In the First Round, I Was Level 100 Swordsman, in the Second Round I Was Level 100 Magician, and in the Third Round I Became a Level 1 Illegitimate Prince


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Rui, a young boy living in a remote, unpopulated area, has no friends his own age in his village, so he only plays online game.

With his high player skills, Rui is a player who is looked up to by other players.

In the first round of the game, he reached level 100 as a swordsman. In the second round of “New Game,” he raised his mage to level 100, making him the strongest character who can use both swords and magic.

While thinking about what profession to choose for the third round, he was involved in a car accident.

He found himself reincarnated in another world with the parameters of the game inherited from the previous round.

His status is that of an illegitimate prince born between a king and a mistress.

He is oppressed, but since he has no royal duties, he is happy to be able to take it easy and live in comfort.

This is a story of how protagonist enjoys his life in another world freely with his overwhelming strength, makes friends, and is recognized by many people.

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