Goshujin-sama to Yuku Isekai Survival!


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The next thing I knew I was somewhere that was clearly not Earth! Why! I don’t know why I’m here!

But I have to survive anyway. Even if I stay silent, I’ll be thirsty, I’ll be hungry, and I might run into some dangerous creatures.

Oh, I can use the crafting menu from minecraft!? Somehow if I can focus on it, the keyboarding works too! There was a time for me too when I thought I had won.

Some unknown creature to be encountered! A violent person who attacked me in my sleep! Sub-humans with a grudge against humans! Oh, yes, s*ave and protection, whatever you want to do. I will work hard, master.

This is a story about a main character who loves survival type PC games and suddenly wanders into another world and fights to survive with his ferocious but beautiful and cute master.

Associated Names
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Capture A Different World With The Power Of Craft Games
Craft Game No Nouryoku De Isekai Kouryaku
Different World Survival to go with the Master!
Kurafutogēmu No Nōryoku De Isekai Kōryaku
Survival in Another World With My Master
Survival in Another World with My Mistress! (LN)
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New dsdasfaf
June 29, 2022
Status: --
His power can be summed up to rewriting reality with game reality. Whether it is food that heals the body, crafting or even his body movement. The problem with this is that most things he uses only work because of his ability. I would not be supprissed if they cut through a forge and found it was just a solid block or that the gun has no internal workings to fire. What happens if he dies, does everything he made return to the world logic and collapse or will it... more>> be a pile of useless material to anyone elese. <<less
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hawlol rated it
May 4, 2021
Status: c54
The MC's minecraft like power is too illogical. The characters recognize this all the time, but that doesn't make it any better.

A good magic system must follow some set of rules, but here it's just whatever the author wants at the time. It betrays the crafting rules the ability set itself with by doing s*upid and illogical things:

... more>>

Blocks that defy gravity. Making a water bucket and infinite water coming out of the bucket, so he uses this cheat to provide entire cities with water. An ingredient becomes another totally different, like a carrot becoming lettuce. Making gunpowder from poop, etc.


It's also overpowered and 50 chapters in he's already making guns, cannons and grenades. By then the system doesn't matter anymore and he just can do whatever.

There's no progression. For example, potions: One day he gains an alchemist bench and could make life potions that worked like elixirs, cure disease and cure poison potion that worked on any disease or poison. All with common and unnamed herbs. Broken or deformed limb? Make a splint with common wood and the limb instantaneously becomes health again! It's not a crafting cheat. It's a 'do whatever the MC wants at the time' cheat.

At first it was going towards a romance with the FL, but then it went towards the harem route. While that's not great the problem was the MC being r*ped with the FLs help and everyone acting like it's all right because he's male. Btw he literally said he didn't want anyone but the FL, so it was really against his wishes.


The female lead puts him to sleep with magic for several nights while a different harpy has her way with him and he doesn't remember the next day. Even worse. It's half bestiality and group r*pe.


I liked the premise but the development of this novel was disappointing. <<less
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TypeFantasyHeart rated it
November 23, 2020
Status: c129
The novel started being written on 2018/08/17 and to date, it has released 313 chapters, about once every 2-3 days and the manga is currently being drawn at chapter 8 and translated. it's already at chapter 6, it's awesome.

The waifu is a dark elf busty babe and its seems that it will be a harem. Imagine Minecraft abilities... ALL abilities as rotten as they are in reality XD. CHOP trees in a second, get wood already dried, build a fortress in a day (destroy an enemy fortress by removing blocks... more>> from below lol), make weapons and armor in a few min, etc... Not to mention alchemy for reason... Hehehe. There is even an achievement system and one of them was "Get a waifu" and another was "Get laid" and another "Get laid with an elf" I died right there xd. You can check the manga <<less
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user2099 rated it
June 19, 2021
Status: c30
The main character has a thing for being treated like sh*t and turned into a s*ave, but he insists he isn’t a masochist. If you are fine with a doormat the rest of the story seems okay but not spectacular. I liked the building and wanted to stick with it, but the fetish content was getting too out of hand. I eventually came to hate every character including the MC and realized it wasn’t worth it.

... more>>

The bit*h of a female lead used a real s*ave collar when she told MC to pretend to be one for his own protection. Even after doing so he almost got stoned to death because she left him alone with a bunch of animals that hated humans (probably on purpose to make him more malleable). Afterwards, he decides to move past it and use his powers to save those same animals. Even then, only after seeing proof that he is an otherworlder and not related to the humans they hate do the animals decide that he can be a free man. Then the MC proudly declares that he wants to stay a s*ave.


