Liar’s Lips Fall Apart in Love


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The dull lonely man and the cultured sparkling woman.

Where will the mismatched pair’s youthful campus life lead to—?!

Souhei Sagara, a university student who champions the solitary lifestyle, lives next to the sparkling and fashionable beauty, Haruko, in his run-down apartment.

Haruko seemed like a creature from a different world compared to the drab Sagara. However, she actually was… a plain girl with no makeup who had successfully made her dazzling university debut!

Upon learning her secret, Sagara decides to help the defenseless Haruko to maintain his solo living.

“If you can become a sparkling girl, you won’t need to involve me anymore, right?”

“Sagara-kun, you’re so stubborn…”

If her true face is revealed, will her rosy campus life crumble for sure?!

The fate of the dull lonely man and the cultured sparkling girl’s unaligned youthful days—?!

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kitsunamugen rated it
April 10, 2024
Status: v1c4 part7
This is a pretty well done drama (so far) between a plain girl having a college debut and a loner guy with an apparent (and as yet not explored in the translation) difficult family past, trying to meet and come together.

the pacing has been good, and the characters decently written and distinct. Some people might find the MC too gloomy and rigid, but he's not BAD, just stiff and we're just starting to explore his past to find out why.

Its interesting enough that I'm genuinely looking forward to finding out... more>> what happens next. Can't pay it a higher compliment than that. <<less
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