Jiao Niang’s Medical Record


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Cheng Jiaoniang’s mental illness was cured, but she felt both like and unlike herself, as if her mind now held some strange memories. As the abandoned daughter of the Cheng family, she had to return to them. However, she was coming back to reclaim her memories, not to endure their disdain and mistreatment.

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1 Review

New miu
May 30, 2024
Status: Completed
It's a really really good read. The MC is not your typical MC girl. She's sooo cool and honestly is one of the more unique characters I've read. And all the side characters have very well-written stories. The author really sets the reader up with mysteries after mysteries. Sometimes it's nail-biting to read through the beginning of the conflict but the ending is always so satisfying. It starts with MC bringing a dead woman to life but the MC herself is sick because she was transmigrated to the body of... more>> a foolish girl so she tries to rehab her body back to being able to use it like a normal person again. Then you start to see what kinds of things she's capable of but the author keeps her background a mystery for a good while. I'll say the first third of the novel, both the reader and the MC are kept wondering. And it's literally not until the end of the novel that you see anything about her past life or how she actually heals people. The MC has rules and never lies and she sticks to that throughout the whole story too. Even I was guessing for a bit who the ML will be in the beginning since there were several very good options.


It's the prince!


We all know she's OP but she's actually not that OP. There are things even she can't do and she'll come out and say it. And there's a reason why she knows the things she does (because of her previous family background/the fact that she was trained in this way/etc.) so it's not like she randomly just learned or knew how to do it. The best parts are when it looks like she's been caught in a trap but actually just turns it against the enemy. However, she's not a god so there's a lot that she can't predict. A lot of good characters also didn't make it to the end and it was really really sad because they were told in so much detail that you start to have feelings for them and then the author just kills them off! QAQ I have certain complaints on some details and some enemies but in the end, they're just small things.


The most annoying villain for me is that maid girl Chun Ling. Like, literally, how did she manage to not get spotted for 3 YEARS??!! First she blames MC for her sister dying when MC did nothing to her but have her sent away to a different temple and the two sisters stole some money and ran away, then the sister got sick and died and MC GOT BLAMED?? And bc of this, Chun Ling tries to plot against MC's brother and almost got him in trouble but the MC got there in time. But MC didn't think it was strange at all and didn't try to find out who was behind it? And because of that, Chun Ling got another chance to harm her brother. Oh geez, it was so sad. I was sad when I read that part QAQ


The villains were also all pretty well-written. Honestly, unlike other novels, most of the main villains were set up well in advanced and had proper motives. They weren't just hastily thrown in there for the plot either. Some villains you can see are villains from the start. But others, actually were friends that eventually became enemies. It's actually pretty great and sad to see at the same time.

Overall, this is a really good novel with a consistent and knowledgeable author. I don't want to spoil it too much so I hope you give it a chance. It's great and if you like these kinds of stories then you'll most likely like this one too. <<less
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