Let’s Meet Alive


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A zombie virus has spread in peaceful Seoul.

Korea has named zombies ‘Meogbo/Eaters’, and after a struggle, they fail to eradicate the meogbo.

– Fellow Koreans, on September 30, our government and Seoul decided to give up the Korean Peninsula.
– Come to Jeonnam.
– The military is waiting at Mokpo Port, Mokpo, Jeollanam-do.
– Fellow citizens. Let’s all meet alive.

Shin-hu: a blunt bodyguard from special forces.
Tae-baek: a boss who is playful and has a cold face with a weak stomach .

Tae-baek to live, Shin-hu to save Tae-baek,

Together, the two navigate a world of chaos.

“If you think your life will be in jeopardy while saving me, then leave me. I don’t want to go there.”
Tae-baek, who tried to speak calmly,

“I won’t leave you alone. No matter what happens, I won’t leave.”
Shin-hu responded with his distinctive calm tone.

The two grow closer as they spend time together.

Tae-baek discovers the tenderness hidden in Shin-hu’s indifference, Shin-hu soaks in Tae-baek’s reckless affection.

“Do you like me? I think I will fall in love in a few days. I get that feeling.”
“And maybe, you will love me too.”

Tae-baek proudly confesses his love, while smiling like a boy who had just started his first love.

Shin-hu chuckles without answering.

‘Eaters’ flocked around these two.

Don’t die, don’t give up, Let’s all meet alive.

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살아서 만납시다
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xuexxi rated it
December 22, 2022
Status: Completed
I don't typically do well with long novels (221 chapters is long for me;;;) but I binged this one in a few days; it's good and did what it needed to, for a zombie apocalypse romance. I hope someone picks it up!

Plot follows a chaebol (seme) and his new bodyguard (uke) as they navigate S. Korea to reach the designated port where the safety point is. For an apocalyptic setting, there's a really good balance between the zombie plot and romance. Plot aside, the romance is really the strong point.... more>> It develops naturally and (thank god) there are no dumb and prolonged conflicts or misunderstandings between the protagonists.

Neither of the leads are dumb or helpless and need the other to hard carry them. They're actually really kind and affectionate to each other and I feel like they do quite a lot of (consensual) love-making and kissing for a zombie apocalypse... lmao, I ain't complaining though.

tldr; I definitely recommend it if you like apocalypse bl <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
December 2, 2022
Status: --
There are times when it made me anxious like in the movies, where there's like a threat and the main character must do something.

You can see how they bond, why they fell for each other. The road they must take is very dangerous not only because of the zombies but also because of other humans as well. It's quite smutty too, sometimes I question if that is appropriate at this time of danger, like when you're kidnapped together or something.

I haven't completely read it yet then forgot. Seeing this here,... more>> I might read it again. <<less
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