Infinite Mage


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This is the tale of a boy dreaming about infinity as a human!

Found abandoned in a stable, Shirone is the son of a hunter—and a peasant through and though.

Despite hardships, he’s a genius that manages to learn to read by himself and becomes obsessed with it.

Brimming with genius talent, he goes to the city with his father, where he learns about magic—

beginning his journey as an explosive rising star!

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Infinite Magician
Infinite Wizard
무한의 마법사
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28 Reviews

Dec 04, 2022
Status: c31
Good early development ruined by forced romance.

MC is going through school arc and encounters again noble-thug-turned-new-leaf-mage, who decides he's a threat to her new perfect image so she bullies him to keep her secret. Of course, they get into a dangerous situation where he saves her. However, he's a peasant who enrolled through, so to keep his secret, she tells the world he's her lover. Due to being the prettiest girl's lover, he now gets bullied by all the students in the school.

Absolutely maddening development. Would give this negative rating... more>> if I could. <<less
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Jan 03, 2023
Status: --
I just hate the tsundere female lead and the gullible MC.

For a while, I thought it was a story with a bitter MC who will slowly shape into someone that overturns the nobility and monarchy through his strength and with the help of like-minded people.

That's how it felt when the story started early on and through the synopsis, this novel gave us wrong expectations. This is just a generic story without the drama it seemed to be promising early on.

I would recommend against reading this. The dissatisfaction factor is huge... more>> in this novel as well as its webtoon adaptation.

Should have known when the MC became friends with a noble. <<less
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Dec 30, 2022
Status: c34
The story started okay. The MC is shown to be OP as he deserves and quite smart initially. Then came the forced romance for the school arc. The author nerfed the braincells of the MC just for that tad bit of romance that is so awkward. The female lead that is being build up creates more problem than that of help for the MC, such an annoying character that you would want to disappear.
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Jan 03, 2023
Status: c98
First thing, don't read in MTL. It's brain dead. Still you can search Korean MTL in Google, join discord and ask for novel.i won't talk much about that here.

As for novel. It's not my type.

Forced romance, tsundere fl, MC giving himself reasons again and again and by the end, the way story progress is help fl, make enemy, be treated like servant, basically this MC don't have emotions is what I'll say. Afterall if author is trying to show him acting as let's say servant as others are strong or... more>> he fell obligated so he don't make problem for himself

But above all there are no feelings like anger, dis satisfaction. It's like author just created a cliche simp s*upid naive kind childish MC and want his audience to be 14 yr old so they can enjoy

So if you want to read something good and is not new to this genre and are already bored with it

Then pls leave. Just like how I left after getting a bit frustrated by the tsundere and all the cliche surrounding MC everywhere

Other than that, novel is fun.

Anyway everyone judge differently. So judge it yourself if you got problem with the facts I mentioned about the novel <<less
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Dec 31, 2022
Status: c127
What starts as a classic week to strong, overcoming your upbringing story, unfortunately devolves into tr*sh rapidly.

... more>>

The MC starts with an unyielding, genius personality in the first few chapters, claiming that he prefers death to compromising his beliefs. However, as soon as the school arc starts he becomes an incredible pushover. The girl that had him beaten in the street by thugs as a child gets a free pass even though it leads to him being bullied. He saves the bullies that were tormenting him, etc. And just bends over backwards for everyone like a moron. Not sure how anyone can have a good impression of such a tr*sh character. Dropped.

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Dec 31, 2022
Status: c33
Had a nice start ruined by maddening development.


A guy that permanently disfigured and blinded nobles that are higher class than him get only 2 years delay to his academic degree instead of execution/prison because he is sorry


Also other plot developments that feel more like writers fantasy than anything that could ever happen
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Jan 13, 2023
Status: c28
Very good power progression, magic system is original and really fun to read, friendship is great, a bit overly dramatic but still reasonable. It has a great start, unfortunately it only lasted until Amy reappear.

... more>>

Wher do I start, first Amy was the cause of a traumatic event for MC, it's borderline s*xual in nature. When she appeared years later, she claimed to have "changed her way", yet the first thing she did was threaten MC with violence and blackmailing. A few chapters later she had ashallow recognition of her wrongdoing, then did something out of concern for mc's safety, which is a good sign for redemption. After that event she did not apologised, nor talked about the past incident or her bullying, the author to write some tsundere banter because it's "cute". Next chapter there was another opportunity to confess, she did not and just shouted that she and MC were lovers, and everyone just carried on as if she never threatened MC twice with violence.


