King of Skills


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Kang MuYeol, Humanity Swordsmen Unit 2.

He returns to the past.

He knows the skills in the future.

In order to stop extermination of humanity he puts the past behind

And he stood up to rise to the Throne.

“I will now rise to the Throne.”

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스킬의 제왕
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Latest Release

Date Group Release
01/09/20 Neko Seirei c7
10/27/19 Neko Seirei c6 part2
10/20/19 Neko Seirei c6 part1
09/24/19 Neko Seirei c5 part2
09/17/19 Neko Seirei c5 part1
08/13/19 Neko Seirei c4
01/12/18 Wuxiaworld Forums c3 part2
01/11/18 Wuxiaworld Forums v3 part1
01/10/18 Wuxiaworld Forums c2 part2
01/09/18 Wuxiaworld Forums c2 part1
01/08/18 Wuxiaworld Forums c1 part2
01/09/18 Wuxiaworld Forums c1 part1
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