Taming The Villainesses


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I got sucked into a novel full of villains and must tame them in order to survive!

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악당영애 길들이기
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2 Reviews

New JupiterFall
Jun 24, 2022
Status: episode 3.2
I just started reading it and it is showing a great promise for the story. Unlike the normal novels where everybody thanks the MC this time he is actually trying to maintain the villainesses actions while step toeing around them so they don't off his head.
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New DrVanilla
Jun 23, 2022
Status: --
Our MC, Lee Seong-eum possesed Tae-Oh a Villian and the Queen's henchman in a novel called 'Villain Hunter', a character that along with the queen leads the kingdom of Angmar to ruin.

If the flow of the novel goes, most of the women around the main character will become villains and be executed by the main character in the original novel, and the possessed Tae-Oh will also be executed. Therefore, the story begins with Tae-Oh trying to tame the Villainesses to become good characters in order to survive.

-The humor is... more>> good

-Characters are Lifelike and there is a good expressions of their emotions

-Good characters growth throughout the story

-Many commenters praised the novel for its satisfying ending

The plot is very rich and deep, I would say that less than 10% of the chapters contain the R-18 tag which is relavent to the plot. <<less
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