Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!?


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Now that he enters his high school career, Satomi Koutaro begins his life living alone in an apartment that only costs him 5000 yen per month, an extremely cheap deal even for this small apartment. There’s a catch: the apartment is apparently haunted by a cute ghost that has driven its prior occupants away.

Next thing he knows, not only is there a ghost trying to drive him out of his new home, but magical girls and other unique female characters turn this small apartment into a battleground of sorts.

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Invaders of the Rokujouma?!
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27 Reviews

May 17, 2016
Status: v15 afterword
When I first started reading this I honestly thought this was going to be some generic Romantic School Comedy and nothing was going to happen each progressive novel. What made me keep on reading was the fact that we had girls from all over the place wanting to take over. We got aliens, mole people, ghosts and magical girls all aiming for the same room. I was like "Why the f*ck do they want this room?" This is what hooked me in, the mystery that surrounds the room. As I... more>> keep reading all I got was more and more questions that surround the room and the main protagonist. All of sudden I invested a good portion of my time reading this series. Luckily for me, warren the translator was decently quick and did some quality translations. I had an inkling of what was happening but it was until volumes 7.5 and 8.5 did my eyes finally see what is going. And boy was it a glorious reveal. It made complete sense as to why they wanted the room and what each girls reasons as to why they stay there.

The MC

Satomi Koutaro is a somewhat funny character who likes to joke around with his peers. But when push comes to shove you can bet that he will be determined to what is right. In general we was a likable character to read and not some a**hole. He can be dense but I think that's just who he is a character. He is not all that smart but he isn't naive. He knows when a character feels down and will make it personal to an extent. But until the big reveal I thought of him as normal and boy was I wrong in every aspect. And here's the thing, he knows they love him and he has his reasons for not being so close to them which is a major plus in my books. But boy oh Boy when you get past 7.5 and 8.5 he becomes a complete bad ass.

I rate this MC at a 4.5/5.



The Story

As stated before there is a lot of mysteries surrounding this story. Questions keep popping up to give readers a mild interest so they can look forward to it in the next novel because the Author does a good job at foreshadowing. Though my qualms about the story is the fighting parts of the story. The first arc is lack luster, not very detailed and nothing new but this novel isn't where the novel shines. It's about the interactions of the characters in the story. Everyone has a part and this is what makes the novel feel so whole. It's funny and cute with enough drama to keep you satisfied as a reader. Every novel will make you feel that its part of an even bigger story you have yet to see.

Only when we get the big reveals does the action pick up and become interesting. But because the story seems so happy that we don't get much on things that could pull on the heart strings. The one thing that I think it lacks would be those suspenseful moments. But the few we do have was enough to shed maybe a tear or so but nothing that would cause a river.

The story gets a 4/5 for executing the story pretty well but it could be better in some areas.



The Harem

Before the big reveal we get to see the characterization of each girl. All of them had undesirable attitudes which almost made me stop reading but as it progressed they started to become more and more likeable as characters. Each one of them are connected to characters in one way or another. They didn't just fall in love just out of no where but through interaction and realizing what they truly are under the facade they initially put up. The tropes they fill are obvious but they too also grow out those shells to be more characterized as individuals. They too know that the MC knows he likes them yet they don't push no it and wait because they know of the conflicts he is suffering right now. Until the day he is ready to face them will they be able to face one another. Though they do seem a little nonchalant about the fact that everyone likes the MC.

I rate this harem at a 4.5/5


Overall score should be around 4.5 but no option for that so its a 5.
Favorite Quotes: "From an endless time and a countless distance"
"Master, this ship, the Blue Knight, will pray for your fortune and glory in place of the nation of Forthorthe." (Spine tingles every time I read this)



The anime was okay even though it crunched about 4.5 volumes into 12 episodes. What made it so good was the pacing of the anime. It didn't feel so overly rushed nor did it feel like I missed to many details. But the anime is akin to a VERY DETAILED SUMMARY. It is definitely missing details that would have made a big impact on the story and the characterization of the characters. Even if you already watched the anime it is best if you read the series again to get a better understanding of what is going on.

I rate it a 3/5 watch it only if you want a feel of the story and decide if you want to watch it or not.