I find her "redemption" undeserving, frankly im quite sick of apologies being skipped and brushed away, and for someone who caused this kind of sh*t (threatening to sell someone into s*avery and strip off someone's clothes, then proceed with violence and blackmail), I find it disgusting that she didn't even apologise, <<less
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Jan 06, 2023
Status: c34
I need to set the record straight here. Infinite Mage isn't about straight-up OP unforgiving Hell Spawn MC BS, Abandoned 1D Side Characters, and nonsensical inserts to justify the author's shenanigans. No, it's a refreshing take on how magic is tackled, and how the MC's pure love for it shapes his growth and character for the better. Furthermore, the side-characters grow alongside the MC, and remain relevant as the story moves forward.

Honestly, I just wanted a humane MC, characters whose growth, personality, and background make sense in context with the... more>> worldview, an interesting world that captures my interest, and finally a really good translation of the novel.

And that's what Infinite Mage brings to the table. So I highly recommend you to check out the novel and give it a try. <<less
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Jan 02, 2023
Status: c34
First off, ignore the 1-star reviews. The main character does not fall in love and act like an idiot by chapter 34. See reasoning listed under the second spoiler below.

This story is slow to develop and the character is well rounded in his pursuit to follow his passion. It does not demean the hard work he puts into everything despite the physical, mental, and emotional burdens that result from them. He is strong willed and determined

to a fantastical degree but this is a fantasy novel so it's understandable.

He is strong... more>> due to actual efforts and even so, he's not OP. Example, he solely focuses on his spirit zone for 5 solid years, every day for hours at a time. At one point it mentioned 5 hours and he had to stop.

Imagine it like archery. He focused on maximizing utilizing a simple bow and arrow to its maximum potential while practicing 5 hours every day for 5 years while his peers learned the gist of it and immediately switched to a crossbow, then a pea shooter and have since been using a gun. They are jealous of his seemingly uncanny accuracy and skills with this zone and especially when they have to use their bow and arrow skills to advance.

He dedicates all of his time towards the pursuit of knowledge. He's not instantly crushing his foes and pretending to not see it like most of the student-life novels/mangas do. He's just hyper focused and extremely hard working and it's emphasized again and again. He even fails. Often.


For the forced romance because the author deemed a tsundere female lead was a must

his reaction is quite the contrary to the 1* reviews. He exhibits a similar stance to her fake declaration of a 'relationship' as he did for his friend when his friend declared their friendship

but is still detached and not really interested in her. Just not denying it as if he was a servant, is still as he was still a servant and yet is a

commoner while she is a high ranking noble. (The 1* reviews seemed to forget that.) He is

very much treating it as though he is a detached servant who can't outwardly go against her orders; however, he doesn't really

do anything nor seek her out.

He refuses her help repeatedly and assisted her during the fight scene out of a sense of obligation since he was used as the excuse the 'bad guys' to put her in a dangerous situation; where her fake declaration/romance excuse came in. It doesn't really develop more than that for him. She totally becomes a tsundere, but hasn't recognized her feelings yet.

He treats the situation as something to put up with and continues along his own path despite constantly dealing with the consequences of her actions.


Overall, it is enjoyable and I look forward to more chapters. <<less
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Jan 19, 2023
Status: c39
The story is enjoyable and seeing the MCs growth is great, but the choice of a FL is very irritating.

Amy is a character who is obviously trying to change for the better, but her introduction and reappearance just don't prove it.

Her first thought when seeing the kid who she bullied in an alley with a bunch of thugs was to threaten him and bully him into not spreading her secret.

I'll now rant about the FL, as up to Chapter 39 where I am, there is something that's been bugging me.

... more>>

I'm all for her feeling guilty, she should, but she effectively faces 0 consequence for what she did.

Again, she does feel guilty and tries to offer help, but it just didn't sit well knowing that the other characters who do terrible things are punished and end up apologizing and changing, but the FL hasn't even offered the former. Even when she realized that her bullying him into delivering food to her, she didn't bother to apologize after when he saved her.

