Let Go Of That Primordial Man


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Pure white fine salt and white sugar, comfortable cotton clothes and other merchandise, filled up all of Black Rock Tribe’s warehouses; beautifully and delicately crafted commodities of YiWu blinded the eyes’ of several tribal chiefs that had come to trade. Carrot-sized ginseng and massive ferocious beasts were all exchanged for bags of salt and white sugar, and a few other goods. Both sides were extremely happy regarding this kind of trade.

Master NiuXu lazily leant against his fur-coated throne, standing below him was a robust tribal warrior; He thought ‘They are getting more and more audacious recently since America and Europe are backing their Genesis Warrior. It is time to hire a few Totem warriors.’

A dimensional travel novel set in a post apocalypse world with genetically enhanced humans where our poor mc, Niu Xu, accidentally discovered a way to travel to the primordial age. Furthermore, he can travel back and fourth between both worlds.

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June 23, 2018
Status: --
This novel is average it could be good but its very boring, the reason is even with the power to travel bettewn worlds the MC dont explore either world at all and don't try to power level he only does trades and sell stuff.

Sometimes the MC do train but only after getting his arse kicked, also this novel doesn't have much of a plot we only know the MC wants to be strong but nothing more.

Give a shot if only don't have nything better to read.
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