Innocence, Corruption


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“Sir Cedric Edelgard, have interc**rse with me.”

Cedric barely moved his stiff lips.
That woman is suggesting something so inappropriate right now..

“What did you just say?”

For 17 years, Lillian has harbored an unrequited love for Cedric.
Blinded by her intense first love and infatuation, Lillian decided to become pregnant with his child.
After that, she planned to quietly disappear from his life…

“Have you been thinking about me every night and indulging in le*d fantasies?”

For some reason, he seemed a bit strange.
He’s an aspiring Knight of the Silver Cross, about to be ordained a priest.

“Did you indulge in lustful thoughts because of me every night?”

His demonic and corrupted side began to reveal itself.

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순정‚ 타락
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1 Review

Jan 09, 2024
Status: --
What makes this novel unique from the novels that I've read so far are the funny and vulgar Convo between the main characters. To think that those vulgar words came out from the mouth of a woman who is branded as a priestess and yet offering s*x to a man like offering a candy is just hilarious. Maybe I read a lot of angst and revenge type of novels with divorce and betrayal plot so I ignored this type of novel, but it's really funny especially when ML tries to... more>> exorcist the FL because of her shocking and vulgar words, lol

Okay, [FL is an orphan, who first fell in love with ML when she's 5 years old because he gave her a piece of a pie he didn't like.] After that she overthink a lot.

Ml, [is the third son of a duke and was urged by his mother to become a priest since the battle for succession is somehow difficult for him. He then became a knight of the silver cross and bound to become a priest when FL, out of the blue, confessed to him that she fell in love with him for 17 long years and offered him to have a s*xual interc**rse (in the broad daylight) 3 times a month for 6 months, lol. She also threatened him that she will tell the bishop of their affair (the shared kiss which was also the fl's condition to help the ML) if he will to turn her down.]

I don't know where this secret affair will go or what will be the reaction of ML once he learned that she's doing all this to have his baby (for his sperm only) lol. If FL will really leave him after she became pregnant and if ML will run after her or he will choose his position as a knight and a priest than her? <<less
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