She thought she was saving the MC at one pointed and needed to be saved herself, and during her attempt at trying to cover for him, she managed to make his situation even worse which accidentally incited a ton of bullying. This wasn't exactly her fault, but she expresses an incredible lack of awareness. When talking about other people bullying the MC, she doesn't even realize that she'd been doing something similar herself.

The FL clearly wants to be helpful, but knowing of the bad things that she's done, being the first instance of someone doing something heinous, it feels anticlimactic to see that she is the only person who gets away without even offering an apology for something she knows she's wrong about.


Overall, I really enjoy the story, but knowing that the romantic interest of the MC is a character who refuses to openly admit to her wrongdoings against him is a bit irritating. <<less
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Jan 04, 2023
Status: c34
Temporarily giving the novel a high 3. While it isn't a hype story, it isn't a 1* story either. With the 1200+ chapters and ongoing still in the story untranslated, the 30ish translated can say a lot but also so little about what will come.

From what we've read, Shirone (MC) is a commoner that developed a fascination to learn about magic. Through a few events in his early childhood, he successfully enrolled into a prominent magic school. So far so good. While I am personally enjoy the school arc, there... more>> are also flaws that readers point out that are understandably dissatisfactory. From my view, these plots in the story are not harmful in the long-run.

Alright, I'll start with the main criticism that I mostly dissagree with: "forced" romance.


If you read the novel, you must prefer Reina (blue-hair noona) as female interest. Cuz I do too. However, I think there is too much hate on Amy. Yes, she ordered the men to pretty much physically abuse Shirone; but she didn't intend to. Yes, she did threaten & try to humiliate Shirone; but because she feared that he'd "blackmail" her and lead to her expulsion. Yes, she made him her "lover;" which I think it's quite cliche but it's a good way to progress with her (lame but it works). Yes, she got herself into trouble because of HERSELF while Shirone acted like a pushover after rescuing her; but from Shirone's perspective (since he only read a note), she got into trouble because him. Wow, she does look like a bad character. BUT Foremost, people ignore that Amy only knows him as commoner kid that she met by coincidence. So when they met again in school, you can't expect her to immediately feel guilty. WHICH She does feel guilty, but people really ignore that part. IT'S NOT FORCED ROMANCE. From how I read it, Shirone doesn't hold any grudge against Amy, and Amy progressively wants to help him. It's pretty organic if I say so myself. Noona all the way tho, but I don't want people hating on Amy


People also think that Shirone's character is inconsistent:


Everyone will agree that the scene with Rian was pretty pog. But people expected that Shirone will act mature just like that. So when Shirone entered the school of magic and seemed like a pushover, people immediately felt disappointed. There is nothing wrong liking a strong/independent protagonist, but Shirone is still in the progress of learning things he never ever learned. Even when interacting with Amy, you'll see that Shirone sometimes tries to be mature while sometimes flustered; he's expressing himself the way he believes is right, which I like.


Another criticism that I won't completely disagree is the story dynamic, especially with a character. Otherwise, I think the story can progress fine.


This Jake guy has an inferiority complex and ACTUALLY abused dozens of students until they don't want to go back to school. After a series of nonsensical immaturity coming from Jake, he realizes that he fked up. While many, including me, expected his expulsion, the author decided to make Jake leave school for 2 years and has an ordeal to beg for forgiveness to all of those victims he abused. This is lame as well, but what's even more lame is the conversation between Amy and Jake when he's leaving. Anyways, this does leave a bad taste, but it isn't too much to criticize about because....


With so much ahead, it's misleading to consider this a "don't read/waste of time." There will be times that writing may not be subpar, but if the author has a dedication to continue after writing a thousand chapters, then at least he's a bit proud of his work and others enjoy reading.

