Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon


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Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon chronicles the story of a futuristic civilization returned to Earth after constant warfare hindered them from traveling beyond the post-Apocalyptic Earth. At this stage, a small archipelago called the Divine States were the only hospitable land on Earth. In order to regain the space-faring technology they had lost after many years of war, they decided to recreate history with a book called the Testament as a guide.

It is the year 1648 in the Testament Era. Toori Aoi, Chancellor and Student Council President of the only academy on the airborne city-ship Musashi, faces the ten-year anniversary of the death of his childhood friend Horizon Ariadust in an accident. As he prepares to celebrate the occasion by proposing to P-01s (an automaton who looks exactly like Horizon) he discovers that his suspicion about P-01s’ appearance actually has a basis in truth; P-01s is in fact Horizon Ariadust, reborn into a robotic body. In addition to this, Horizon’s emotions had been stripped away and are now stored in eight powerful weapons called the Mortal Sin Armaments; which are now in the possession of key people in various established countries in the Divine States.

To retrieve the emotions of Horizon Ariadust, Toori Aoi along with his friends and allies begins a crusade against different obstacles as key events in history are recreated in a futuristic manner.

Associated Names
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GENESIS Series - Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon
Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere
Kyoukaisenjou no Horizon
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marine1corps rated it
August 5, 2016
Status: v3-b c41
This is without a doubt the longest and most detailed light novel you will ever find in any site. Just one "part" alone can consist of 500 pages or more and it takes 2-3 books to finish any arc. Probably because of the massive cast it has and the fact each one has it own story tell fills up those pages. A daunting task to read without a doubt but it has its ways to make you keep on reading. A good mix of funny moments and serious moments that... more>> flows well with one another in the story. Of course because it is such a long read that there are going to be stale moments you have to power through but I didn't find to many to change my opinion of this novel. But what I enjoyed the most about this novel was the stories of the other characters besides the over all plot of the light novel. The overall plot of the story is to "take over the world" in order to return the feelings of one girl but what interested me wasn't the main protagonist and the heroine but the "support" characters that come along for the journey. To me they were more interesting then anything else, especially the "antagonists" who try to stop them from taking over the world. I have enjoyed the second arc more then I did with the first one but I can't judge yet because I have not read the 3rd or fourth one to justify my ranking. Nonetheless its one of those novels where there are actually very few truly evil characters.


The main character

To be honest I didn't like him very much. Yes I get that he suppose to act like the fool but there are just not enough scenes where he is competent. Only a few pages worth in the first arc where he acts smarter then he normally does and doesn't actually fool around. I didn't see that at all in the second and I am not sure in the second or third arc. Luckily he isn't dense about his feelings and knows how people feel around. I am not sure if there is a possibility of a harem, there are a few candidates but not enough shown to be solidified. There is without a doubt that he is pretty smart its just REALLY hard to see. Its a good thing he isn't the focus 100% of the time and the other characters gets a spotlight.


Subject to change when I get around finishing the 3rd arc and start reading the 4th



The Story

The story is definitely disjointed in some parts because well that happens when you have so many characters to write about. But the fact that each individual gets a story and the fact that it flows pretty well into the main story gets bonus points in my book. With such an immense story you would think it would be riddled with a lot of plot holes right? Well up to the point where I read I haven't found any apparent plot holes that needs to be called out upon. The author spent great deal in world building that you can easily understand what exactly is going on. I don't think there was a moment where I was confused with exception of moments of trying to remember who is who. But the down fall of course would be the length of the story. Because it spent doing all the other stuff that well the main story kinda suffers. That is why it doesn't get a perfect score.




The Cast

This is without the strongest point about this novel. There literally no characters I hate in this novel. Even the Villains I don't hate at all. Each one is funny and enjoyable to read as I read more and more about their characters. When the novel starts focusing on a character you don't just get a snippet about their day to day lives you get the full blown story with struggles and them trying to overcome them. There are no carbon copies in the story each one are interesting (to an extent) and them specializing in something cool or somewhat weird. What the main character lacks, the rest will fill that void.



