Little Translator Asking For Wage


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Clueless worker works for the wrong person and becomes a personal s*ave of the Great Demon King boss. Comparing it to graduating only to face unemployment, the worst part is still being deceived into doing unpaid work.

From that point on, Wen Jiaxuan embarks on the arduous path of seeking unpaid wages. Hoping to reclaim hard-earned money, he never expected to become the personal lackey of the big boss himself.

Wen Jiaxuan: Give back my money!

Wu Zehao: Money? Work first.

Wen Jiaxuan: Boss, I’ve finished my tasks.

Wu Zehao: Good, now go warm the bed.

Wen Jiaxuan: Huh?

One-sentence synopsis:

Naturally clueless worker in his charming ways, so the chief editor takes a forceful stance in teaching life lessons

Sophisticate/Workaholic/Chief Editor x Clueless/Working Class/Translator

1v1, HE (Happy Ending)

⚠️ The ‘bottom’ character is genuinely clueless; so for those who don’t like it, advise to not read.

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New periperi rated it
November 3, 2023
Status: Completed
4.5 stars

This was a cute read that didn't drag. Dense protagonist usually goes 2 ways. Annoying or cute. Luckily, this went the cute and funny route. It's a borderline comedy especially at the beginning that I almost feel bad for ML. MC was really over the top naive at times but that's just his character set up and it doesn't really get annoying.

MC is dense for sure but the plot moved faster than I expected.

Not sure if I should have been worried about power dynamics (since ML was technically his boss) but it was more of a cute relationship (it was established that ML was more like doing charity by taking in MC).


The plot is really more on their relationship than anything else and was what I was here for.

Also it was kind of explicit? Or was it just where I was reading it?


For once I'm not sure what to feel about the side CP because they have a happy end too but I don't particularly feel for them.

MC's friend with ML's friend. Because it started so messily with ML's friend thinking that they were just friends with benefits while MC's friend had genuine feelings. So ML's friend had to do SO MUCH groveling. I actually thought that MC's friend should really kick him to the curb. Because they didn't seem very compatible. Probably where the minus 0.5 stars is for me.


Overall it's a very cute and funny story.
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