To conclude, I am not saying that this series is goated, but it's fairly promising and definitely recommend anyone to try to read the webtoon first because Red-ice studios is doing a fine job dramatizing the novel. If the webtoon entices you, wait until they finish animating the scene with Jake and you may enjoy the novel a little better than others ^^; <<less
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Jun 18, 2023
Status: C700+
The only people calling this "generic" are the ones that have read less than 2% of the story! Just because the beginning 'might' seem generic, it's far from it! I've never read a fantasy book that has been more unpredictable! Just for reference here is a small list of fantasy authors that are more generic than this: Robert Jordan, Brandon Sanderson, Terry Goodkind, Tolkien, Terry Brooks, George R.R. Martin, Sara Douglas, J.K. Rowling, Rifujin na Magonote (light novel: Mushoku Tensei Jobless Reincarnation), and many more. If you like any of... more>> these authors, I'm sure you'd love this story!! I'm not necessarily saying this book (s) is better than these authors, just that it's more unique (It is better than Rowling, Martin, Brooks, Tolkien, Sara and many other authors I didn't list, in my opinion).

The story is huge (for a light novel), and the author manages to keep it interesting from arc to arc much better than many authors do. This story manages to stay concise, focused on a small number of characters, but keeps things fresh and give big upcoming events you really look forward to but will forget about cause the story is so gripping throughout! Two different things I was so excited for that were foreshadowed or said would happen in the near future

Heavens mission and the Graduation Exam! They were done so extremely well and completely flipped my expectations but in great ways! I never thought there would be danger or trouble in "heaven", but it was great!


The magic is so well hashed out that it provides a satisfying way for the protagonist and others to level up, while being believable within the foundation that's created! The magic is both simple and extremely complex, it's really well thought out. This author has an extraordinary imagination!

If people dislike Amy, I'm sure 90% haven't read past the time she was 12 yrs old lol. Amy is a great character, she is only a tsundere for like 2 chapters out of the over 1300 chapters. She is well written, but at the beginning she did a s*upid thing (but she was 12!!!!), but she is older now and has done some growing up very very early into the story. And its interesting cause they don't like each other at the beginning. It's actually great to see how much the characters grow and develop throughout the story (only on chapter 700+ so far). Amy reminds me a little bit of Eris from Mushoku Tensei cause we see Eris' growth as a person after meeting Rudy, and Amy changes after meeting Shirone. They are very different characters after that similarity, like Amy is very intelligent, a magic user, calm, responsible, hard working in many areas, etc.

This is an amazing story I've enjoyed better than many New York Times best sellers! The beginning might seem a bit slow maybe? I thought it picks up extremely early on and hasn't slowed down! During the bridge that's not a bridge portion, the story doesn't slow down and takes off! It's only like chapter 20s when it starts. Tons of intrigue, mystery and exciting lore that further keeps my interest. It seems like once some of the mysterious start to be explained, it leads to a grandeur, more intriguing mystery. Each portion discovered is satisfying, and worth it. So it doesn't drag you along the entire book or anything like (Terry Goodkind - MC never even learns his power across like 13 non light novel size books and the last rule was nothing?! Still enjoyed it though). It has been extremely hard for me to put this book down! I seen no h*mophobia in it or anything like that. It's perfectly acceptable for people to be straight and should not be judged for their preference or based on their race. It can be hard to write what you don't know, so I can understand if it didn't interest someone. Personslly I'd rather the author writes what they know instead of trying to insert something in the story that is insincere, out of place, or to pander. That's just my opinion and it's fine to disagree, but I personally don't want anymore pandering. Please send me the quote about the h*mophobia cause I went back and read the first 40 chapters again and couldn't find it. I'm over 700 chapters in and have not found anything homophobic of any sort. Also the author is the opposite of sexist, he does an amazing job of writing strong women. Tess is a badass fighter better than all the men at the academy, her bf is in last place! Amy is amazing and

ends up defeating someone the main character struggles with. The leader of probably the most dangerous mercenary group is a amazingly written women. 3 out of 4 of the strongest characters are women too

