Life Wizard’s Uprisal ~ The Oppressed Life Wizard Does as He Pleases ~


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The present age where magic and dungeons exist. I was born with a talent for life magic. It is also the highest rank S. However, life magic is said to be useless. One day I got a Sage system in a dungeon. Only a Sage can create new magic, I became one. From that day on, my journey started.

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Rise of the Life Wizard
Seikatsu Mahoutsukai no Gekokujou
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4 Reviews

Jun 27, 2022
Status: c522
A nice, easy to read novel. If you enjoy modern-turned-fantasy novels with dungeons and magic, you will enjoy this novel. As the current 'translator' I don't think I'm doing the novel justice, but at least it should be readable.
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zloi medved
zloi medved
Dec 23, 2022
Status: c100
Genuinely not a very good novel. The author is the type that will introduce some kind of rule or logic to the world and then immediately discard it, characters consistently make choices that go against common sense all for the sake of bending the plot in the way the author wants/needs it to go, and the extent to which prejudice exists starts to defy reason at some point. Especially as it becomes increasingly clear that the reason Life Magic is considered so bottom tier is because no one in the... more>> world has a functioning brain. The whole conceit of the novel is "Life Magic can be used in fights if you just use it in this very obvious and simple way" and apparently in the history of magic nobody caught on to it, which beggars belief.

The stronger focus of this novel is, in my opinion, in growth and magic development. The growth story is mid because it's just the exact same as any other fantasy dungeon dive story of this nature (MC goes into dungeon, fights strong enemies, levels up). It's relaxing in its predictability and there's no sense of tension given the story is going to end if the MC dies so there's no stakes...

MC can invent spells, but doesn't really create anything interesting or inventive. It's just weaker knock-off versions of Attack Magic. There's also just a frustrating lack of clarity on how the magic works (the translator is doing a great job, the author themselves just kinda skimped on details). Life Magic is magic that can create solid things out of condensed particles, basically, but only to the level of like a basic cantrip in TTRPG terms. You can create a blade to hit things with, but at level 1 it on't does as much damage as maybe a papercut. Yet there's a different magic that can cut through the wool of one of the most notoriously high defence monsters in a certain dungeon. Although the MC constantly re-iterates how Life Magic is useful if you "just use ingenuity", such as using that spell to cut through the high-defence wool of the monster to expose them, we rarely actually see that happen. MC just powers up basic brute force attack spells like the magic arrow or magic blade spells until they do damage.

So yeah, not so much a story about being inventive and creative with magic as it is about just making basic vanilla spells and powering them up until they're useful. (There was a funny part where MC was teaching a martial artist attack Life Magic and the guy ended up executing the spells in a way more practical and inventive way than the MC. Like... dude.)

Also it's a harem story. I started reading it because it WASN'T tagged harem (it's just not my bag, chase your bliss though), but it is a harem story. Basically any male character the MC encounters -> condescending to outright abusive toward him for no real reason, never changes their mind that he sucks. Any female character the MC encounters -> ends up sparkly eyed obsessed over him after one conversation. And then female characters EXPLICITLY express they have a crush on him. It's harem.

Not saying this as a criticism, purely as a heads up to any readers due to the lack of harem tag (as of writing this review).

There's nothing wrong with a low-key, braindead, power fantasy harem story to read and chill to. As the translator themself said: easy to read. Which is what you're looking for in a story sometimes. I myself am still gonna keep reading on unless it does something really s*upid. It's just good to temper expectations. Lord knows it's not the WORST webnovel out there. <<less
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Jul 15, 2022
Status: C40
I've only read up to chapter 25, so I might update my review another time. So far this is an interesting story with leisurely, short chapters. The discrimination and close-mindedness of many characters is a little annoying, but if you like reading "here, let me show you how wrong you are, " moments you'll get some of those. I hope this doesn't become the author's main focus though. The MC genuinely works hard to improve and increase his abilities, and I like the rather unique magic/ability categories. Definitely different from... more>> the typical elemental divisions of magic.

BTW I think the current transtor is doing an excellent job. 👏 Update last read chapter 40: I'm happy to say although there's still that irritating discrimination focus, it's obviously being worked through as the story slowly progresses, and the MC is starting to push back. <<less
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Aug 20, 2023
Status: c235
I think this is a good read. However, the progression is pretty meh and may bore you. Though I am glad there is progression.

What the best part of this novel is probably the magic system. It's not the best, but pretty interesting to an extent. Then again, it does get repetitive.

Honestly, the reason why I read so far was cuz of the mention of a harem (which I like). You can say there is... but there's no romance. Nada. None. They do have the slightest hints of interest, but that's... more>> it. They're not even obsessed. Rather all characters will go through the same phase in doubting MC and seeing him in a good light until he finally gains a good reputation. I think he spent more times with dudes than with the girls.

In the end, this is the kind of read where you have to find out yourself if it's for you. But, I say it definitely worth a try of you like magic and the grind. <<less
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