lead (when facing adversity)
  • Weak to Strong Male lead
  • A Male lead who doesn’t kill everyone like chopping up vegetables
  • Loyal and faithful harem
  • Interesting ending with a hint to why he transmigrated to this world in the first place

  • Failure to explain the magic system of the world
  • Male lead seem to be too naive and forgiving even in the face of betrayal
  • Author/Male lead later neglect and stop mentioning his other wives and offsprings
  • Unnecessary info dump about how much things are sold and how much money are made (us Chinese love talking about business and money)
  • The final boss never materialise and the ending of the last conflict is very anti-climatic
If you are interested in a business themed story then this might be for you but you may become bored of it after the first 4-5 volumes.
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Zeikfried rated it
February 14, 2020
Status: c50
Writers can only draw from their own life experiences. This is deriving material directly from the industrialization of China in the 20th century, straight down to the decision to use mechanical fans and factories as the launch pad for the story. Of course it is still an transmigrator webnovel set in a magic fantasy setting, so relevant tropes will apply.

The people 1 starring this story (because author-no-engineer-he-dumb-dumb) are missing the references to China's notorious rise as the manufacturing center of the world and recent entry as a forefront technological innovator.

Granted... more>> the author is obviously rose tinting the fact he is developing sweatshops, monopolies, and the same dystopian capitalist system used in China. Any problems with this system are literally magicked away. But as a what-if-everything-was-perfect wish-fulfillment story? It is pretty good. At least it has a viable gimmick. <<less
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AnonymousNoLife rated it
February 6, 2020
Status: v2c1
T:L:D:R- If your expecting anything more then even less then the bear minimum DO NOT READ. If you expect to have any intelligible thoughts about this novel or wanted to have something that could expand your library of knowledge while also not being a textbook, DO NOT READ. If you don't really care about anything technical at all, and just want a story that goes forward to nowhere. Then I guess i'd recommend it to you.

A utter disappointment to anyone that has more then a double digit IQ or has... more>> even a elementary understanding of how a machine works. Honestly I could look past that, anyone that frequent Web Novels knows there is worse. The shameless cover ups of the shear inadequacy that is this novel by just leaving cliff hangers at the end of anything, that requires even slight intelligence on the subject that could be obtained by just basic research. But NOO, lets not do the utter minimum and go even lower by just not doing it. This entire novel may as well be an example of what NOT to do when your trying to make something enjoyable to read. The author goes out of his way to avoid doing anything hard, by like I said, leaving it out entirely, Anything, AT ALL, where the author would have to try to write something, is left out by a magical piece of paper that just happens to have something on it, SOOOOO agreeable that no one in AnyWayShapeOrForm can disagree with, so they immediately agree with it, so the author doesnt have to try to make the MC seem smart. Or, like I said as well, just Nothing, just a cliff hanger and he ends the chapter right there, only to have whatever it was, seem to never have existed from there on. Any negotiating of any sense in any way? Nope, here comes the godly paper. Any explanation on how anything works in anyway, Nope here comes the Hanger. Dropped Permanently <<less
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gazelle rated it
January 2, 2020
Status: c579
Why is it rated so low? Its so hard to find good and fun novels like this one. I dont understand why are you all expecting the author/MC to be expert in engineering, economics and politics, because if he is, he wouldnt have time to make a novel and be busy to earn lots of money through business etc. These people trying to be smart by degrading others... sigh~

This novel is fun. I dont see harem yet. I like harem.

.... Seems like this novel is not a harem but devoted... more>> to lover because he keeps insisting in 1wife despite the fact that many girls like him. If onesided love from girls, I think it cant be considered harem.

minus 1 star. I hate devoted and dense MC :) feels like reading japanese ln <<less
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BumChikiBum rated it
November 17, 2019
Status: Completed
Even though the way Author made the MC reacts on every maddening situation is so frustrating, overall it's really good novel.

As far as I remember, the first hundred of chapters was really unusual for me. No bloody killing, no madly power up obsession & lack of arrogant young masters. It's all about making money and innovations.

Despite the rush & somewhat ridiculous ending, this novel was really worth my time.
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ManiacEx rated it
May 11, 2020
Status: v2c108
This is a business development slice of life novel, from the point of view of an isekai engineer trying to start an industrial revolution.

