I’ve Been Devoting Myself To Helping My Sister, but I’m Quitting Today


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According to her childhood promise, Charlotte has been devoting herself to helping her sister. She had endured no matter how foolish it seemed, but when she entered school, she broke. Her sister made a fool of Charlotte at the school. It was so bad that even the most excellent sister couldn’t take it, and Charlotte becomes isolated as soon as she enters school.

If the next three years are wasted as it is, the Viscount daughter Charlotte has no future. Because if she can’t find a fiancé by the time she graduates from school, Charlotte, the daughter of a weak aristocrat, has no happy future. If she goes on like this she would marry an old man who is as old as her father. Weighing her relationship with her sister and her future, Charlotte makes a decision.

“I want to marry a nice person and live a peaceful life! So ──── I’ll quit being my sister’s foil today!”

Charlotte, who quit being her sister’s foil, shows her true ability and overwhelms even the teachers! Charlotte, who knows neither restraint nor hesitation, pushes forward to grasp a happy future!

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Snowman256 rated it
December 23, 2021
Status: c13
This is a pretty fun novel (at least, up until c13) ! Your standard shoujo setting about supposedly plain and low-status girl means dazzling foreign prince who's a genius and a sword master at age 12 and a dance master and rich and sadistic. The main difference is that the author had the foresight to make the FL a closet genius, so the relationship between the FL and ML is nominally on equal standing (but we all know that a sadistic ML will never stay content without asserting his dominance... more>> for long, don't we?).

I feel like the author's foresight kinda falls flat beyond that point, though? I'm really confused why so many students know the FL by sight and actively avoid her? Sure, her big sister was spreading rumors that the FL is dumb, but that's no reason to shun someone, or at least no reason to memorize her face and whisper about her every action? The ML deserves chatter since he's pretentious as all get out, but the FL literally doesn't do anything special to deserve so much attention? I also question the author's setting that the FL is lazy, because we see at many many opportunities that she's really hard working. The author seems to pick and choose when to make her lazy (or money-conscious) - perfect for a traditional shoujo novel, but kinda iffy consistency-wise.

That said, the series shows potential, and the translation quality is good, so I'll rate it as a promising novel to check out once it has a few more chapters! <<less
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Raestloz rated it
August 22, 2022
Status: v2c1
Yep. This is shoujo, with all the problems that usually accompany it

And when I said "the problems", I don't mean the usual chapters dedicated to one of the prince's POV where they declared that they're a simp. That one is standard fare, just like how in shounen novels there are entire paragraphs describing the heroine's beauty

No, the number one problem with shoujo novels, is that the worldbuilding sucks

You know how slow internet is far worse than no internet at all? This is the problem that shoujo novels usually have: they... more>> explain things half-assedly, which infuriates me because I want to know more but the author never tells me. It's like being c*ckblocked

In the story, there are 4 types of "magic":

  1. Sorcery, casting spells by using magic circles
  2. Chanting, casting spells by exclaiming the spell name
  3. Summoning, well it's summoning.
  4. Prayers, casting spells by wishing to God. How this works, nobody knows, its casters therefore seemed to be determined by pure Random Number Jesus
Since the heroine is an epic genius, she's naturally capable of the first 3. The fourth, due to the fact that it's cast by the simple act of wishing, is an enigma that nobody can figure out. At some point in the novel, she declared thusly:

"I've figured out how to cast prayer"

She'd figured out the mechanics behind prayer. It's no longer random wild magic. Being the most enigmatic of spells, prayer is naturally the most powerful, and she used it to smite her enemy with terrifying power: blocking unblockable attacks and attacking with unblockable attacks herself, seemingly without consuming her own mana

So how does she do it? NOBODY FRIGGIN KNOWS, because the author never tells you. It's a spell so rare and powerful the emperor immediately moved to anchor her to the country. It's the sort of spell that shakes an entire empire, and it's brushed off as a one off Chekov's gun! What the heck?

That's also how it works with other aspects of this novel: everything's explained in frustratingly little detail. Just enough to brush things off, but not enough to satisfy your curiosity. The reason the original Star Wars never even bothered to explain how The Force works, is because in so doing they'll have to explain every minute detail and that'll distract from the story and collapse the worldbuilding.

See, the thing with aristocratic shoujo novel is that it's a pretty clear cut story: some lowly daughter is good at something and naturally the highborns fawn over her. In that regard, basically all shoujo novels are the same: a little flirting here, a little bullying there. What separates them therefore is how well the world around them is constructed

And this novel kinda sucks at the latter. You can read it if you want yet another dose of yet another shoujo, but don't expect anything more <<less
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Peare rated it
December 23, 2021
Status: c8
I hate the MC. Well first of all MC has an idiotic personality. If she is that much of a genius how can she easily lose the way and end up in a boys' dormitory?She is genius but she ends up wasting away her life because of a ridiculous reason. What?? She is too lazy, she does not want to lose her relationship with her sister. Blah blah. She neither loves nor respects her ownself. Well even when she stands up she does not stand up for herself, rather she... more>> will not be able to marry well that's why she decides to show her so called genius self. She goes for an announcement to the prince for her decision. The so called Attention seeker. Let's waste away our life and time by reading this book. <<less
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