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The world has been thrown into chaos with the sudden appearance of terrifying monsters. But amidst the chaos, there are those who hunt these monsters – The Slayers.

Among them, there’s a man who questions the necessity of risking his life and abandoning a comfortable existence for a perilous path.

As the monsters continue to wreak havoc, this man must decide whether to join the ranks of the slayers and face unimaginable danger or stay on the sidelines and watch the world crumble around him.

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올스탯 슬레이어
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Latest Release

Date Group Release
07/12/23 translatin_Otaku c50 part2
07/12/23 translatin_Otaku c50 part1
07/10/23 translatin_Otaku c49 part2
07/10/23 translatin_Otaku c49 part1
07/09/23 translatin_Otaku c48 part2
07/09/23 translatin_Otaku c48 part1
07/05/23 translatin_Otaku c47 part2
07/05/23 translatin_Otaku c47 part1
07/03/23 translatin_Otaku c46 part2
07/03/23 translatin_Otaku c46 part1
07/01/23 translatin_Otaku c45 part2
07/01/23 translatin_Otaku c45 part1
07/01/23 translatin_Otaku c44 part2
07/01/23 translatin_Otaku c44 part1
06/26/23 translatin_Otaku c43 part2
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Ascension rated it
September 15, 2018
Status: c2
Story looks to be promising, too bad current translations are probably MTL (machine translated). They released only half of chapter 2, and just ignored that they deleted half of that chapter. Anyway. Story seems interesting, translations make you want to stop reading. Gonna put this on my Future list, hoping either they actually get a translator (or decent translator if they're not MTL-ing), or maybe some other group will pick this up. Gonna rank this story 3 stars for the reasons above.
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