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Jul 13, 2016
Status: v12 afterword
Don't let the synopsis and the premise fool you, it might like your typical Generic Harem Novel that has some To-Love Ru vibe. But in fact you might get disappointed, in a good way.

While it's true its a harem, but Kotarou isn't just your typical wimpy dense lucky pe*vert or conceited pe*verted kid. In fact there's not much fanservice in this novel. Its truly a Romance Comedy genre with the addition of Action as expected from a Shounen manga.

While its true the premise is ridiculous, but the Author created a... more>> really good explanation for the reason for the girls in each volume.

The MC also isn't two dimensional, he progressed and matured with each volume, it was a good character development. Don't let the cover fool you, this is not your typical Generic Harem Novel. The fast translation pace is also another plus as well <<less
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Dec 26, 2016
Status: v18 afterword
At first when I read volume 1, I thought to myself "Great, this is another boring novel". But when I read volumes 3-5, it gets pretty interesting as the plot started moving forward after volume 2. I legit read all 18 volumes, 5 days straight! With food + drinks!

Now the plot and if you don't want to spoil yourself, do not click the spoiler:
... more>>

v1-2 is the introduction of all the main characters arc and the start of the plot
v3-7 is the 'Blue Knight Play, Yurika's 'identity', as well as Kiriha's first love arc
v7.5 and 8.5 is the 'Past' Forthorthe and the Legend of the 'Blue Knight' arc (read volume 7 first as you would be confused if you skip volume 7.5 and 8.5 should you directly read v8. it's pretty good imo).
v8 (yes its in that order 7.5>8.5>8) introduces another main character, Maki
v9 Ruth's fiancee and the invasion of the Rebel army of forthorthe (this is where we know of forthorthe kingdom's situation and Satomi's 'badassness'.)
v10 Travelling back to the present and Kiriha's 'secret' (This is during Past Forthorthe arc and I was actually blown away when I read this as I was like "eh, no way.. that's her?!")
v11 Sanae and her 'still alive' body (This is about Sanae and it's pretty amazing imho. This also introduces a certain 'being' in which you saw in 7.5... which you will see in future volumes, HYPE)
v12 Yurika's role being revealed 'again' and the invasion of Darkness Rainbow (Harumi's power is revealed and you will be in for a surprise~)

Next is where the plot starts moving forward along with Satomi's feelings of the girls and what he's trying to change inside. He's not dense, it's something regarding the past that he can't accept the feelings of the girls 'yet' (if you read v10). This is also where Harumi figured out the Satomi 'that's distant towards others' and why he's in the knitting club.

v13 The second coming of the Blue Knight and the Truth that's revealed to Theia (This is the epic part of this novel.. read it then you will know what I mean~ Also Harumi is now a harem member)
v14 Shizuka's 'mass' (lol) and the events of Forthorthe 20 years ago (You will understand why it was 20 years ago if you read volume 8. Satomi mentions about keeping 'it' a secret).
v15 The Beginning of the Radical Faction's Invasion part 1
v16 End of the Radical Faction's Invasion and Kiriha's 'Invasion' part 2 (This is where we first start seeing the power of the Demonic energy that's being granted to Tayuma and the 'black' hole)
v17 Everyday Life
v18 Yurika's determination, Nana's start of revival and the foreshadowing of Folsaria, the Magical Kingdom
v19 To Folsaria; Darkness Rainbow vs. Rainbow Heart, and the Rise of the Magical Girl, 'Rainbow Nana' (Tried to make the title badass but she's f*cking back!! Also, If you still haven't gotten the meaning behind the name Folsaria, then you will know in this volume... probably).


I seriously recommend this, and for those that read past v1-2, props to you because you will see that you would want to know more about the story when the plot progresses forward and you will keep reading it till you won't even realize it.

Each novel focuses on one character for that novel as it's relevant towards the plot.