Based on what I put in the spoiler tab, I'd say someone judged a book by its cover. It really bothered me to see such prejudice against a race of people especially where I'd think people who have been on the other side of it are less likely to give the same to others. I've often seen people point the finger at republicans, or straight white men who are the ones that discriminate or are prejudice, but to be honest, I see it more from my friends, my community, and more from the people pointing the fingers than where they are pointed. I do think there was a time when I did see it more that way, but not for a couple decades (but this is only my point of view). It will only further divide us, even if an individual says something rude the greatest response is love and forgiveness, that's a part of how my generation and previous generations got things changed. You can't say accept me while rejecting them. It will never work that way, only turn others against us. It's like trying to save someone from drowning by throwing a brick at their head. I'm 38 and growing up I was lucky to have 1 person that agreed with my preference in school. I'm glad now of how difficult it was for me, it made me stronger, it helped to show me how discrimination will turn people away from your cause, be appreciative of what we have, and give me a wider perspective on the world. Never give some random person power over you that you'd lower yourself to their level or lower. It negatively effects us more than anything. I give you my word, if we love and forgive, you will feel much better and more will support you. One thing I find hard to understand, why the younger generation desires validation from everyone and people who are almost completely opposite? Or the expectation that everything should be exactly as they dictate, can one persons feelings trump anothers? If no room is given, no one will be left. It has gone so far that when someone doesn't agree to whatever we say, the community has gone as far as threaten to kill them!! I've seen this a few times now, and it even happened once! It was treated like it was acceptable! It's sickening, mu*dering anyone especially kids is vile! How did we lose track of just wanting to love, to kill? This is the very thing that will destroy us. I can't say I've heard anyone say they wanted to kill me cause of my preference. On the contrary, I'm usually told they love me from religious people or from Christians. Though we disagreed on several things. But it was a positive experience. I'm just trying to say it can be very beneficial to have disagreements. We learn, grow, develop social skills, disarm our prejudice and they theirs usually earning mutual respect for one another! No 2 people will ever have all the same opinions, that's why respectful discourse is so vital. Hate makes more hate, love brings more love, respect returns respect. It's just how the world works, apple seeds only ever grow apple trees. Lastly, one thing someone told me years ago, that was extremely helpful was not to make my identity my s*xual orientation. Have you seen a straight person who built their identity around being straight? When I realized that thought, it made me think I was making myself out of balance. I felt like I was neglecting the majority of myself for one piece. Obviously this is just my opinion, but I do feel like there is merit in it. Being able to have rational discourse is of infinite more value than one usually can realize, I don't know the full extent. A lot of us my age or older never thought it would ever be this good! It literally seems we got the wish list! I understand the younger generation cannot understand that, but from my point of view, we are treated better than most every group! So be sure your not trying to fight for something you already have. If things continue how it's going, I'm afraid we are going to destroy it all ourselves. I wish the younger generation realized that a big part of why progress was made wasn't because of us, but how a few on the other side treated us. There were small numbers using the tactics that we are now using today. And it seemed to turn a lot of people away from them and to us. It looks like we're already seeing that happen now to us, you can tell by looking at target, activision, and bud light. Hopefully this helps. Sorry for the tangent, and for setting up my soap box lol. I just wanted to help if possible. My very last thing is never give the right of free speech away for any reason or limit it in anyway (except a direct threat of bodily harm or death). Their is a place for uncomfortable and opposing ideas. If your afraid, then all the more reason to listen, and look into the topic in great detail. It's always more important to admit we're wrong and go with the truth regardless of what it is. Just be sure you do your own research, dont blindly take anothers words without confirming it yourself.

Thanks to any who finished this lol <<less
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Dec 04, 2022
Status: c13
Where to start.... tldr it’s good but don’t think too much about it. Would recommend.

The author is trying to make this a plot centered story, however I don’t think the author has a clear mind how to deal with it. The author tries several different techniques to induce the plot to form, however the author also solves them since the characters are over competent. Another issue is the characters, the author didn’t fully flesh them out at all. A story is the chronicle order of events, which creates a story.... more>> The because/reason makes plot flow and work. The author doesn’t know their characters well enough to give them motivations. They don’t even fall into stereotypes (at least not all of them). The thing is, is that I don’t want to say the author is making it on a whim either, since the author is trying to shape something, but doesn’t know how to use their hands to form things. There is a clear miscommunication between the author, characters and plot.

now for the world building and magic system. It’s interesting, the magic system is very simple, but I will say the magic system has unlimited potential (very shocking- right?). As for the world building, I think it’s the solution to the issues of plot and characters but I wont go into that. It’s missed potential basically. <<less
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Jun 25, 2023
Status: c50
I can't beleive the ammount of unfair hate this serie has gotten.. Trully.. What a bunch of idiots

MC is soft with a good heart, yes he is not your typicall MC super badass without feelings, and I like that because is something fresh and new in the webtoons.

