Lost Treasure


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A disappearing gold mine. An old family secret. An army officer carrying a grudge spanning two generations.

As a small time reporter at the local newspaper, Shen Yu already had enough on her plate. Biased managers, check. Long, brutal work hours, check. The department beauty snatching her big story opportunity, check. But now another problem has reared its head and it comes packaged in a young and attractive military officer. He is on the hunt for some legendary space gold and he will get her to help him, whether she likes it or not.

Secrets are abound and Shen Yu soon finds that not everything is not as simple as it seems. Even her own past becomes questionable the more time she spends on the quest. Events from decades ago are rising up to haunt her and she needs to find out the truth before it’s too late. If only she had a better partner.

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Agrotera rated it
September 12, 2018
Status: c35
I'm not good at writing reviews but I think this story is underrated.

(currently at ch. 35)

The MC is a smart hardworking girl. She isn't op smart and sometimes may act a little stupid/ irrational but it doesn't seem out of place, she is a human with emotions after all. I on the contrary like it that the characters not always act reasonable but out of an emotion. The interactions between her and her companions often have a comical touch.

The story develops rather slow but it seems reasonable... more>> as she has to carefully search for the hints to solve the mysteries (the gold, her family, the real identities and the goals of the people around her) and doesn't get everything presented on a silver plate.

I would rate this novel somewhere between 4-5 stars.

[I cant't understand though why someone would give it a one star rating? I can't see any dealbreakers as abusive/rapey ML's, or the MC's turnig from fearless and badass former assasin into total Mary Sue's... I'm not blaming anyone I just genuinly would like to know why] <<less
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King0Mik rated it
October 15, 2018
Status: c58
The story itself isn't amazing IMO, but it's surely not deserving of all the 1* reviews. I think it's really more of a 4* novel.

Overall, the story follows the perspective of Shen Yu whose life has more or less been thrown into chaos when the military enlists her as a reporter since she might be useful in finding a gold mine. She discovers that there are many mysteries surround her past and tries to solve them all.

The story leaves the reader with the same murky knowledge that Shen Yu obtains,... more>> which could leave many confused. The ending serves to tie up and clarify several loose ends. The author gives some of Shen Yu's own conclusions as well as several other clues, which allow the reader to piece together a rough picture of the information. I felt that perhaps, a more blatant, direct stating of the facts would have been more effective.

These are my guesses about the story:

Uncle Wang (neighbor in SY's village hometown) and Yun Jin (SY's adoptive mother) gave birth to Tang Can.
Shen Bai (SY's adoptive father) and his wife (never really mentioned in the story) gave birth to Mazha.
Yu Dangqing and Song Geng's daughter gave birth to Shen Yu.

Abu Lizi (The Desert Fox) stole from the military, but Yu Dangqing gave him a second chance by having Abu Lizi guide the military through Lop Nor.
Yu Dangqing is friends with Shen Bai and is known as Eagle.
Uncle Wang, Shen Bai, and Yu Dangqing are involved in an expedition where they find a map. Half ends up in Yu Dangqing's hands, and half eventually ends up in Old Man Yun's hands.

Shen Bai kidnaps Tang Can, likely because he is threatened by Uncle Wang and Yun Jin.
Yu Dangqing is dying, and Song Geng's daughter does not want to disappoint him with a daughter. She contacts Shen Bai, and Shen Yu is exchanged for Tang Can.
The military leader in charge of Yu Dangqing adopts Tang Can, who everyone believes is Yu Dangqing's son, in honor of Yu Dangqing.
Mazha is kidnapped by Uncle Wang and Yun Jin. Mazha becomes acquainted with Old Man Yun.
Somehow, Shen Bai and Yun Jin end up raising Shen Yu together.


The romance in the story isn't quite so believable to me. It feels like the ML has always been in love with Shen Yu, but no explanation is given. It doesn't feel like he developed feelings for her, but then again, we only get Shen Yu's side of the story.

Zhang Fei is really annoying, and every time it seems that she should disappear, she somehow ends up staying. She is a pretty one-dimensional cannon fodder type of character. <<less
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Miumiu rated it
February 24, 2019
Status: c58
l loved the candle in the tomb series and started this novel with much anticipation. But this was quite disappointing. The story was confusing and nothing much is explained even till the end. This looks more like a prequel. Not much of romance either.. The two stars are for the translator you worked very hard
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