And you will know how I feel afterwards~ <<less
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Oct 26, 2016
Status: v17 afterwork
Just gonna give a summary for each volumes in my OWN OPINION since the other reviews already covered what I wanted to say and to avoid repeating the other reviews.. this does not actually represent how good the story is as I have toned it down as to not give too much spoilers

Volume 1-7 - character introduction & overall prologue to the main storyline without reading the first 1-6 you cannot get the feel of the oncoming volumes or appreciate each of the character growth especially the MC

Volume 7.5 &... more>> 8.5 - just treat it like an OVA in animes though it has a good story so I wouldn't recommend missing it along with Shunkashuutou side story (like a recap episode)

Volume 8-13 - story with a good balance of action & slice of life, just don't expect too much on the action, there is progress in the main storyline

Volume 14 - volume dedicated for slice of life

Volume 15-16 - I guess this one focused more on action with less slice of life I guess its to balance with vol. 14

Volume 17 - another volume dedicated for slice of life, but this time focusing more on the conviction of the heroines, I guess this is to make the harem peaceful & to avoid having a bloodbath over the MC

Rating for: (?/5)
Satomi Koutarou (Male Lead) - I'd five 3.5-4 at vol.1-7 and 4-4.5 on vol. 8-17 with each volume his character growth makes him more badass but still having a likeable personality (rant: unlike SOME MC CN novels with harem where he doesn't treat women right or becomes too arrogant after becoming strong)

1st group of Harem starting volume 1-7 - (3.5-4.5 overall score) the main harem member as what I like to call it (includes the ghost, the two aliens, the underground girl, and the magical girl & knitting girl) with each volumes you will really see how each member grows especially the Theia & Yurika


2nd group of Harem starting volume 7.5-17 - (4.5 overall score) the next group of harem with an addition of another magical & alien girl and the landlord.. though enemy at first except for the landlord obviously, each member has a likeable personality and good story to tell so even though they started out late they are as likeable as the first group or even better.


Antagonist - (3.5-4.5) - in my opinion the early antagonist is somewhat 'lukewarm' they do not really give you the feeling of a last boss, if I had to give an example it would be like a boss in the early level only to find out that its a common enemy in mid-level.. then the antagonist starting 7.5-12 it would be 'warm' the antagonist started to become better.. then vol. 13-17, they are now starting to look more shounen antagonists, who said that only the protagonist can grow?

rant: unlike Team R*ck*t, the antagonist after losing also started to grow on their own way... I even like Maya & Elexis


Plot -
Volume 1-7 - I'd give it a (3-3.5) not bad but also not the best story at the beginning, you'd even wonder where the story will go

Volume 7.5-12 - (3.5-4) after the introductory volumes I could finally get a glimpse of where the story would go, though the problem is the direction is as many as the heroines + maybe a harem route?

Volume 13-17 - (4) I'm 95% sure we will have a harem ending by the end of the series <<less
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Jul 28, 2018
Status: v14c1
I f*cking can't anymore. I have my god damn limits. Every god damn girl falls for the MC and it's so f*cking annoying. What is the f*cking obsession with this Japan?

On a more serious note, this isn't a low quality LN. They do their damn best to flesh out all the characters that end up falling for the MC (Ten/Eleven that I can think of right now), but when all the roads just lead to falling for the MC, what's the f*cking point? There's only girl invaders who aren't enemies.... more>> I can't think of a single guy who is an invader and isn't a background character or villain. This in particular has ruined what I considered a good time waster.

To talk about the MC and his strengths. The power of friendship and unity. If you don't understand what that means, you obviously aren't that big on Japanese literature of the anime variety. The only thing the MC is good at is knitting and using a sword, and he's only kinda good at that. Everything else is given to him by one of his harem members. His personality isn't interesting or new, just standard LN MC stuff with a dead mom and commitment issues.

Moving on to the story itself: MEH. Nothing felt particularly threatening or dangerous. Most moments of "danger" are overcome with the power of love, friendship, and unity. I can't think of one situation the MC has managed to overcome by himself with no outside help. And trust me, he has an abundance of help, from 3 to 4 different princesses, an empress of a f*cking planet, a legendary dragon, to mole people. That's the tip of the f*cking iceberg of people who are for some damn reason decide that the MC is the f*cking savior of the universe. And with the f*cking god that created everything that the MC met and has possibly been living with for over a year, he very well could be, because why the f*ck not?

I'm not good at doing reviews, only rambling on about my opinions that more often than not, people don't agree with to varying degrees of hate. I'll end this review by stating some of my pet peeves regarding this novel that may or may not have been already stated earlier in this review.

