Lights Don’t Go Out in the Annex


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An outbuilding entered by chance.
The man was completely naked, not even wearing a single piece of clothing.
Leeseo’s jaw dropped.

… … Oh my god.

The thick pillar positioned between the man’s legs was still ere*t even when pointed downward.
It was the size of a person’s forearm.
A languid voice flew like an arrow and struck her ear.

“You’re staring too much. Does my d*ck look so tempting?”

When Leeseo reluctantly opened her tightly closed eyes, it was still there.
A hideously large penis, that is neither lacking in length nor thickness


The moment their eyes met, Taegyeom’s intense gaze seemed to engulf Leeseo completely.
It was a fierce kiss that swept everything away like a violent typhoon pounding against the window.

– Leeseo clenched the hand that was reaching out to him into a fist. She didn’t need to fall any deeper for this dangerous yet captivating man.

Whether it was the flotsam of emotions this man carelessly let out or a sinister habit that aroused the vindictiveness of the women he lured into his bed.

– Taegyeom felt it. Once he had tasted this enchanting flavor, there was no going back to what it was before.

Whether it was a poisoned apple or the dark allure that led him to destruction, once it fell into his hands, it was now his possession to devour.

Associated Names
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Outbuilding Don't Light Up
The Annex Never Goes Dark
별채에는 불이 꺼지지 않는다
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