Let’s Play Minecraft in a World of Swords and Spells


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Dying from a heart attack when playing Minecraft was definitely not the way I thought I would die.

Being reincarnated afterward was also not what I thought would happen.

But I guess having another chance at life is a great thing! Now, how am I going to live in this world of Swords and Spells?

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July 11, 2023
Status: v2c0
Reads less like a novel and more like someone's wish fulfillment diary. Literally first chapter talks about how their a fat geek and he keeps emphasizing this point. They keep talking to themselves and monolueing sometimes breaking the 4th wall

The first few chapters are a huge info dump on Minecraft mechanics. Not that it matters when they adjust things to their liking. In Minecraft, a player has 36 slots. The author here decided to increase it to 40 for whatever reason stating that it's basically like Minecraft. Obviously somehow the... more>> authors Minecraft mods also made it through the reincarnation so I won't be surprised if they made up reasons for abilities you can't find in base Minecraft.

"Currently I have only discovered these two. Maybe some of the other mods I installed made it into this world. But I have yet to discover them"

Just means the author plans to pull other non Minecraft abilities out of nowhere. There's no buildup or sense of foresight in building up the character. The pacing is pretty terrible. Seems to jumps round a lot. He would mention something and then go off on a tangent to say later oh I'll talk about this again later. The author even gives an excuse as to why he does time skips


Yes, the last chapter happened two years ago, but I'm not good enough to write about the childhood arc, hence the time skip

Chapter 6 excerpt


Well if you're not good enough to write the childhood arc.. Then why are you writing at all about it? It seems to add nothing and feels like the character should've been able to be much better built up considering how many years they had the ability

The author also somehow only starts with 64 redstone but even after creating a lot of red stone circuitry still has a ton left considering he can't harvest it in the new world so that's another inconsistency <<less
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