1. Why the f*ck are there so many f*cking girls? And why the f*ck do they all fall for the MC?

2. Why can't the MC do anything by himself? He tends to fall flat on his face unless someone is helping him and it just makes me feel like he's useless.

3. Why do they always have to do the bullsh*t speech about friendship and love, just get on with it.

4. Why is it that despite the MC having more women than he can physically handle, his best friend the lady killer has remained without a love interest the entire f*cking story? All he's had are women that don't get named and don't even f*cking show up outside of being briefly mentioned.

To end this sh*t show, I'll give the reason why I'm dropping this novel. One of the characters is named Shizuka, the Landlord of the MC's apartment. Her parents are dead and she knows martial arts. She went so f*cking long just being a friend of the female gender with no romantic interest at all. She was my beacon of hope that maybe this would turn out to not just be a "MC is awesome, kind, and also awesome so everybody falls for and loves him" novels that you can find around every f*cking molecule. I was at my ropes end, and she was basically the only thing keeping me reading, so I googled it. She falls for the MC. I'm done. No more. <<less
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Jan 30, 2018
Status: v25
One of the reasons I registered here is to give this a review. This is definitely my #1 favorite novel.

First of all, anyone reading this book should first survive until the end of seventh volume. Everything until then is just a prologue.

This book is a perfect harem, despite keeping things platonic. But that doesn't mean it lacks in anything else. The story is great, the characters feel alive and are all interesting (even those like Yurika, who initially feel annoying). Even antagonists... there are two kinds of them in this... more>> book. Expendable ones, which noone cares about. And recurring ones, which are almost as interesting as protagonist party. But all in all, this story has everything. Magic, politics, science, space combat... and feels. Lots and lots of feels. And it doesn't mean it's slacking on any of those, they're all interesting and well-written.

The only thing that worries me a bit is that author doesn't seem to be entirely sure what he has in mind for them yet. Regardless, I don't think any of the characters will be left out. Unlike the usual, protagonist has earned his harem. And he's so reliable that I'd entrust my daughter (if I had any) to him without a second thought, even knowing that she'd be like 10th wife at most. <<less
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May 15, 2016
Status: v13 afterword
This story is AWESOME in every sense of the word. Harem? Yeah, but the most illicit romance up-to-date is a kiss. And even if you're a harem hater, this should not bother you. Character depth and development is outstanding.


Watch out for time paradox feels after volume 7


Defenetly a must read for all those romance and shounen fans out there. One tip:
Get someone with a crowbar by your side for if you need to get going soon, because you will not be able to stop reading if started. Enjoy!
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Rampage Debut
Rampage Debu
Aug 24, 2021
Status: v18 afterword
I gave it a try after reading so many 5 star reviews even though the anime was... meh. I thought it would be one of those novels where LN is good but anime adaptation is tr*sh but in the end all I got was disappointment.

There are so many things that I want to complain about this story that I don't even know where to start. Firstly, the LN Volume covers. Yes, surprisingly enough, this is actually what is wrong. And I ain't talking about art style or illustrations but the... more>> cover illustration of Volumes 2-8 are mismatched! I checked the official JP volume cover thinking that there might be mistake in English translated volumes' covers but no, the mistake was right from JP LN Volumes. The cover girl's arc in these volumes doesn't happen in the same volume but in the next volume. Not even amateur publishers make this kind of mistake. Thankfully enough, after volume 8, this problem get resolved and the cover girl's arc gets covered in the same volume. But making a blunder right from the first thing a reader sees, the cover illustration itself, just goes onto show how many mistakes in the entire story itself will be.

Secondly, the reviewers' reviews. They (reviewers) said, the plot twist is amazing.

There were hints right from Volume 2 itself and Volume 4 pretty much tells you from the hypothesis of a certain girl. And so when the plot twist came after Volume 7+, it was pretty much what an average reader would expect after being given so many hints. Nothing remotely close to a mind-blowing twist as the hypothesis and hints were spot on.

They said the MC isn't dense.

It's true that as story progresses he is sharp enough to realize changes in feelings of any girl close to him. Except romantic feelings. He is dumb enough to not realize that girls' liked him which is quite apparent to all his classmates, especially to his best friend and this continues on for more than half a year. It is only when they confessed to him after nearly a year that he realized that they had feelings for him. If this doesn't qualify him as dense, I don't know how he can be called as dense.