Overall this story gets a 4/5. The story could have been better if the MC improved


The Anime

Definitely worth the watch because the action is REAL intense. Sure it misses out on few important details but the execution of the anime is well done and you will be satisfied by it. The extra detail that animators put in to make it funnier made it much more enjoyable. Paced well in my opinion that it doesn't destroy the over all story. But if you already read past the anime I would still consider watching the anime just for sequences and the intense music because they are that good.


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Lachiel rated it
October 24, 2015
Status: --
One of the biggest "light" novels in JP, It's extremely hard to get into just due to the fact that the size of chapters and books is kind of daunting.. But I do recommend to give this a read, as the plot is pretty solid, the writing is amazing, and the world building the author has done is just 10/10. The novel does jump perspectives a bit so be prepared to see a ton of things from different view points. :)
I recommend this highly to anyone who wants something to read and isn't scared away by the size.
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nutthanachai41 rated it
April 2, 2018
Status: --
This novel is a very long one you should read.

Warning: This may spoil the story a little.

It has very interesting ideas of story for example the concept of redo history in scripture to return to the heaven, the ideal clash between countries or the government of the young etc, and also diverse gene. Designing characters is well. And starting with a very good tale of a group of student from far east academy, which protagonist wanting to confess to a heroine and because of his action that leads to... more>> a very grand plot. If you read this novel, you will find many secrets that still hidden. Although the story is very impassioned there are also miscellaneous or soft times along which make the story not too stiff or stress. In this novel there are so many countries, and each country have their characters, plus the extras, so there are very full of characters, easy word->so lively. You will experience the story from the different points of view and also witness the growing of each characters.

Suggestion: This novel was made to very good anime. There are 2 seasons. The first one finish volume 1-a and 1-b, and the second finish volume 2-a and 2-b.

If you have read this novel, which one do you like most?

:) <<less
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Nepnepthinker rated it
October 26, 2021
Status: c3
actual score is 7/10 but the site wont allow that so 3/5 it is

I can see how the series can be great in peoples eyes but it isnt for me. Heres what I dont like about it

  1. info dump- vol 1 literally is just info dump till the last part where the story actually starts. Now if a whole vol is dedicated to info dump the info must be important right? Nope alot of it is useless atleast up to where I am which is vol 6. Alot of the info could have been either erased or introduced later on and nothing will change at all. Why must so much information be introduced on vol 1?
2. The characters- same thing with the info dump. Alot of them can be either... more>> erased of introduced later on and nothing will change. Like the incubus, nenji, Ginji, noriki miriam, azuma, the ghost girl could either just out right erased or introduced later on and nothing will change and the story will be easier to understand. Also it feels like your reading the middle of a story rather than the beginning. Like whats the relationship between the classmates?how did they meet? How did they become friends? Like up to vol 6 the dont tell you much of that and so during certain parts of the story you just feel like there a**holes. Like why does the group do nothing about toori stripping naked all the time? Or why does toori strip naked? It tells you what they do and not why they do it so it feels like your are missing alot of things. Also, the fact that toori is trying to get horizon to be his girlfriend yet is sexually harassing other girls, like does no one in the cast finds this weird?

3. The comedy/tone of the story- like what am I supposed to feel about it? Turn off my brain and enjoy or use my brain to understand? Like I can't tell if a situation is ever supposed to be serious when the next moment toori strips naked, someone gets sexually harassed or someone gets made fun of.

4. Toori- he's the protagonist but its hard to tell because it feels like he has less lines than other characters. By vol 6 in most books if well written. You'll know what they will do in a situation before the book tells you and also why they will do it. In this series you can know what toori will do but by vol 6 at least for me I don't get why they do it. Like why he always strip naked or why he's sexually harassing other girls when trying to get horizon as his girlfriend. Also, he's quite annoying. <<less
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