I didn’t even bother finishing the chapter. <<less
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gottesurteil rated it
April 7, 2021
Status: c38
So this review is going to be weird. I was attracted by the stellar reviews and tags, checked out the manga, and happily moved on to read the actual story. And for the vast majority of those 38 chapters I read, I thought this was great. All the reviews are right, with a great MC, interesting powers, and all the other bonuses (hot busty dark elf waifu included).

... yet I actually felt the last few chapters (35-38, where I'm at) that the story was quickly going to go to sh*t.... more>> The minecraft-esque powers are all well and good... for a gamer playing a game. In the 'real world', it quickly becomes evident that this is either poorly written with no grasp for consequences, or a power-wank that ignores those consequences. So just poorly written in general? The author throws nods to what this power would do to the economy, yet promptly decides to drop the topic and never resolve it. While there are starving refugees to deal with, problems can be left behind, for sure, but now that we've left the 'starting area' (and I mean that both ways), consequences have to matter. Like what his various abilities mean to the economy when other people have jobs, or how he can make National Treasure grade items in <4 hours (of complete afk timers), or what happens when he introduces items only can make, repair, and stock ammunition for, and then makes an entire population dependent on him.

Oh, you thought I meant guns! Nope, I'm talking about crossbows and mythril weapons!

... oh wait, I lied. Not a few chapters later, his broken-a$$ powers have him making guns. There is literally nothing I hate more than some Japanese otaku introducing guns to a fantasy land just because Reasons.

**[Though to be fair, his power is literally 'handwaving bullsh*t', so he can at least make them via magic rather than in most isekai where they straight up ignore how difficult it actually is to machine guns and bullets. Bullets are literally machined with micro-precision, and even then they can be screwed up and cause jams and explosions. I hate how many isekai just willfully ignore all that stuff while trying to be 'realistic'. Here at least his power actually IS bullsh*t, and everyone acknowledges that.]**

Then he makes grenades and swivel cannons. Oh, he's also making them for the waifu, to reclaim her country. This is not in defense of refugees, he's literally making weapons of war to be used to kill sapient creatures in a conflict he has nothing to do with, without even knowing which side is 'just' (if there is such a thing, of course).

So yeah, I have really mixed feelings about this. For the first 30-ish chapters I thought this was fun, then the author started to go off the rails. We're not totally off the rails YET, so I can only rate this on what I've read, but the last few chapters have nearly completely undone my hope for this series. I literally dread where this is going.

So yeah, 4 stars for now, would've been 5* about 5 chapters prior. I may come back and edit this on whether my fears were justified or not. <<less
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January 17, 2021
Status: c7
I don't like how he is so over the top with showing all his skills. He doesn't know anything about her motivations, yet he shows everything way too fast. Her questions is very specific and she is clearly not "just curious" in her questions. Just the storage alone is a big enough positive to not get rid of him. Imagine easily bringing a lot of resources from forest to village. That alone is a lot. But if he wants to show a little more, he should've just showed making bricks... more>> or just fiber a little later. Very basic things and still useful in construction of any village. He would be one of the most useful guys in village just with that. Showing her making more complicated things like standing hammock and worse, iron processing without knowing the full situation and her plans was a big no from me. I know everything always turns out alright in story, but I always yearn for a more calculating MC in these isekai stories and I almost never find the right one.

EDIT: Chapter 16

Yeah, He has way too low of a self esteem. I don't like how he repeatedly insist on being a s*ave and is so happy about it. I don't like this guy. <<less
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June 24, 2021
Status: c191
Very good story, Interesting premise.

Currently reading on syosetu

Mostly a fun hram building adventure. The culture represented makes the Hram building much more natural and not just our MC has a Hram all of the other male characters are expected to have multiple partners and accept and support widows.

... more>> The modded minecraft vibe eventually kind of fades to the background as war against the Holy Kingdom progresses. Becomes more of a discussion about the balance of defeating your enemies and getting revenge vs living with the survivors after.

Kind of like should nukes be used

I don't really agree with some of the conclusions and worry but I get where the MC is coming from and I think multiple arguments are well represented.

Would recommend!

May update when I get to the current postings <<less
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ruth1ess rated it
September 21, 2021
Status: c122
Premise, your typical isekai world except your special power is that you basically have access to a modded Minecraft's menu and tools.

