Lady Crystal Is A Man


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Crystal Rotary.

She was the youngest daughter of the Rotary family and a fragile girl who did not come out of the annexe due to her weakness.

Her true identity was male.

Only women were kept alive in the family, and men either become corpses or heirs.

Crystal’s only goal was to leave the Rotary family and live a normal life.

In order for him to survive, he grew up as a daughter. He held his breath like a dead person.

He was finally about to leave, what did they mean, get married?

Crystal, driven into a corner, proposed marriage to Grand Duke Pentrine, who was politically at odds with the Rotary family.

Crystal thought the Grank Duke would refuse, of course, but he got a reply instead. 

Crystal escaped to the Great Castle of Pentrin.

He was a cold northern master, a cruel man, and a man with an icy heart.

Crystal met the rumoured Ellian Pentrin.

And got married. What happened?


“You don’t have to be so nervous. I won’t do anything to you.”

On their first night as a couple, Crystal was told that the consummation was not going to happen.

‘What does this mean? Are you saying we’re going to break up?’

Ellian whispered at a distance where his breath could reach only him.

“I’m sorry, my Lady… Because I am a eunuch.”

Ellian Pentrin said in the sweetest voice in the world.

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크리스탈 아가씨는 남자다
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