Lastly, the story has plot holes and that too, the major ones.


Satomi insisted and believed that he was merely Blue Knight's replacement and he interfered with the past. However when Ruth asked him whether he is Blue Knight himself, he admits he is. This was a surprise since right until the last moment he thought he was a replacement but he changed his stance when he answered Ruth. But later, he tells Theia that he was Blue Knight's replacement not Blue Knight and Theia insists he was Blue Knight himself, showing evidences and somehow he then realized, after Theia's argument, that he was Blue Knight himself. The author then shows that Satomi now only realized this and until now he believed that he was merely a replacement while conveniently (and trying too hard) forgetting the fact that the author himself blundered Satomi's convo with Ruth.



Thanks to a kind-hearted reviewer, I got to know that Volume 8.5 immediately follows Volume 7.5 and then Volume 8 follows it. 7.5 -> 8 -> 8.5 is wrong; 7.5 -> 8.5 -> 8 is correct, according to the author (who definitely failed his Maths exam in grade school). But that's not all, in Volume 8.5 Clan and Satomi are already working together, while they were enemies literally minutes ago. And then we are told it's already been 2 months since they came to the past. Excuse me, but how am I supposed to swallow that the enemy who literally wanted to kill Satomi getting along without explaining what happened in these 2 months? It seems there was another Volume that should have been added in between Volume 7.5 and 8.5, and I ended up reading till Volume 18 in the hopes that this might be explained in later Volumes but sadly that wasn't the case. Worse, there are events that are alluded in Volume 8.5 (and in later Volumes too) that took place in those 2 months and we as readers are to somehow imagine those with those 2 months details missing.



Technically not a spoiler, but the issue that made Satomi put a wall around him and not getting attached to anyone was resolved somewhere around Volume 15. Having realized his mistake thanks to other girls, he now works to change his thinking pattern. And then filler strikes again! After this, pretty much every Volume adds nothing important to the main story; these volumes are just there for the sake of filling author and publishers' pockets. One would expect that the main issue now being resolved, the story would come to its conclusion with next few volumes, but what you get is - more girls, more fan service, more pointlessly forced villains and issues, and more only-god-knows-what-nonsense. For me, the story instantly loses its worth when it drags out for no reason and this one takes this problem to a new unprecedented level with two dozen filler volumes and counting.


Overall, if I have to say, then my judgement is that the story isn't bad but it isn't good either. It has its own strong points but they are overshadowed by much more negative points and cons. It gets a 2/5 from me. I would have given it 3 stars if I wouldn't have read exaggerated 5 star reviews which made me raise hopes only for those hopes to get crushed. To all readers, please don't get baited by these 5 star reviews; the story isn't as much worth as it is exaggerated in their reviews otherwise you'll end up getting disappointed just like me. <<less
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May 13, 2018
Status: v1 afterword
This is yet another of my "didn't grab me" novel reviews. I tried to give this novel benefit of the doubt. Lots of people gave it good reviews. But as of the end of the first book I was sitting there going "sure, it's occasionally funny... but would I be reading this if not for the reviews?" And my answer was "No, not really." So I dropped it.

Normally, this wouldn't warrant a review, but I saw that the only reviews were 5 star, so I figured it would be good... more>> to throw in my opinion so that people don't have unrealistically high expectations, like I did.

It could have a great plot later on, and maybe the characters get better. But the first book was cookie cutter harem romantic comedy with nothing new and cardboard cutout single aspect characters, and it had no plot whatsoever.

I like harem, but the first book would be an example of "harem done wrong". It introduces all the girls in about 1 chapter each, and throws them at eachother. 5 girls in 8 chapters. It doesn't allow enough time to learn to like or care about them, and it doesn't give the author enough time to even have a plot in the first book.

All in all, it just came off as generic and stale. Maybe it gets better. But I can't recommend anything that I didn't find interesting. <<less
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Jun 13, 2016
Status: v22 afterword
After reading v22:
The author keeps on continuing the story while keeping the connection to v7.5 and v8.5 strong. It's a very well packaged story. Repeatedly I question whether the author did plan every detail for the rest of thee stories when he wrote 7.5 and 8.5. Compared to my other favorite novels such as To Aru Majutsu no Index series, Kyousen Horizon and the series, and Hyouketsu Kyoukai no Eden, this series has its own unmistakable charm and definitely is another of my favorite.


