Long Summer, Late Awakening


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‘Your Fangs are Perfect for Biting My Glands’ Sub-CP storyline!

Indifferent younger Alpha × Teasing and seductive beauty Omega.

Yu Yang felt that the summer after graduating from high school was too long.

That omega, who claimed to like him and wanted to pursue him after just one meeting, left the country after spending a few months together. He only left behind a red envelope for further education and a simple note.

Four years later, Jin Wuqi returned to the country, standing in front of him with a smile. It was as if nothing had happened.

But Yu Yang didn’t want to repeat the same mistakes.

“You are a rose, the moon, the ocean. And you are also the wall filled with all the ironic past of my eighteen years of age.”

“The flowers you gave me have been stored away. They won’t grow beautifully again, having long withered.”

It was a reunion after a long separation, mutual torture, and melodramatic past.

WARNING: Omega has been marked.

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Long Summer Awakening
Zhang Xia Xing Chi
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New FrostyDragon rated it
July 10, 2024
Status: c36
This one is pretty badly written. Super dogblood melodrama, the author gave away the main point of miscommunication/plot twist from the beginning (about the shou being already marked by someone else), and the characters were written as one-dimensional and most of the time brainless.

It's a shame, because I're read some of the author's other works, which are a lot better. This one is basically just the author describing how every single event happened, with attempts of a bit of flowery language here and there.

The ML annoyed me because he acts... more>> selfish (yes he's a victim, but he should either have come clean to the MC when he returned, or stayed away). The MC literally r*pes the ML, plus one time dubcon that's very questionable and definitely have some strong noncon elements, such as:


forcibly imp**gnating the ML against his will - ML does apparently decide afterwards that he wants the baby (happens off-screen so his thought-process isn't revealed), but he did not consent to getting imp**gnated and told the MC he didn't want it


The author dismisses the r*pe afterwards as the MC just being influenced by his anger because of all the misunderstandings (read: ML's shitty behavior - doesn't excuse r*pe though).

This is a side-story to You Fangs Are Perfect for Biting My Glands, and I suspect both stories are early works by the author, as they're both badly written (YFAPBMG is a bit better than this one, just gets boring after a short while), but the romance come off as unrealistic because the characters are underdeveloped. The smut felt tagged on and was quite awkward, because the MC goes from hating and ignoring the ML to jumping into bed with him the next second, repeatedly. <<less
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New Bbsnugs rated it
July 1, 2024
Status: Completed
A nice sub story, so glad they got their happy ending. JW really went through a lot and YY also had his troubles of never getting over JW. I’m glad they both never stopped loving each other after all that time. Their child was also very cute.
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Dooshik kitty
Dooshik kitty rated it
June 18, 2024
Status: --
I absolutely loved it, it's one of the best abo I have read (not an exaggeration) a green flag honest doting alpha 😭 x flirty nd super sweet strong and venerable omega (who doesn't need anyone to protect him, yet he does 😭) I absolutely loved their journey, I can happily say Jiaoyu to this one 😁
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