Life Wizard’s Uprisal ~ The Oppressed Life Wizard Does as He Pleases ~


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The present age where magic and dungeons exist. I was born with a talent for life magic. It is also the highest rank S. However, life magic is said to be useless. One day I got a Sage system in a dungeon. Only a Sage can create new magic, I got it. From that day on, my journey started.

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08/05/22 DiablomarvTL c26-30
07/14/22 DiablomarvTL c21-25
07/14/22 DiablomarvTL c16-20
06/29/22 DiablomarvTL c11-15
06/29/22 DiablomarvTL c6-10
06/26/22 DiablomarvTL c1-5
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Diablomarv rated it
June 27, 2022
Status: c522
A nice, easy to read novel. If you enjoy modern-turned-fantasy novels with dungeons and magic, you will enjoy this novel. As the current 'translator' I don't think I'm doing the novel justice, but at least it should be readable.
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cdavisqc rated it
July 15, 2022
Status: c21-25
I've only read up to chapter 25, so I might update my review another time. So far this is an interesting story with leisurely, short chapters. The discrimination and close-mindedness of many characters is a little annoying, but if you like reading "here, let me show you how wrong you are, " moments you'll get some of those. I hope this doesn't become the author's main focus though. The MC genuinely works hard to improve and increase his abilities, and I like the rather unique magic/ability categories. Definitely different from... more>> the typical elemental divisions of magic.

BTW I think the current transtor is doing an excellent job. 👏 <<less
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