Up to v14:

I'm surprised there's quite... more>> a number of people who likes this novel. I found this novel through the anime (which is interesting but pales in comparison to the novel in terms of delivery, but detail is good), and ignored it for like 12 volumes until I started. It reminds me of Index - where the author throws random 'short' stories only to reveal it's all connected.

This story is also connected like webs. When you think you figured out what the puzzle/connection is, the author later reveal there's an additional connection. Then you start to realize the little details have their roles. I shiver at times due to how well the connection are revealed. The connections aren't 'critical' to the story but it adds a layer of meaning to the existing stories. And I did cry after reading v7.5/8.5, especially while figuring out how it connects to the previous stories.

The author gives a lot of single-line foreshadowing which can be easily ignored, but you have to remember that there's a reason the author put them.

Also actually the author injects a lot of genres, so this is one of those fantasy stories which mishmash a lot of ideas together. The delivery may not be as liked by some, but I appreciate how the author meld them together.

Like.. Outer space mecha fight in the later volumes.. Wut..

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Jan 27, 2016
Status: --
One of my top novel read, at one glance this looks like your daily slice of life harem, well you are not wrong, but this is delivered so good you wont regret reading it. As the story goes on, turns out the plot is better than I ever expected, even including time travel, and dragon! Every girls written good, even the most pitiful magical girl can make you smiling inside and watch her warmly.

10 volumes (ongoing) of no regret.
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May 12, 2016
Status: --
Best Japanese LN I've ever read and the fact that it's a harem doesn't detract from the quality of the story. I usually hate harems but this novel gives all nine girls proper character development and introduced them all really early in the story unlike others that introduce a new girl each volume only to forget about them when the next one comes. Highly recommend you read this.
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Nov 11, 2019
Status: v27 afterword
This review is rated E for everyone.

The first few volumes (1-7) are filter volumes that will separate the strong from the weak. Persevere from that and you will get the real start of the series that will carry you all the way til the most recent volumes. All the volumes starting from 8 onward will be heavily related to 7.5 and 8.5. So please read according to the release order. Do note that this series is not one where you try to binge it through in one seating, that would... more>> burn you out and ruin the mood to read further on. Take a few hour to day long breaks in between arcs.

This series will make you die of sugary sweet diabetes and squeal like a little girl, it will also make you cry a bit wishing you were the MC living a comfy life with the girls. The harem is an idealistic portrayal that works well for the story. Each girl is given their own arc to flesh their characters out in equal amounts comparable to the MC. It is a long process that also overlaps with the other girls' arcs. The same goes for antagonists.

You will be disappointed with how the fights are written as it is not the strong point of the author. The slice of life and romance on the other hand will be the part that will make you stay.

Similar to how Reika set the trend for Villainess protagonists, this one will reset your standards for a good romance and harem story. Due to how this series is so under the radar, that claim doesn't sound convincing but TLDR
Comfy series is deliberately kept unpopular, bandwagons hate this because it changes their standards for harem and romance series with one simple trick. Find out now. <<less
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Aug 08, 2018
Status: --
who put protagonist strong from the start and overpowered protagonist tag. The MC is goddamn generic high schooler who later turns into badass normal (and that's after summing up all the strength his friend gave him). At first the MC is just plain high schooler who are good at sport yes good he is only at the level of athletic and even then wasn't the best physically in his school later on he took a level in badass and managed to beat highly trained soldier AFTER the event at 7.5... more>> where he went into several near death experience (off screen) that give him enough scar to make his chest/stomach deformed. And before said event he have been trained in how to handle sword (swordmanship).

as for power that belong to him not only he's good at sword (not the best either) but he also learned how to handle said power that was given to him by his friend he earned it. Not just that he was given it and suddenly he's combat ready but he learned himself how to fight utilising all of that borrowed power to help him in his quest. One thing to take note of is that despite the cheerful nature of his thoughts I always regard him as a little dark with him hiding his pain all while enjoying himself together with his friend

on a matter of harem thought I give up its not generic but yeah somehow I can't bear to read it anymore

I gave it 5 star not because it's the greatest or must read it's just one of thing that influence me to understand loyalty to another <<less
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Jul 06, 2016
Status: v15c3
Rating: 4.5

Reason for a half point taking off is the one problem I have with the story. To much of the exposition by the author is repeating things we already know. Instead of letting the reader infer the reason the characters are acting like X its spelled out for us. Doing so for things that happened books ago would make sense, but things that happened a chapter ago do not. Its unnecessary and bloats the story.

