Gekitotsu no Hexennacht


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The world is terrorized by the powerful Black Witch who has been sealed in the moon. Every ten years, the night of Hexennacht arrives and a chosen witch must battle the Black Witch in hopes of finally defeating her.

As the current decade’s Hexennacht approaches, a mysterious girl named Kagami Kagami arrives and meets Horinouchi Mitsuru, the daughter of the previous Hexennacht representative.

It takes place between Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon and the City Series, two other series by the author.

Associated Names
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Clash of Hexennacht
OBSTACLE Series - Clash of Hexennacht
Related Series
City Series (Sequel)
Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon (Prequel)
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Latest Release

Date Group Release
07/04/17 Baka-Tsuki v4 afterword
07/04/17 Baka-Tsuki v4c18
07/04/17 Baka-Tsuki v4c17
07/04/17 Baka-Tsuki v4c16
07/04/17 Baka-Tsuki v4c15
07/03/17 Baka-Tsuki v4c14
07/03/17 Baka-Tsuki v4c13
07/03/17 Baka-Tsuki v4c12
07/03/17 Baka-Tsuki v4c11
07/01/17 Baka-Tsuki v4c10
06/29/17 Baka-Tsuki v4c9
06/09/17 Baka-Tsuki v4c8
06/09/17 Baka-Tsuki v4c7
06/09/17 Baka-Tsuki v4c4
06/02/17 Baka-Tsuki v4c6
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