It’s Impossible that My Evil Overlord is So Cute


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“Finally, I have defeated the Evil Overlord,

Now I have to participate in the war to save the alien princess.

Then finally, it’ll all be over and I can enjoy a quiet life!”

Xun Shenxing returned to his Sakura Apartment and opened his favorited old computer.

Suddenly, a text appeared.

“Do you want to know the meaning of life? Do you want to live… a real life? Y/N”

“I choose to die.”

This is a story about a landlord. In order to increase tenants and enhance his earnings, he has to solve problems for his tenants (For example, save the world)….

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honglath rated it
January 14, 2017
Status: c37

A hot pot melding of genres, you could call this the chinese take of a japanese rom-com. Badass MC with shit-for-brains when it comes to women, OP twin-tail blonde demon lord loli sidekick, various types of harem members that aren't really harem members because it's a crappy japanese rom-com and nothing really gets done so far and plot advancement through episodic arcs. Tsukkomi or whatever included. See it as satire and you'll enjoy it. Take it seriously and you'll be upset.
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Seregosa rated it
June 18, 2017
Status: c76
The first few chapters are quite dull, but it quickly picks up after that and becomes quite the ride of comedy. Don't expect serious scenes, there isn't any. The MC is the most powerful being in the galaxy and most other worlds too, if not all of them. We have never seen him being serious and he keeps getting stronger, which bothers him. Those immortals from xianxia gets beaten to death with one strike, ancient youkai that viewed gods as small fries back in the time they were at their... more>> strongest are the same, he considers them as "small youkai" since they're just considered as small fries of the small fries to him. He once went to a friend to get her back since he was worried about her and he blew her sects main building into the stratosphere only to catch it after picking her up, because they annoyed him when the whole sect including their secret spells and ley lines or whatever and one of the strongest humans on earth managed to delay him for 30 seconds when he was playing around a bit. He got something to let him ascend to godhood, but his body rejected all the powers and blessings of being a god since it was considered as "bad stuff" and instead only took the name, which was likened to taking brand clothes and ripping off the brand name only to throw the clothes into the trash bin because you don't need such ugly power. He can survive and kill in space and even super advanced civilizations can't do anything to him. Gods are beneath him and I wouldn't be surprised if he could fart with more power than an atom bomb.

Even better, his loli evil overlord that he takes care of and makes sure she doesn't destroy the world for some random reason is also around his power level, although she's a fair bit weaker, but as someone who can destroy worlds on a whim and conquered a lot of worlds one may say that she is sufficiently powerful, perhaps number 2 :P That's why... never expect anything serious to happen, anyone that comes and picks a fight will die without a body without any effort at all. The loli is probably the one who displayed the most power thus far though, once she saved a friend and even with most of her powers sealed (she's got some seriously ridiculous seals on her so she can't use most of her power unless the MC releases them, even though that little power is enough to be proclaimed as the second strongest in the world after the mc) she annihilated an entire race from the face of the earth just by saying that they would face extinction.

That aside, not everything is good even though most of it is, hence I didn't give it a 5/5. I did enjoy it immensely and laughed a lot and I'm quite sad now that there's no more translated chapters out currently, which is a great grade from me, but there's 2 things that bothers me and pissed me off countless times. Like the typical japanese (although the author is chinese) douche MC, this guy is incapable of using his power for himself. Although he's the most powerful being in existence, he's living in quite extreme poverty for some questionable reason like "I want to follow the rules of human society". I mean extreme poverty, he pretty much lives on noodles, rice soup and eggs, sometimes getting some vegetables, he helps solve some cases just to get treated to food and he's petty as fck when it comes to money, being greedy as hell. Even buying ice cream when out shopping is too expensive. He's got like 2 pair of clothes that has been washed ragged and the evil overlord can't even get a proper pajama and has to go for the t-shirt style. Now, that'd be fine in itself, but there's so many holes in his logic and he COMPLAINS all the FCKING time about money and how he's poor. The author seems to believe it's extremely funny to make his MC into a pauper, once he almost starved to death and I don't really find it funny. I get pissed off all the time because he's got the stomach to complain about not having any money yet having so many opportunities to earn some. There's so many flaws in his reasoning. Like, he helps governments and stuff but he never gets paid except in rare cases, and when he does he'll jump at getting really low amounts of money even when doing stuff that other people would risk their lives while doing and is extremely important, like getting 30 USD for a days work. He never asks for more though, he even often requests money himself for his services and takes a really low amount. Now, I get that you would want to follow the laws of the human society (not wanting to rob a bank or something), but YOU CAN even while earning tons of easy money. He was once offered a position in the government that works with the supernatural, but he denies for no good reason, something about freedom and stuff, but that's fine, but he could act as a mercenary, right? But no, instead he helps the government without pay. There's also a lot of other ways to earn money, but he never seems to grasp that. Everyone also knows his identity, so there's no need to hide it. Instead of working with stuff that gives real income, he takes small side jobs like driving around snacks from a store or working in a convenience store, which doesn't bring in any money to live on. Once he got his hands on some money, pretty early on, but the evil overlord hacked into his account and bought shitloads of otaku stuff. The author seems focused as hell on making sure that the MC never gets his hands on any money and has to live like a beggar, this is the guy that fought naked in galactic wars and destroyed star destroyers and defeated the overlord that conquered many worlds, the guy who can split the very world by just swinging his sword, the guy who is above any and all gods and beings. Sorry, not funny when it's so unrealistic, it's only funny if it can be explained, like hasegawa taizou, the sunglasses guy from gintama. It only serves to piss you off most of the time here since the author keeps bringing it up, with the occasional small laugh like when he was questioned by a cultivator who wondered why the fck he didn't get some cash since it's so easy and his plans started and ended with bank robbing as the only alternative for earning money.