Its more of a problem I have with all Japanese works since its a common... more>> trope among all Light Novels. That doesn't excuse it though.

As for the rest of the story.

The harem in this is probably the best done one of any Light Novel harems out there. All the girls have a reason for wanting to be with the main character and the main character has a reason for not advancing a romance with any of them. The cast of characters are all flawed with their own back story and motivations. The romance isn't their raison d'être like in most stories. Rather a byproduct of circumstance.

To get more in depth with how the harem aspects works in the later novels would spoiler a large part of what this series is. At first glance you see a fluff story about a group of strangers fighting over a pointless thing. By normal standards its nothing of noteworthy to mention. It would be forgotten or thought of as a nice read when there is nothing else to pass time with. Yet that's not the case.

Without spoiling to much there is a shift in story telling that takes place a few novels in. Once it happens you realize the series has more depth and layers then what you can see at first glance. In that regard this series is definitely an outlier amongst its Light Novel brothern. Each story builds on the last and each one gets better. <<less
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May 30, 2016
Status: v15
Not going to give review since the one below already give GJ review for this. One thing for sure is:
-don't avoid this novel because harem (the harem is the one element that make this story good)
-don't rant if MC act dense (he have proper reason why he act like that)
-don't be fooled by first impression (some of you at first might be dislike some of the character but they growth and they chara become more better)

I don't know why someone will rate this only... more>> 1 star (only one person thought) well every person have they own taste <<less
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Dec 09, 2015
Status: --
This story was pretty entertaining. It had surprisingly good romance although it was quite slow-paced when it comes to that. And although it does not have an action tag it has a decent amount. The story isn’t about battles or powering up, it’s about the relationships between him and his friends/potential romantic interests.
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Oct 17, 2020
Status: v25 bonus
I love this novel. The story lines, characters, and their developments are so good and there are plot twist after plot twist as the story goes on. Too bad that this light novel was licensed and I can no longer able to read what's after v25. I need to take note of what novel I wanted to buy so I can read. This will be one of them. Just thinking of how much they will cost from buying volume 1 to the latest volume, along with other novels I wanted... more>> to buy as well. I am mortified by that. I need a shelf and space to put those books in the future as well. God damn! I need to do many things before I can buy them. <<less
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Jul 23, 2018
Status: v21
I can't stress enough how much I like this novel. Its charm is not realism, or eye catching girls, or harem, but the almost fairytale-like world where people can and will win as long as they are resolved to be good.

Koutarou was decent before 7.5 and 8.5, and then he went on to be better and better with every novel, an unrelenting knight in shining armor that will choose the best path with no hesitation, and it is entirely understandable how the girls loved him so.

The girls also received equal... more>> attention from the author, given time to develop their characters and inner conflicts where they can grow even further. Theia grew from a bratty kid to a noble princess, Sanae learned to appreciate her family and companions, Kiriha is freed of her ten years of longing, and Yurika from an insecure coward into a courageous cosplayer.. I mean magical girl.

The novels had problems, but to me its merits far outweighs the faults. If you love happy ending, if you like the old story of black and white, good vs evil, then come and read. You will not be disappointed. <<less
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May 06, 2017
Status: v22
So frankly I love this ln. I love the characters. I love the story. My only problem with it on as a whole in somewhat predictable and not enough pictures :) and both those points are fairly manageable. I will agree with everyone else on the story really picks up in 7.5 and 8.5. They answer a look of questions and are some of my favorite volumes. I also like even the side characters aren't ever fully forgotten like the cosclub sometimes makes an appearance here and there even tho... more>> they have little to no impact on the story. I recommend this to anyone and everyone to atleast try it. It's not the average ln/wn and comes with it's fair share of surprises. <<less
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