Lazy Life: Is This Aristocracy? The Story Takes a Different Turn So I Desperately Forge Ahead with Magic


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I am Suzuki Hajime, who accidentally died at a party due to the gods getting drunk. As an apology, I was reincarnated into another world. Excited at the prospect, I became a noble. However, to my dismay, it turned out that my father was a commoner who rose to nobility, resulting in me being despised. The territory I was given turned out to be nothing but a vast wasteland.

Born as the second son of a noble family, I spend my days lazily using magic for land development. My goal? To achieve passive income by the time I reach adulthood.

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ぐーたらライフ。~これで貴族? 話が違うので魔法で必死に開拓します~
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