I loved the world building, the characters, the magic system, I loved everything of it.

Don't pay attention to these losers without life that talk tr*sh about this good work.
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Apr 04, 2023
Status: c66
tl;dr - ignore low ratings

uhhhh good for casual reading, actual plot and unique logic with magic, little romance—more just involved with the mc

It's a pretty good and refreshing novel. It provides a new way into viewing magic compared to other cliche novels/manga/blah blah blah...

I'm not entirely sure why everyone is hating on it, the romance subplot in this novel isn't even excessive, and rather the contrary. Sure, I'm not a reader who examines every detail and how it impacts the story, but it isn't really all that bad. Some parts... more>> are heavily involved in logic and genuine background into the world which is always nice to spot because there is actual plot. MC is pretty cliche eh its kinda inevitable but DAMN the side characters are pretty unique. FMC is not thag terrible either, I can understand why ppl feel this way, just give it a chance though, cuz sure she can be annoying blah blah its just plot tho lol. give it a few more chapters and the feelings of hatred and a forced romance will go away. not sure how u can interpet h*mophobia in here also but you do u ig. to be honest, I'm not fond of reading (kinda hate it ngl) and more of a manhwa/manga person but occasionally I find some gems like this one.


lots of unique n differing perspectives later in the novel — VERy VERY GOOD. ion like where everyone disagrees or agrees on the same stuff cuzits lowkey annoying and boring ion kno how yall read allat. story explores these things such as a logical approach vs emotion and morality.


just read it lil buddy <<less
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Feb 28, 2023
Status: c40
I started reading this after I caught up to date on the webtoon and decided to write a review because of this novel's low rating and some people's extremely negative reviews that I don't think this story deserves.

What to expect going in:

  • A talented, semi-timid/innocent type MC who has a very strong passion for magic
  • A FMC (I think) who is similar to Eris from Mushoku Tensei (The prideful tsundere type)
  • A world with Isekai moral standards (lives barely mean anything in a lot of situations)
  • A story timeline that seems like it will follow the mc's whole life from adolescence to adulthood.

    Currently in the school arc with slight foreshadowing of possible wars and stuff development (unsure)

while it's nothing too amazing so far, the story is enjoyable and it can still go anywhere from this point on.

I would recommend people to start off with the webtoon to get a clearer visual of the characters first because the art is different compared to the art on the cover.
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Dec 31, 2022
Status: c38
The people in the comments either hate the Author or doesn't read Eleceed. The characters has similar Charateristics/Personalities as the characters in Eleceed but the story and plot itself is Mediocre just like other "OP MC" Light Novels.
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Dec 31, 2022
Status: c34
Don't Trust any 1 star review they are all new novel readers who don't read more thousand novels. What I liked in this novel was author's new approach on story and refreshing original one. The MC is building his foundation throu effort of hardworking and taking opportunity to grab it. This is definition of Hardworking MC that he take seriously to learn anything that he can take on within his reach. This story is more realistic point of view in society by hierarchy.
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Apr 18, 2024
Status: c200
Another, male villain kill but female villain, let me hug you and later can I fuk you type novel? MC has power, but not balls for punishing evil. Changing girl villain by Hugging and f*cking only works in these type of tr*sh novels where girls can't get punished by MC no matter how mane people they cause to suffer and killed. After suking mc's dik they all get cured, some homo little boys will also suck mc's dik and be cured. But elderly people sucking off mc's d*ck shows bad... more>> image for MC. So they will be killed.

All in all, The novel has character worsening, not improvement like some s*upid would suggest after giving it 4/5 star. MC is so shameless, infront of his girlfriend he would go for physical affectionate body contact with a female villain who tried to kill his party of friends. He could have denied and back with his friends, but nope its male assassin kill, female assassin hug type novel.

Complete garbage novel for reader who imagine locking infinite girls in his bas**ent, to do that you have to be infinite mage <<less
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Feb 24, 2023
Status: c60
This is one of the few novels that I am trying so hard to find similar novels to, it is amazing so far. I know it is still early days but the world and powers in it fit perfectly with what I love. I feel a uniqueness from it that I hardly feel from most novels, maybe its the way the spiritualism is portrayed.
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