Land Of Settlement


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Due to the troubles caused by a manipulative ex-lover, the protagonist Xia Qi accidentally finds himself in a sugar daddy/sugar baby relationship. Supported financially by a wealthy individual who has secretly admired him for years, Xia Qi diligently works, constantly fearing the possibility of being dismissed due to inadequate service. However, the ambiguous attitude of his benefactor raises concerns in Xia Qi’s mind, making him wonder, “Am I overthinking this?”

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08/20/23 Tamago c13
08/12/23 Tamago c12
08/05/23 Tamago c11
07/29/23 Tamago c10
07/27/23 Tamago c9
07/22/23 Tamago c8
07/18/23 Tamago c7
07/15/23 Tamago c6
07/12/23 Tamago c5
07/10/23 Tamago c4
07/06/23 Tamago c3
07/05/23 Tamago c2
07/04/23 Tamago c1
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July 5, 2023
Status: c15
Dropped because MC's personality revolves around being cute and obedient, never causing trouble, worshipping ML, taking absolutely nothing for granted, etc. He treats himself as if he's lower than dirt. I know some people find this cute but there's absolutely nothing special about MC and the story in general.
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