I think this story is a solid 3/5, but I'm rating it a 4/5 because I unironically enjoy reading this. Even though it is a bit mediocre, it is a comfy read. The story flows nicely, there isn't anything that is jarring, and the MC isn't your usual meek Japanese guy that creates a harem but don't touch any of them.

If you enjoy isekai stories, I think you'll like... more>> this. I will admit that there are far better stories out there. This is a novel that I recommend if you don't already have a huge backlog of novels to get through <<less
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omegadir rated it
September 16, 2021
Status: c50
Mediocre in every way possible. Nice guy protagonist who helps because others were kind to him, oppressed nonhuman species who all good, evil empire and nobles who are a**holes, black and white morality with heroes always "right" despite staring war which killed "only" enemy soldiers.

Premise is also just excuse for plot to work. Main hero get transported to another world, discovered his power and camped couple day in the wildness. Then comes some chick, beat him up, talk to him a bit, then drag him to her village and present... more>> him as her s*ave to keep him from being lynched. After that he decided what she saved his life and he MUST pay her back no matter what. Then he sleep with her on first night and after couple of day discover what she is princess of kingdom what was occupied by evil theocratic kingdom he decided what he MUST HELP HER LIBERATE HER KINGDOM NO MATTER WHAT. That included starting war and killing god know how many people, but its okay they were bastards so they deserve it. Every action what main characters take is always "good" without any negative consequence whatsoever.

The plot also gloss other his power and how without protagonist everything will collapse. His power doesn't follow any logic and just exist to show how awesome he is despite him being generic in any possible way. Secondary character while not completely 1-dimensional is totally useless without protagonist's weapons (and sometime even with it) and have shown no desire to study and create something similar to protagonists tools leaving them no more then glorified soldiers. Main hero just create all staff what army and civilians need while every characters either praise him to high heavens or exasperatingly tell what his powers "don't follow logic" again and again which start to become really annoying really fast. Several times in novel it brought to attention how only he can create weapon which they use or how his power can affect economy in negative way or morality of him creating weapon of killing, but all of it quickly flushed down the toilet then somebody tells how "kind" main character is and everything go to square one.

All in all this novel another power fantasy trip with generic "kind" but overpowered main protagonist, evil one dimensional enemies and world what bend other backward to present main characters as "good guys" despite all questioning stuff what they do. Read if you don't have anything better to read. <<less
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cbrtlsseca rated it
March 11, 2021
Status: c30
So far I like everything about this story.

The Fantasy is there, the story is good including the back story, it has legit Romance.

Finally another story besides Arifureta where I don't constantly grab my head and inwardly scream at the MC for s*upidity/denseness/lack of common sense. Not once in this story have I had to do that.

... more>> Though the base is his crafting ability, but like Arifureta he is able to use this ability effectively for the situation. He doesn't just do the same attack or crafting over and over.

There is actual intelligent conversations between MC and the other characters. I want to fast forward so I can read another 40-50 chapters without stopping. <<less
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pyramidhead rated it
November 25, 2020
Status: prologue
Read up to date on the manga, love it. I've seen plenty of isekai with weird abilities but never one with minecraft abilites lol. Entertaining series, FL is great, ML isn't just the typical weak JP MC, interesting world building, etc. Very much worth a read.
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rider rated it
May 15, 2022
Status: c56
The main characters cheat ability was really cool 😎. But this story was horrible and where to even begin. First off I'd give it like one star ⭐. As it was that bad. There weren't that many grammar errors but it was kind of hard to read because it was wordy and some of the phrasing was kind of strange. But that's not the real problem. I'd say the real problem was that there was no use of alternate perspectives in the story. So the story was completely told from... more>> the perspective of the main character and made all the other characters feel like cardboard that just go and ooh when the main character does something. And then there's the fact the story just skips over a lot of the development he has with his ability as out of nowhere he starts producing firearms and grenades. As it just becomes part of the background in the story and it starts focusing on his moral quandaries and hang ups on sleeping with multiple women which makes the story a harem and it's obvious the author has no intent to write smut or s*x scenes into the story. And in my opinion if the other has no intent of going all the way then it has no purpose being in the story. As it's just a tease the author has no intent in delivering on. And if that's the case I think the author should just focus more on building The narrative of the story up and main characters ability. Not that his moral quandary matters anyway because a harem has been forced upon him as he's being r*ped in his sleep as the girl he loves is helping other women r*pe him. Then there's the fact the main character comes off as a complete beta mail and on top of that he seems to be a masochist. <<less
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