Live Stream Kidnapping of a Female Celebrity


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One day, Xu Mo got off work as usual and heard some noise coming from the trunk. He opened it and saw a female celebrity tied up and stuffed in the trunk!

Little did he know, countless cameras were aimed at him at this moment – this was a new type of reality show.

The first randomly selected passerby was caught in less than an hour.

But when Xu Mo was selected, things started to take an unexpected turn.

“Damn, this isn’t how the script goes. This Xu Mo is too bold, he’s not following the rules at all.”

“Crap, is this guy taking it seriously?”

“The female celebrity has been scared to tears!”

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Scheming and audacious guy staying a step or two ahead of his pursuers while accompanied by a slightly silly and spoilt but otherwise good-natured accomplice.

Story is fun, but the translation seems... a little careless. They translated 'it was none of his business' as 'A woman without melons is innocent'.

It also requires some degree of suspension of disbelief to enjoy (behaviour of government, Hollywood hacking, realities of life etc.), but try it if you're alright with it being more of a comedy than a thriller.
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Nameless Marauder
Nameless Marauder rated it
February 4, 2024
Status: c542
OK. I'm not in the sense of writing reviews, but I felt this one needed one for clarifications

This novel deserved to have two sets of stars, one for the first part and another for the second.

For the first part I rate this novel on 4.5 stars, the story is interesting and give a smart approach to a novel based on something like "catch me if you can", Xu Mo our protagonist goes on doing real clever moves always being at least one step ahead on the people chasing him, and... more>> you feel invested on his story. The settings of the world follow a land most riddled of serious crimes, that can afford the police force to venture on silly situations as the one they are forced to encounter due to the actions of the protagonist, everything is light-hearted to some extent, and there's a good addition of comedy here and there. You feel the author invested some consideration to this segment of the novel there's a clever approach to everything the MC does, and even when he is cornered, he finds some ingenuous way of escaping and eluding those who were pursuing him, The initial idea is this is some sort of novel geared on the adventures of a clever MC and an impromptu harem he is given out of nowhere, and yet the MC makes thing work out somehow.

The second part of the novel I will rate at 3 stars, once the story shift from 'Catch Me If You Can' to 'Law and Order', the entire world suffer a shift in seriousness, crime rises in a constant, mu*der and theft are around the corner and Xu Mo becomes a sort of detective to the police force, lots of situations arise, depictions of gruesome mu*ders and bold criminals. The author still tries to add some elements of comedy here and there, as well keeping the touches on the romance going with the harem Xu Mo got on the first part.

Sadly nearing the 500th chapter. I think the Author lost the drive at some point because the story gets a lot more nonsensical nearing its end, leaving lots of loose ends and a heavy feeling of a rushed ending. The harem gets dismantled without a warning and he ends up with one girl only, with no mention of what happened to the rest. In all honesty this is a good story. There are good elements to it, just its end wasn't as satisfying as the entire story up to this point.

I still recommend you to read it, and if you don't like to read gruesome events and the depiction of mu*ders read up to the point he gets the 'Detective Conan Physique' and stop there and move on to another novel. <<less
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