Then the second thing is about school. He keeps talking like a normal human and goes to school, he also forces the evil overlord to go to school even though neither of them have ANY NEED whatsoever for going there (we don't even see any scenes when he's in school, really, so it's a worthless setting in and of itself). They will never need any knowledge they learn later on in life and it's merely wasted time that could be spent better if they didn't go to school. He also tries to make the evil overlord loli get better grades, only to give up all the time because she might destroy the world or something if he pushes her. I mean, they're not even there for knowledge at all. He went to a math test and couldn't remember stuff, so he cheated on it. So... illogical and unrealistic, especially since he could get a real job or work with the government more for some cash that he sorely needs if only he stopped spending his days in school, binding himself down. I do know that the author is only doing that because, although completely and utterly retarded, he wants some school settings and events like the group he talks with at school and the evil overlords friend to be there where he can get some easy comedy and story. I wish there was a better reason for it though that would make the reader think that it's natural that he goes to school after becoming pretty much the strongest being in the universe.

Well, enough about that. It's a great novel if you can just ignore the glaring fallacies in the story and don't mind that the author keep playing the "poverty" gag even with his identity. <<less
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November 2, 2016
Status: c2
Is this reference? I feel like this is a reference. The prologue goes straight from tragic ending scene/beginning of a revenge hero novel, and then instantly shifts to a magical girlfriend genre, but also magic detective and 'living in a paranormal apartment complex' type story. This all comes so suddenly that it obviously comes from some type of short hand based on conventions of the genres for various types of anime/light novels. But that would be even easier if he was referencing something.
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May 22, 2017
Status: c24
This is the Chinese OnePunch Man (it's golden).

Grammar: 1.9/5

Writing: 3.4/5

Story: 2.1/5

The grammar is sub-standard, lots of awkward wording/phrasing, misspelling, and instances of convoluted syntax. The writing is pretty well paced and enjoyable despite the horrible grammar. The story is nothing really new, but it is very much comedy gold. I personally think of this as the Chinese version of OnePunch Man.

I look forward to continuing this series.
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Darkanlan rated it
March 20, 2017
Status: c64
The entire series is kind of a japanese montage with never ending parodies. Think of a major japanese otaku creates his own series listing all of his favorite things as random jokes through the entire series. Add into it a romance comedy without a clear objective on where the series is headed towards. Great to read when you just want a light hearted comedy slice of life series to enjoy.
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WirlWind rated it
September 22, 2018
Status: c17
I'm not sure I 'get' it...

Super powerful MC who can end the world with his strength, yet he constantly bitches about having no money and his only idea for getting more is "Should I rob a bank?" while also complaining about how he has to go to school and pass exams for some reason. His driving motivations so far seems to be 'somehow, get money' and 'find normal people to rent rooms in my sub-par apartment'.

I tried my hardest, but there was nothing exciting or funny to keep me entertained.... more>> I tried to keep reading as I hoped it would get better, but it just got more and more painful as time went on. I was expecting a comedy, but I didn't even curl my lips a single time in 17 chapters... <<less
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wiltheavatar rated it
October 3, 2018
Status: c92
Fun and troll, has a OPM feel to it where hes pretty much the pinnacle of strength but that doesn't mean much if he can't shell out money for food both for himself and his freeloading demon lord.

MC is well, he's really dumb, but he's really really strong, to a point where he breaks space in order to teleport and threw a building into the sky without trying.

Fun story if you're into the genre of retired OP characters just trying to live their lives well being embroiled into random problems.

Decent... more>> characters overall, noone really developed, but enough for a comedic effect. Very unfortuante, but the translators dropped it and the raws are completely paywalled. <<less
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