The story is relatively interesting, but suffers from a couple major issues, not all of them necessarily the author's fault. First, one of the 'rules' for writing technical information into fiction, if there are such things, is to not write in things that are blatantly or easily proven wrong, unless you also include an explanation for why this is (such as changing the laws of physics). The... more>> usual way of doing this is by not delving into details - like the actual design process - or by substituting fantasy elements; if your fan blades are being spun by magic, you can just say it works rather than trying to fudge in a motor you don't know how to describe. There are sections of the story where this isn't followed and - as plenty of other reviewers have pointed out - falls flat on its face. Could be the author, could be the translator (see below).

Second, specifically affecting the translation and probably not the author's fault, is that technical information is some of the most difficult to translate from Chinese to English, as anyone who's ever read translated assembly instructions can attest. Based on some of the silly mistakes, the translator is either using literal translations that don't work in English, or doesn't understand the meaning behind what they're translating; unfortunately, because this is a novel with technical information, even if its made up, this has a major negative impact on the reading experience. There are also some really weird lines, like how even though a magical machine sells for less than one gold coin, it should still be possible to make seventy golds of profit off each sale. Not sure if this type of error is the author or the translator, but at the very least, somewhere an editor isn't catching it.

The story itself is moderately interesting, but the above issues turn the read into a slog on disturbingly regular basis. A good editor would help immensely. <<less
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tides rated it
April 20, 2020
Status: v1c1
this book is tr*sh but not for the reasons that most of the other reviewers have stated.

they themselves have no clue how a fan works.

the blades and rotor is the most important part of a fan and while there is already a wind revolving magic array, it is not a fan because it does not blow air in one direction. It is the blades that determine how the wind travels, similar to how a plane flies.

however it should also be noted that the author himself is writing nonsense when it... more>> comes to the tech so they are right in this sense and the story stops talking about the inventions very quickly which is a letdown.

but what frustrates me more is how the MC steps into the role of a merchant and tells everyone that the worldview of a merchant is fact when he acknowledges that this is similar to a medieval world where nobles often abuse their power.

he tells the elves and dwaves that the humans will not ens*ave them or abuse them if they are beneficial but just a few weeks ago, his personal "s*ave" (who he considers family) was almost kidnapped by nobles who wanted her.

magic is another frustrating point of this novel. Magic is hard to learn blahblahblah but the MC never learns magic and when he uses it, it is a spell that just appeared and it's really strong.

the story also then becomes politics when he has no political power.

in short, don't read this. <<less
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pipen53 rated it
February 9, 2020
Status: --
There are so many things wrong with this novel, if you looked past the surface and just think a tiny bit you would find them.

Issue's just pop out from nowhere and are just contrived by the author to give filler chapters.

I could write a whole essay on all the things wrong with this novel. However I wont, the novel is better than 1 star but not by much.
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moneng85 rated it
January 7, 2020
Status: Completed
This is awesome, the heck?

This novel isnt even about fighting in the firstplace, not the usual you-disgust-me-i-kill-you novel nor the i-shall-breakthrough-breakthrough-breakthrough-breakthough-the-cultivation-levels. If the novel isnt to your expectation at least rate it within common sense, with the quality of the translation and the source material, the least I can rate this novel is either a 3.5 or even a 4, and the most I can give it is a 5.

Not deserving its 3.3

Dont immediately downvote a good novel just because it doesnt suit your taste.
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ronishamay rated it
October 13, 2019
Status: v1c24
It's a pretty interesting novel introducing magi-tech to a magical world by an engineer,
so far it's a slice of life and management combo, the MC is a pleasant non-confrontational person who is aware of his lack of power and seeks to improve his standing as well as introduce the world into a new magitech industrial revolution...
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tacticshield rated it
February 6, 2020
Status: v8c118
At the time of writing this review, I've read the English translation up to c1v137, but if you didn't know, you are able to read a version online translated by machine which I was interested enough in doing. The progression of the story is amazing and I am looking forward to the rest of the human translation in order to flesh out the details more clearly. When you get to halfway through the final volume, the author doesn't give as much detail to events that they have shown previously is... more>> possible. Although I enjoyed the progression of the story up to that point, after that certain point in the story, I felt that the author fast forwarded the story in order to give an open ending that gives an opportunity for more stories in the future. <<less
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